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Nigeria in Political and Spiritual Rejuvenation

The God of vengeance seems to be rocking Nigeria now. I think the country is on the road to political and spiritual rejuvenation. When an embattled politician died of cardiac arrest; lack of power supply and oxygen while on a life support for one or more days in the hospital, it speaks to our collective conscience of the consequences of our actions and inactions. Ordinary people have died in the Nigerian hospitals as a result of epileptic power supply. Now, the rich are also crying!

Flag_of_NigeriaThe grievous undoing any man can do to himself is to remain unrepentant for the obvious graft and rape of his country’s economic wellbeing. The greatest misnomer a man can do to himself and his family is to steal the commonwealth and forget the burdens of history after his demise.

Death is a necessary end, it will come when it will come. We all owe death a debt. But when death prowls and corrupt man refuses to take precautions in the face of its intimidation, then that corrupt man is perniciously exposing his family and acquaintances to the ridicules of a nation. Man should beware of the burdens of history after death. History is bunk. It is also a no respecter of anyone. When man refuse to learn from the ugly history, man is doomed to repeat it. Ugly history is hard, if not impossible to rewrite.

Nigeria is awash with momentous and unrepentant rapists of commonwealth. Corrupt politicians are sociopaths that use unsuspecting common people to dwell in corruption. Inside them is ostentatious lifestyles enhanced by our collective wealth. Nigeria’s political clime is only dotted with sociopaths who attract friends and followers so easily as a result of poverty. But underneath, these sociopaths are unable to feel empathy for any other living being. They have a hole in them where a sense of shame or guilt should be. They are obsessed with competition and penchant for stealing the commonwealth at all cost.

Meanwhile, despite having signs of material success acquired illegally, inside the corrupt politicians is void which ultimately lead to lives devoid of joy and happiness. Corrupt people die ignominiously. They are celebrated with the joy to their abyss. Examples abound everywhere in the land. Their history is never complete, it is sadly jejune and repetitious. They recycle their illegal wealth amongst their children, and they put their children and children’s children in precarious positions.

Death, rather than history has always been their teacher, it teaches them the lessons of a lifetime. Corrupt people are cowards, because they acquire ephemerals at the expense of others and their lives after death. Corrupt people die many times before their death. They intimidate the valiants who want the best for the society. The valiants never wimp but die once. The legacies of the valiants speak to the collective conscience of everyone.

I muse to myself every time about the future of corrupt people in Nigeria, I have an unending answer to my rumination. When government officials start living the lifestyles of Hollywood stars, their sources of wealth should be questioned by the plebeians. Nigeria seems to be unveiling a new normal in this direction. A situation where the corrupt people will not have a place to flaunt the commonwealth. In a normal clime, those who work their butts off should be proud to flaunt their hard-earned wealth like they want and be encouraged to be socially responsible as well. Nigeria seems to be coming to terms with the new reality. We should discourage being normal in an abnormal society. Being normal in an abnormal society is a bearing of Hobbesian society, where life is short, brutish and nasty.

Moreover, never shall we stop talking about official corruption in our country until we see Nigeria of our dreams. Nigeria is carefully breaking away from the jinx of the past and looking forward with redetermined optimism. We made ourselves proud in the last general elections by eschewed violence that characterized our awful past.

Nigerians are very resilient people who can renew and rebuild hope with sincere and determined heart. But our resilience and hope have been bruised and dashed in the past by sociopath leaders that ruled us disdainfully. We have never trusted any previous governments in power because of their hedonism, deceit, lethal corruption and political waywardness. Nigerian youth should wake up from their slumber to avoid a “wasted generation.” We should henceforth make our corrupt politicians accountable to the people who gave them their mandate.

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