Nigeria: The Monster In Our Midst

by Olorunshola Oso

It is no longer a secret that the most populous black nation on the planet has been a victim of bad governance over the years. A nation so rich, yet so poor; poverty unleashed in the midst of abundance. A scenario that can only be likened to a raging fire in the middle of an ocean; the Nigerian story!

Today we celebrate the monster of our time; today we welcome with great shame the resultant terror of the biggest Political Party in Africa. We regard in our faces the People’s Democratic Party as it continues to rear its ugly head, formenting power play, political instability, and constitutional rape.

The latest from the arsenal of the party is the trend of impeachment that has brought the position of a Governor in our polity to little or no esteem. A recent victim of trend is Governor Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State whom a lot of people believed was unduly removed from office, despite the belief of this majority that he surely has a case to answer. Not to worry, he is only following suit with his counterparts Rasheed Ladoja of Oyo State and Dieprieye Alameiseigha of Bayelsa State, to mention a few.

While the hurricane of impeachment continues to blow hot in Plateau State and Anambra State, a lot of questions are yet to find answers as it affects motives of impeachment proceedings, constitutionality of proceedings, and the moral value of the lawmakers when it comes to bribery. But one thing remains certain, in our heart-of-heart, right in our inner conscience, we all know what is right. How I wish we could reach into our minds and look beyond now into the future. The fact remains, it is the truth we know and practice that sets us free.

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King Paul October 27, 2006 - 4:23 am

This is really interesting. Sola has proven with this writeup that He could do more. He should be entrusted with opportunities to showcase talent.


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