Nigeria Will Overcome

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

For Nigeria to survive and overcome, genuine, not discredited hordes of national thieves, must combat sabotage, petty bourgeoisie sharp practices like hoarding petroleum products tampering with electricity to cause mass disaffection among the masses.

questionThe government must check the growing intervention of apostate religionists, who do not condemn but condone debauchery, fraternize with “big evil doers “and those who have bankrupt our country.

We must expose ethnic Jingoists, who fight corruption only where politicians from other group’s error are thought to have erred.

We must also denounce the quest for unearned titles. Fake titles, meaningless appellations, gunning for high office for which one is neither suited nor qualified. As we have seen the Nigerian nation and people have suffered inexorably from such pretensions ogboju the use of borrowed brains and commissioned speeches, which are read with no action or implementation.

Nigeria’s ‘intellecturals’ should not remain silent in the face of national decay, because of a latent expectation of being appointed to high office. Those who so appointed became “YES” men and had no clout.

To those educated Nigerians, who had served in various high posts and became recalcitrant recidivist; their names have entered Nigerian history as members of the National Association of Thieves (NAT), forever

In my letter to future Nigerians we have catalogued their crimes against the Nigerian nation and people.

To the political neophytes, seekers of unearned fame, I say A master never bothers himself for the sake of reputation or fame; these are worthless baubles of the day. They rise and fall like empty bottles on the stream. They are indices to what the thoughtless think. They are illusions and will pass away.

I admonish Nigerians who are still redeemable to mortify the body deny self, affections as well as appetites and the inner eye will begin to exercise, its clear and solemn vision.

In Nigeria, we must fight against centrifugal and centripetal force, greed, pride, ethnic chauvinism, irredentism, love for money, ritualism and unwholesome attitude.

In Brazil, there were reactions over the actions of the ex-President and Madam President of Brazil.

In Nigeria, in spite of the heinous crimes by military and political officers, the people have been numbed by the debauchery.

It is re-assuring that Buhari has said that those who pulverized the nation’s economy and treasury will have no mercy.

These heartless sons of Satan did not show mercy to their fellow soldiers and country men. Nigeria is the crucible of Karma and Rebirth and in the maelstrom of political revolutionary colloquy.

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