Nigeria: A Call to Duty


Every human being on the planet earth desires to prosper; no one ever prays to be poor. The government of every nation determines how wealthy or poverty stricken the citizens would be; it is therefore essential for every right thinking person(s) who wields political power to enact policies that will aid wealth creation for the citizens.


Over the years in Nigeria, however, quite a number of folks who have been privileged with political power either because of being intellectually poor or sheer greed and selfish tendencies have used the political power at their disposal to amass wealth only for themselves, friends, family and cronies rather than empowering the community, leaving the larger number of the citizens to languish in poverty.

How political power is used at the local, state and federal levels of government determines whether our communities will ever be developed in our lifetime. It is our duty as citizens of Nigeria to determine which policies of government will see the light of the day. We must all be interested in how policies are made if we truly desire to be wealthy. We must therefore listen, advise, admonish, encourage, protest, comment, say something and do something.

We must become active participants on how our economy is been managed at all levels of government. Whether we like it or not each policy of government has an impact on our individual finances.

Without being necessarily partisan, selfish or biased, we must constantly question every political office holder or agency at all levels of government. We must creatively ensure that they create policies that will make it easier for us to create wealth. It is our duty as Nigerians to expose anyone lacking in his responsibility at all levels of government. We must make sure that they do not use the political power at their disposal to enrich themselves. They pledged to serve us, serving us is their basic responsibility; anyone found wanting must be shown the way out.

Every developed nation on earth at one time or the other created an avenue to make sure that the political power is not used for selfish reasons. Lawmakers for example in England took on the monarchy until they substantially reduced the powers of the nobles and established laws/policies that created freedom for every citizen.

Nigeria cannot be an exception; we must keep bringing political office holders at all levels of government on their toes. It is time to know what’s happening to our economy and insist that fundamental structure be made. The structure of our economy must be such that will aid every Nigerian to fulfill purpose; no Nigerian should be at a level of just survival.

We must insist that local government elections be conducted in all the states of the federation and ensure that the elections are free and fair.

Nigeria shall become the most desirable nation to live in on the planet earth.

God bless you.

God bless Nigeria.

Written by
Opeyemi Ajayi
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