Nigeria, A Nation Caught In The Web Of Circumstances

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

For weeks now, the Nigerian media has been agog with vexatious outburst by some of those who brought Nigeria to where we are. Also, political malcontents of all hues and colours have made insipid statements about the state of the nation they ran aground. There are political opportunists who wish to be heard. There are Senators and other political office holders whose days are numbered. There are genuine nationalists who fear that the drift is accelerating. There are all sorts of opinion as to how to overcome the constitutional crisis we are saddled with.

It is like we were between the devil and the deep blue sea until the Information Minister; Dora Akunyili decided to throw the devil into the deep blue sea and perhaps moving the Governors to act.

I just got a message from St Peters gate that I should be grateful that my plea to GOD and Man about my pension and gratuity has been answered. I had filed a complaint to JEHOVAH ADONAI, that my pension and gratuities have not been paid for three years and two months, invoking Psalm 109. I took my case to the very top. There was no response. I said that there would be a shaking!!!

As an Intercessor of the Order of Melchizedek, GOD has long decreed, “TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED AND DO MY PROPHETS NO HARM”
I have been detoxified, spiritually purified and now belong to the group GOD protects, anoints and are blessed like Abraham.

Nigerian Politicians and Love for Power.
From all indications, it would appear that the ambition of a few majority politicians in Nigeria has become fixated on their divine right to rule at all cost. Their past records do not count for much, yet their obsession with power is insatiable and ill-defined. They shrug off the nation’s obloquy about their past corrupt, incompetence and still seek to rule.

Yet, ambition, not made of a sterner stuff, seems to drive these individuals.
For there is no faithfulness in their mouth .Their inward part is destruction. There is asp under their lips and their throat is an open tomb (Psalm 6:9).

As we have witnessed in the past since the HAND of GOD is not in our affairs, nothing can stand. Have we not experimented enough with all our efforts ending in the wilderness? What blessed assurance do we now have?

Small deceivers and little anti-christs cannot govern in the Era of the Gentiles because this is the Era of Spirit Consciousness, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.
GOD, the FATHER, the cherubs and seraphs now chose anointed souls like Barack Obama. The meek shall inherit governance. This the new Order.

When, has becoming a President become a profession?
I strongly wish to suggest and canvass the opinion that only those who went all the way should be considered for all-important posts. Perspicacious persons with high IQ should populate the new cabinet.

Politics 2011 will not be left to professional campaigners, who had failed before. They should not hold the Federal Republic to ransom. Those with fake credentials will be exposed. Fake chieftaincy titles, fake PhDs, fake everything. Yet, they masquerade as leaders.

Backward ever, forever never cannot propel a republic to gain acceleration in the right direction. A campaign by failed EX-this and ex-that helps not the nation. How can Nigerians tolerate the impudence of those who are seen to have failed, and yet, they annoy us by extending our plight. This is insensitive parade which will and should fail.
For GOD is not mocked. What nations and people sow they shall reap

The negative impact the re-curing ambition of these majority politicians has on the national psyche is that Nigerian politics has been ordained to be dominated by a few former strategically placed individuals.

Armed with no serious and in-depth knowledge of politics, law and economics, which are a condition sine qua non for progressive governance, they have always relied on other peoples’ faculties to govern. Speeches are written for them, which they labouriously read with boring fade-ins. Yet, they claim unearned glory as ex-this and ex-that, without pointing to any progress, which they have made made.

A constructively frank examination of Nigerian politics since 1960 shows that our various anniversaries have been occasions for self-adulation. They tend to encourage uncritical appraisal of the role leaders played during the nation’s lifespan being celebrated.

We can record uninterrupted chronicle of majority leaders’ mediocre performances, which we cannot criticize because, majority ethnic groups do not often criticize their leader’s mistakes, except the leader is from the competing nation-state.

A minority person criticizing obvious inept governance of a majority ethnic leader is regarded as a sacrilege. So, the rot pulverizes. The dead hand of bureaucratic elitism avidly eats into the failed leader’s ego and creates around him some aura of misplaced infallibility.

