Only Gov. T.A. Orji Will Vote For Jonathan In 2015

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Some persons resort to exhibiting the trait of madness in whatever thing
they do and have the philosophy that there is freedom and safety in
madness. You cannot understand such people, because they are not lonely,
but busy doing nothing. They are far from being genius. You see them as
oddballs. They like to rebel so much and are troublemakers. When others are
putting round pegs in round hole, they are putting round pegs in the square
holes. They do not do things the way of the people, but the way frivolous
ideas crop-up in their heads. They do not follow rules and they have no
respect for humanity. They push whatever agenda that comes to them
backwards. They speak before they think. You cannot ignore them and
wouldn’t want to associate with them.

That was my generalisation of Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State when I
read an article that was titled “2015: Igbo‘ll Deliver S-East Votes To
Jonathan – Orji” in which the governor was reported to have said that the
people of the South East would remain unwavering in their support for
President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015. Much as every party has an interest in
winning in elections, Gov. Orji would be a bad sell for Jonathan in the
regard that the governor was saying that our people were poised to deliver
the region to Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

I have been wondering which people that the governor meant. Is it the
people that he sent packing from the Civil Service in his state in the
floating language that they were not aboriginal citizens of Abia State? The
people that the governor sent out of job were Igbo people who happened to
come from other states but from the South-East political zone that the
governor has said that was balanced to give Jonathan the full-swing support
come 2015.

I’m not against Jonathan as a person, but I’m not sure what Orji meant when
he was also reported to have said that the “bread of the Igbos will be
buttered” when they support President Jonathan and that a contrary view is
simply telling lies. I cannot stop laughing at persons who do not know that
they have shot themselves on their feet, but continue to make positions
irrelevant as their ways of life and themselves are.

However, we know that Gov. Orji is a drowned politician who is looking for
every available means to be favoured by the president. Though, we know that
the president is a man who knows who is who in governance across the 36
states of the country and that Gov. Orji is not performing and is not
regarded as a personality in the South-East, because of his stumpy
mentality to render good governance to Abia State.

Evidence of this is fad, because Gov. Orji is the only governor who has
been pelted, booed and heckled publicly and laughed-at secretly among
Ndigbo. A typical example was at Aba, the commercial city of Abia State,
when the remains of our dearly beloved Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu were
laying in state in Abia. But the governor later referred to that noble act
of the masses calling him up to perform, as the handiwork of his political
rivals. Does such a drowned governor have a rival? Yet, he continues to
develop our state, but only in the media.

There is no amount of sugarcoated words from Gov. Orji that will make him
be loved by Jonathan, though Mr. President has not said that he hates Orji.
But what the governor is doing from his body-language is to paint Jonathan
as a messiah that Ndigbo would not afford to miss in 2015, whereas Orji
himself has not done any meaningful project in our state.

Gov. Orji wants Jonathan to see and take him seriously as one of the
leaders in the South-East zone. But being a governor is far from being a
leader of the people. This is to say that if a man like President Jonathan
should rely on Gov. Orji to deliver the South-East to him in an election,
it would be only the governor that would vote. It does not mean that we
hate Jonathan, but the man Gov. Orji is a hiss.

Gov. Orji now takes Abuja as his first home. This is coming after we
harangued that his incessant traveling to overseas was becoming much. He
seemed to have curtailed that as we are yet to hear his protégés and rented
crowed deafening our ears from the Government House, Umuahia that their
“Ochendo Global” has ‘returned’.

We could remember that in April this year, the same Gov. Orji who was
reported to have said that the people of South-East would support Jonathan
in 2015, as if he was a leader of our people, asked our people to return
home from the North in a treatise that was captioned “Boko Haram: North No
Longer Safe, Return Home Orji Tells Ndi Igbo”.

My worry was that the governor made the unguided statement without a
recourse to the damage he had done to Ndigbo who were working in Abia State
that were not of Abia origin. He sent them packing. So, his clamour that
Ndigbo should return home was baseless. What was expected of Gov. Orji was
to say that Ndi-Abia who were residents of the North should return to our
state. We can see that Abia State under Gov. Orji is no longer safe for the
people of South-East who are not from Abia State. So, which South-East is
Gov. Orji talking about to support President Jonathan in 2015?

It is my belief that Gov. Orji should stop bringing himself to the public
ridicule for people to laugh. He should stop bringing us, the people of
South-East, into his disastrous political posturing, in making sure that he
is in the ‘good book’ of President Jonathan. If our people will support
President Jonathan in 2015, Gov. Orji is not in any way near the position
to tell us. He has to first keep and govern his state well before dragging
the entire South-East zone into his political oblivion, because Ndigbo are
not insane, oddballs and troublemakers who put round pegs in the square

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