Ngozi Magic

by E. Terfa Ula-Lisa Esq

Dreams and Visions

Last night I had a dream, whether it is a real dream or not, I do not know. It could even have been a vision. I am not sure which is what now. Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on me. This is because the days have blurred for me; having just lost my Senior pastor two weeks ago and the uncertain news of my mother in far away Nigeria, no thanks to GSM, I cannot confirm. Whether for real or not, I saw Sista Ngozi contesting as the last joker of President Obasanjo.

Delta Dialogue

Sista Ngozi went to the deep of the Delta area, to the very area notorious for capturing Oyibos for ransom and was engaging the ‘Delta Youth’ in dialogue: She told them, she did not come as government but as one concerned about their plight, to find out how she can be of assistance in their struggle. I believe, I saw her eatBoli with them, then wiped her mouth with her wrapper or scarf like one of them. I saw her following the muscular leader of this group to the creek on foot, the camera man in tow trying to capture every moment for NTA News. Sista Ngozi turned and asked the camera men to leave, so she may interact with her people privately. At some point, I saw some big old tear drop roll down her lovely cheeks as she saw the waste and devastation of the creeks by the black snake, oil.

Friend to Almajiri

Next I saw Sista Ngozi, in the heart of Kano being addressed by some street urchins as ‘Madame Minster’, she shooed them and asked only to be called Sista Ngozi, because she said, she is like one of them, in but not fitting-in.She hugs a child whose legs are full of sores and marvels at the future of Nigeria if such lovely people are wasted daily due to neglect. One elderly man in seeking to aggravate her asks, ‘how your husband Babasanjo?’ to which she answers sweetly ‘our husbands dey well well but e go better if we care for the chiidren’ and left with her tooth-paste smile.

Dancing in Tivland

Even if you do not believe me, I think saw this Lady dressed in the Tiv zebra colored wrapper

picking a step to the right,

two steps to the left,

a nice turn-around;

to the accompanying rhythm of Tiv drums the Jamaicans so popularized in reggae music. The Zaki-Biam crowd is ululating as I see the Pendatyo-U-Tiv lead her to the audience of the Tor Tiv who accompanies her to see the damage done to whole villages by Federal Might.I could hear her say, ‘I am sorry, so sorry; we did not know it was this bad. I will definitely talk to the President to see what we can do about it’. Being consoled, she admires the little girls in little wraps and picks up one into her arms.

Sanitation Day in Lagos

In Lagos Island on a Sunny Saturday morning, I see again Sista Ngozi among the market women, haggling to buy wrapper.’Dis your wrapa too cost, you no wan make I chop?’ to which the woman retorts – ‘no be una govament come spoil eviritin?’ Smiling Sista Ngozi still asks, ‘how we spoil am’ ‘PETROL too cost, so Molue dey charge us double’. She again smiles and says dat na true talk. Then, moves on pensively. She joins the women by CMS Bus stop, trying to move the mountain of rubbish nearly one storey-high with their shovels and rakes. She helps with the pan and breaks a sweat; she then picks the shovel and does her own round, all in a day’s job. It seems that this mountain of street rubbish can only be moved by prayer and fasting; i.e. if Lagos Island people no longer ate on the street.

NTA News

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Evening, My name is Eugenia Abu and I have the evening News. First the main points:

The Minister of Finance has given her notice of resignation from the Obasanjo Administration. She came to this decision after conducting some listening tours around the country and upon due consultation with her husband and family. She has decided to cast her lot with the Nigerian people and democracy. Dr. Ngozi Okonja-Iweala, popularly known as Sista Ngozi has decided to contest for the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

There was jubilation in the streets on the radio, in the Tv Studios and the blogosphere upon …

Then NEPA took light.


Is it too late for April Fool?

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