We have over-looked the strategic implication of the struggle against colonial rule, when there was unity. Now, the person in power determines our attitude to his assessment as a leader. This has proved very problematic in our national life. The Masonic faith still promotes deism, but the Luciferians are in control.

He who pleases GOD will continue to be freed from them, in spite of THE OATH, which has created the leeway for satanic musings like kidnappings and other horrific events. Remember the famous-oath taking?

Nigeria needs redemption from the forces of evil
There is no class party of the working people in Nigeria and no political ideology guides national life. Political dialogue is restricted to the pronouncements of political leaders and these, sometimes, empty speeches form the bulwark of what the press repeatedly report and print.

Both the Guild and the Lodge have the press in grip. Yet, the true and patriotic journalist still does his job well.
How can identifying the poor status of our infrastructure in 2009 be reported as news? How intelligent is it to report banal, hortatory statements by public officers with out showing their hollowness? We have heard these statements of intent one million times before. Yet, the press still reports them.

Issues relating to class exploitation and minorities oppression are not reported with emphasis. Political parties do not widen the streams of consciousness that stoke revolutionary organization.

The pantheon of national heroes, who fought for independence are not regularly quoted in order to make people aware of their strategies for national liberation like people in Europe and Asia do.

Their speeches and organizational abilities were the main pivot in building the social forces that move inexorably towards the overthrow of colonial rule and apartheid.
We no longer have such leaders. What our leaders do paramount is to award contracts and not posit ideas on wealth creation

As a result of the dominance of groveling and keeping quiet, in order not to offend the rulers and lose privilege, there is a culture of silence, when things are going wrong. There are usually loud criticisms after the damages have been done.

There are docile black faces, always grinning from ear to ear as a front for Western interests and values, which have ravaged our nation.

The trading post agents have always run sinister errands for their handlers. These political elites owe allegiance to their mentors and this jeopardizes national security and national liberation.

Those, who have been impervious to the fate of helpless minorities, must be blamed for colossal loss of revenue due to armed struggle in various parts of the world.
Resistance is an act of desperation to shock the unfeeling despots to negotiate. Those, who refuse to tell their son-of-the-soil leaders that they do err are not helping them.
The son-of-the-soil can do no wrong syndrome is inimical to national progress. Their factitious posturing as genui

ne political leaders do not stand up, when subjected to the strictest intellectual disquisition. Their non-chalant attitude to the plight of minorities depicts majority leaders as insensitive and partial.

To question the rights of minorities to share in the wealth of our country is to circumscribe their democratic rights and to prepare for a situation, in which it will be impossible to radically change the material condition of millions of our people.
There is a struggle for self-determination by minority groups which endanger national security.

Brigandage has matured in Nigeria and we now have a peculiar state. As a result, the Honourable Minister of Information, Professor of Pharmacy, Dora Akunyili, has embarked on a re-branding mission.

I agree that Nigeria needs a change in values, virtues and a new orientation. If we continue the way we are going, our efforts will end in the wilderness. For the re-branding to have any effect, it must be total.

Brand loyalty is no longer the vogue. Many Nigerians are leaving the country for other climes, because our brand image has been soiled by the horrendous events happening in Nigeria.
What has sustained the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the tolerance of the citizens, who have Pentecostal frames of mind, discerning spirits and God’s grace. Seeing that the majority are innocent, decent and GOD-fearing, we have been spared time and again, by His Grace.

Even when the khakistocracy robustly oppresses the Sons and Daughters of GOD, we have survived and laughed at them. After they left office, see how they look, confused, guilty-conscienced and their faces are wrinkled and scraggy. Now that we know that they are perpetual debtors, their misery wins plainly, by a landslide.

We shall continue to rely on intercessors, both in Heavenly places and here in Nigeria. If this had not been so, Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan, Bosnia Herzegovina, Ireland, would have advanced nearby. But GOD forbid!

