Nigeria: The Task Ahead

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History is such a powerful tool in many ways than we all can ever imagine. Each & every developed nation in the global community went through one form of hard times or the other. It is quite pertinent for a group of people, tired of the status quo; to form alliance to see their dreams of a better society come to reality.

Developing a country blessed with abundant human and natural resources like Nigeria wouldn’t require rocket science but we need men who will be committed to the task ahead. The British Monarchy is one of the most elegant monarchical structures in the world today but it has had its share of crisis over the centuries. Sometime around 1936, crisis brewed in the British Empire when King Edward VIII proposed to Lady Wallis Simpson, an American socialite & a soon to be divorcee from a second marriage. The union was opposed to on all fronts and this affected the core of leadership, after several back & forth, Edward abdicated the throne and was replaced by King George V1, father of Queen Elizabeth 11.

It is the desire of most Nigerians to see our dear country fulfill her potentials in the comity of nations. We want to bequeath a better society to our children. However, virtually every form of development is tied to the quality of political leaders we have at the executive & legislative arm of government at all levels, they also determine those who will be appointed as Judges or Magistrates. No single individual can deliver beyond the level of his/her intellectual capacity.

It is essential that every hard- working Nigerian join a political party whether or not they want to contest elections but we also need to be part of the process that will decide who the political party will present in the general elections as this decisions have an impact on the well being of each and every one of us.

We can no longer afford to be lukewarm in political affairs. We’ve had enough of self centered political leaders who just sit in their living rooms and decide who leads us. We’ve had enough of touts having more political relevance than enlightened citizens.
We must all be a part of the selection process at all levels of political leadership. Enough of people without a clear cut agenda in government, this must stop if we will ever witness progress & development in our life time.

If you are not contesting elections, support reputable contestants morally & financially. They need huge financial resources, this is a sacrifice we owe our nation. Professional politicians want us to believe that elections don’t count but when we participate actively en masse, they will have no choice than to submit to our wishes. 2019 is just by the corner, it is imperative that every registered voter come out to vote and insist that their election be counted.

Everything rests on political leadership, from the price of garri, to the number of pot holes that will remain on our roads, to whether or not we will abide by the principles of social justice, to whether or not there will be an effective mortgage system for all employed Nigerians, to whether Pensioners will receive their pension when due, to the type of men that will be recruited into the Nigerian Police & the training they will receive thereafter, to the quality of airplanes that we will fly across the nation, to whether NCC will regulate all those drop calls by telecom providers, to the number of children that will hawk goods on the road, to whether or not we will get justice in our courts, to whether more students will be kidnapped and those kidnapped will be released, to whether terrorism will increase or abate, to whether there will be a better intelligence gathering security force, to how our resources are being used, to if we will genuinely fight corruption or continually use anti- corruption agencies to harass political opponents, to whether government will obey court decisions at all times not only when convenient.

The quality of legislators we elect at the local, state & federal legislative houses will determine the type of bills that will be passed. The intellectual capacity of LG Chairmen, Governors and the President we vote for will determine the policies they will implement while in office. We all know the steps needed to build Nigeria; we only need political will to take those steps.
The quality of people we elect in 2019 says a lot about the future of Nigeria.

Come out and vote, support those that you know will perform if elected, nothing can be too small. We need each other and all hands must be on deck in our ability to build a nation we will be proud of to raise our children.

Nigeria shall become the most desirable country to live on the planet earth.
God bless you.
God bless Nigeria

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Ayanfeoluwa October 1, 2018 - 2:18 pm

Hmm…a great piece I must say. However, after all that happened at the Osun state’s election, I must confess, I lost all hope in democracy. I used to believe and advocate for people to vote & that everyone’s vote counts. But in a situation where people have their voter’s cards in their hands & they were prevented from voting & the security agents present did nothing about it, the presidency pretended nothing happened & even cheered the culprits on, tell me, how do you convince such people that they really have a say in deciding who rules them?! I think one can only pray the more that God should deliver our dear from the group of terrorists that now governs her


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