Nigerian Youth: A Reassuring Lesson from France and the Defeat of Populism in Europe

The attention of the world was on France last week. In Nigeria, for some time to come, we will subsume ourselves in the political argy-bargy of France, juxtaposing their election with our present state of political conundrum. France’s election is a big lesson for Nigerian youth reawakening to fight for our political emancipation. Crisscrossing and cross carpeting of political scumbags shouldn’t be in our political lexicon. It should be noxious to national debate or conversation. The just concluded election in France should trigger a national conversation for all Nigerians in the diaspora. We should debate our future via Nigeria 2019 electoral decisions.

France and Netherlands’ elections are a complete repudiation of the recent divisive election in the United States, and the Brexit conundrum in Britain. France has taken their future back from political precipice. The youths in France are on the road to their political exceptionalism. The 39 year old youthful Emmanuel Macron should be a catalyst for reawakening a sleeping giant of Nigeria, nay Africa.

The electoral victory of Emmanuel Macron and the infusion of this globalist will trigger the implosion and explosion of the far-right and conservative parties in the western world. It is also a denunciation of political and religious extremism emerging in the western hemisphere. The daunting task ahead of Mr. Macron now is to unite a divided nation, and make France an enviable and exemplified country for good governance in Europe. Macron is a global wonder-kid of the moment. His victory is clear defeat of populism in Europe and elsewhere.

The France youth has liberated itself from the claws of political elites in France. Nigerian youth! We can do it, we must do it. 2019 should be a sweeping year to regain our future from political vultures. Our resolve should be history rewritten, a future reassured! We must discard the old political wine for the new age of youthful political exuberance sweeping across the globe. Macron and Obama are open to globalization and they passionately discountenance isolationism and protectionism. They both see the world as a global village, and open to global inclusionism.

Can the likes of Obama and Macron evolve in Nigeria? Yes, we can.! Yes, we can!! If we mobilize ourselves and stop being grandstanding and opportunistic in our struggles. I don’t doubt the intellectual acuity of Nigerians. Nigerian youths are more resourceful than these young, amiable and emerging world leaders. Unfortunately, we daily channel our resources to naughty and mundane issues irrelevant to national development and our future. We should stop being used as political Cannon fodder for political gains!

As in incurable optimist of a Nu9ja, now is the time we must be the determinants of our future. I am more determined than ever to see a sweeping change in the political mannerisms of the Nigerian youth. I don’t care where you come from in any part of the federation. If we get our acts together, we have thousands of these quintessential individuals scattered and aimlessly roaming around in our midst. We have to discover them and support their efforts to recoup our future.

If United States could produce Barack Obama, a son of Immigrant as a historic president, and Emmanuel Macron of France, an obscured enigmatic individual morphing openly to mantle of leadership in France. At this period where US is being found wanting in the global affairs and the leadership vacuum in the world, Nigeria shouldn’t be an exception in this existential journey to make this world a better place for all.

Ours is not far-fetched! 2019? Yes, we can!

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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