In the last 49 years, we have had brushes with the agents of the Luciferian hierarchy, whose sole commission is to cause havoc among the Sons and Daughters of GOD.
Politically demonized leaders have caused dislocations. In so doing, they have appeased their gods with the blood of our citizens. These satanized leaders do not care about our people and so for many years, our people have suffered terribly and are still suffering. Their anti-people strategy must be defeated. They intimidate opponents by violence and terror. Their negative politics have been systematic and regular.

The intelligence services need to be better equipped to deal with political rascals in some states.
Before we can re-brand Nigeria, we must understand the forces at play. Our problems are more spiritual than we know. We must understand the forces in charge. We are fighting against spiritual forces in high and low places.

The fallen angels have gained control over our political, economic and social lives. They received oaths of allegiance and are unwilling to let go. It is not only in Nigeria that they operate. Fallen archangels, who fell into Persia, India, China, Africa, America (LA), Russia and in the Seven seas, after the Great War in Heaven, are still active.
We need a NEW RIVIVAL to render powerless the evil ones, who are causing so much pain among nations and among peoples. A review of the style of governance by world leaders will depict those GOD sent and the ones satan uses to destroy the Sons and Daughters of GOD.

The REVIVAL will kindle deeper knowledge of GOD’s power to save His people and practical spiritual wisdom to combat the enemies of GOD and MAN.
To be free from problems, associate only with those, who are spiritual. Ascertain those GOD sends to you and avoid those, who satan sends to pull you back from Heaven’s gate.
Since you are created for GOD”S glory, satan cannot win. The just shall live by faith.( Romans 1:17). When in doubt, always ask the Comforter and if you are His pupil, He will teach you all things and you will receive fresh word from GOD everyday.
This is the total way to eradicate evil from Nigeria.

Those with pharmaceutical frames of mind like the Honourable Minister of Information, Professor Dora Akunyili, will understand my presentation on how to re-brand Nigeria pharmaceutically.
This is my unorthodox brand of humour on a lighter note. Madam, Nigeria needs” broad -spectrum Antimycotic with Fungicidal action of local application. Each brand tube should contain Bis-phenyl (2- Chloro-phenyl) -i-imidazoly-motharie 1%, inert cream base) to 100%.

The pharmaceutically confirmed indications of our sicknesses include all dermatomycoses as a re result of dermatophytes, for example, Trichophyton species. Also, Candida species and dermatomycoses due to moulds and fungi.

. You know that our national diseases have shown secondary infection with tumors, which our political oncologists have failed to identify and which are still festering.
We list “other dermatomycoses like inter-digital mycose (e.g athlete’s foot), paronychias assocated with finger-biting by Nigerian citizens, when desperation sets in, mycoses in corruption, Candida vulvitis, Candida balantis, pitynasis versicolor, erythrasma “due to non-diligence by officials in their jobs execution.

Since political fungal infection has become pandemic, we sure need re-branding. As we walk through the blue channel to 2011, w must be careful, remembering always that germs of gonococci can regenerate causing a relapse.
I have observed that political cerebra-spinal meningitis has caused delusionary, visionary silhouettes and acute paralysis now gallops beyond cure.
Medical and pharmaceutical consultants have said the cancerous nature of our illness needs constant watch.

This amateur pharmacist must now leave the pharmacology and pharmaconosy of the branding for the experts to deal with.
Nigerians must recognize that it is not possible for everyone to put their own interpretation on the law. I have read literal, legal, grammatical and ontological interpretations of the relevant parts of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The fact is that because unforseen events are bound to happen in the lives of men and women, most constitutions contain contingency clauses, which have acquired the status of imperative application.

The Oath to the king of politics in Nigeria is now taking effect on all fronts. Can’t you see the damage they are doing? More Oath takers will fall. Political opportunism does not pay.

Politicians, please tell me, ‘What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and suffers the loss of his own soul?”

A democracy that fears to apply its constitutional code and a rule of law that is a respecter of persons are hard to reconcile.

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