Nigeria is Bleeding Profusely!

President Buhari
President Buhari

If you want to settle down to savor a hotchpotch of soup you made in the village populated by longthroated individuals-and of a thousand demons, you must be ready to feast with a long-specially-made-spoon, otherwise, you must get ready to be consumed along with your olio or potpourri.

Corruption is a mismatch and mess anywhere! If you want to clean or clear a mess, you better comply with the universal precautions, otherwise, you will get contaminated or infected with diseases. Buhari is determined to clean the ossified mess in Nigeria but corruption is vigorously fighting back using every nuance in the geopolitical areas in the country. Unfortunately, Buhari is not using any known or visible universal precaution to deal with the current distasteful situation at hand. His recalcitrant attitude and his incompetent handlers are the encumbrances of his administration. Buhari relies solely on his demeanor and integrity to checkmate the noncorrectable disfigurement of characters, and the children of corruption trying to derail his government. It doesn’t work that way on a short-term in a contradictory environment like Nigeria. You cannot blame these characters much anyway! The long misrule in Nigeria has contributed abysmally to the thinking faculty of some of these Nigerians.

The consistency of the rule of law and the education of the warped populace has also come to play. A society where there is no rule of law and justice, peace will be elusive to its inhabitants. Change is a gradual process with resilience and determination of the people. Metamorphosis is a process of transforming from one form to another. Nigerians want to morph instantaneously! That is, a change of instant transformation plus instant gratification. The two integers (i.e instances) can never produce any enduring results anywhere. The permeated and clothed indiscipline, corruption and other social vices in Nigeria have become a clothed norm or new normal. All these social anomalies will continue to produce social upheavals if nothing is done individually and constitutionally to stem the tides or arrest the trends. Change begins from you and me!

Nigeria is bleeding! It is hemorrhaging fast before our very shoddy eyes and the hypocritical attitudes of our leaders! Nigeria needs surgical operations in all ramifications. Our problem is as much more individualistic as it is more collaborative and collective. Buhari alone cannot do it, the chief security officers in all States of the federation and all of us are culpable like Buhari, the Commander-in-Chief of Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

When you succeed in Nigeria, you’ll have more friends amongst those who are benefiting from your generosity; but you will become a nuisance to those who are not directly benefiting from your largesse. Hatred, jealousy and resentment will be the signature of those who cannot stand your progress, honesty, fairness, respect and principle. This is very common in an Hobbesian society where life is short, brutish and nasty. These features are the evidentiary standards of our current situation in Nigeria. Some people continue to pitiably inch out of themselves to the bottomless pit of self-hate and self-destruct! Self-hate is rapidly consuming the future of some ignorant Nigerians.

Leadership is recalcitrant; the followership has lost its identity and decorum. State of anomie permeates all our strata. A nation with complacent executive, the corrupt judiciary and dysfunctional legislature will continue to experience social anomie, insecurity, injustice and underdevelopment. Characteristically, when the Nigerian leaders take a step forward, the same leaders will nauseatingly with deliberate indifference make several steps backward. When a nation put the square pegs in round holes. Such a nation, no matter the efforts of the patriots and nationalists, it will continue to be porous in her structural entities, and her determination to route out official corruption will be under severe threat.

Why unity seems unachievable in Nigeria is very concerning and troubling! In spite of our collective aspiration, why peace, security and development are eluding Nigeria is a known fact! But, some of us pretend as if we don’t know. Nigeria undoubtedly needs restructuring! President Buhari in his stunning stubborn refusal is under the illusive cocoon by dodging the coming together of the stakeholders to discuss our unity in Nigeria. He’s just postponing the evil day, and the evil days will be a reckoning day. It must be avoided.

Hypocrisy is the signature of most of the people we look up to solving or contributing to nation building. The leadership at various levels in the country is collectively culpable. Leadership has continually failed us in Nigeria. The crisis of a wealthy nation is a collective failure of the stakeholders. The ignorant citizens are usually at the receiving end. The most gruesome part of the nation’s problems is the directionless and naughtiness of the deprived members of the Nigerian society.

Some have intuitive beliefs that living abroad is a ticket to be indifferent and unconcerned about the situation in Nigeria. They got it all wrong. There’s no place like your rustic homes. Whether you reside in Ohio, Thailand, Beijing, Arizona, Birmingham, Abuja, Lagos, etc., we are all psychologically entwined and involved in the burdens of our country-Nigeria. You cannot create some problems and be looking for an escape route to abandoning the problems plaguing your country! All hands must be on deck to collectively jettison naughtiness, mediocrity, hate, resentment, hypocrisy, bigotry and other negative nuances that have bedeviled our common sense decency to realize a true nationhood. We must actively and collectively get involved, as we are all a representation of the progress and future of Nigeria.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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