Nigeria's Weapon of Mass Destruction

by Paul I. Adujie

This is to congratulate Mallam Nuhu “WMD” Ribadu and his staff at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for the big victory scored in the investigation of the fallen and disgraced former governor of Bayelsa state.

The excellence in their effectiveness is shining for the whole world to see. EFCC has now established a precedent in the annals of anti corruption war in Nigeria. The scandal that was DSP Alamieyesiegha’s venture into public office in Nigeria, has not been brought to an inglorious end. Alamie’s fetid and ignominious conducts, his blatant and brazen violations of Nigerian laws and other laws, have now come to an inglorious end.

Mallam Nuhu WMD Ribadu deserves our thunderous applause for the meticulous investigations, the tenacity of purpose, and the sustained and focused pursuit of corrupt public officials. EFCC deserves our praise and commendations for being spotless and unblemished in the commitment and dedication to the eradication and elimination of corruption from Nigeria’s landscape.

As many of us know, Nigeria is a diamond in the rough, a jewel waiting to be polished and shined to its sparkling and dazzling best. Corruption has for far too long prevented Nigeria from fulfilling her national purpose, from meeting attainable developmental goals. Corruption has thwarted and stunted our march to greatness as an advanced nation with bountiful human and material resources. Nigeria is now at the twilight and dawn of great new beginning. Nigeria is now at the threshold of a full recovery from decades of decadence and neglect.

Nigeria is in the presence of rebirth and renaissance!

The anti corruption train has since left the proverbial station. It has demolished a stumbling block to the development of Ijawland and Bayelsa state. Other obstacles to development in other parts of Nigeria still remain, but I have it on good authority that the impediment and obstacle to development of Plateau state also known as Joshua Chibi Dariye, the fugitive governor is also soon to be an ex-governor lacking constitutional immunity, and in the words of Police Commissioner for Bayelsa state Mr. Hafiz Ringim and the EFCC spokesman Mr. Osita Nwajah, DSP Alamie is now an ordinary citizen without the protection of the immunity clause as provided in the Constitution of Nigeria 1999. Alamie has several cases against him; everyone wants him, the EFCC, Nigeria Police, London Police, Immigration and Customs, etc.

DSP Alamie’s disgraceful reign has finally come to an end. His flagrant thumping of his nose at our national laws, and in some respect, international laws, has finally crested. DSP Alamie has been an ill-wind, and he blew no good toward Ijawland, Bayelsa or Nigeria. Alamie’s malevolent wind has finally run out of his odious gas!

DSP Alamie was a monumental embarrassment to all Nigerians! What manner of chief security of a state was this? A man who was himself a fugitive of the law, who then seeks to enforce the law in his domain? How would he have had to treat a fleeing felon in Bayelsa, when he was himself a fleeing felon and fugitive? Alamie was on the lam himself! Those who come to equity, it is often said, must come with clean hands!

How could such a state governor call himself or be called by others, “His Excellency”? What is excellent in being a fugitive? Why would anyone obey the laws in Bayelsa, when the governor himself was an outlaw? When he was himself a fugitive from the law? When he was a felon on the lam?

With the likes of DSP Alamie and Josh Dariye in powerful positions, there was continued bastardization of our public space. There was the appearance of looming lawlessness and anarchy. What else would anyone call it? How else would anyone describe fugitive governors presiding over law abiding citizens, who are expected to continue to observe our laws and rules? How could morality, decency and good behavior be enforced or even expected from the average citizen, while the presiding officers of states are the epitome and pillar of lawlessness and most immoral egregious behaviors?

“His Excellency” became a misapplication of term when used in reference to DSP Alamie, and his counterpart clone, fugitive Josh Chibi Dariye.

I congratulate the Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu and his staff for a job well done on DSP Alamie and for all the other wonderful jobs that the EFCC has done in the past, and of course, the many more that the EFCC are doing even as I write.

Here is calling on the honorable members of Plateau state house of assembly, it is time to impeach your enfant terrible fugitive Dariye! Dariye will make good company for the sexy woe-man DSP Alamie in the same prison cell, whether as prisoners in Nigeria or in England. The time to impeach Josh Chibi Dariye is nigh!

The people and the leaders in Ijawland, the people and leaders of Bayelsa state have set a wonderfully spectacular precedent for our public officials. The word is out. The world now knows that Nigeria has zero tolerance for inappropriate, illegal and criminal behaviors by public officials! Nigeria’s reforms are proceeding in earnest

All roads now lead to Plateau state, fish out fugitive Josh Chibi Dariye!

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Anonymous December 13, 2005 - 2:03 pm

Thanks my go better, many are the afflictions of Nigeria but we will get better at it. It is a pity that the cynics are more vocal, but when good Nigerians like you write, your optmism shine brighter!

Anonymous December 11, 2005 - 2:13 pm


Goddy December 11, 2005 - 11:26 am

Paul, Thanks for another brilliant article. But do expect the blind, professional cynics not to share in your optimism. To them, every Nigerian is bad as if they are not Nigerians. And all they dream of is a future laden with chaos and war, not knowing that those who mischievously wish for a rain will also get beaten by it.

Anonymous December 11, 2005 - 8:21 am

You refer to the governor as a "a felon on the lam". A lawyer should know that a "felon" is a person who has been found guilty of a felony by a court of law. Alam is not one.He has not even been convicted of a misdemeanor.I liked the rest of your article, thanks.

Reply December 10, 2005 - 2:11 pm

Paul,I do not share your optimism

Cletus E. Olebunne December 10, 2005 - 12:00 pm

EFCC is an institution that must go beyond partisian politics. There need to be a continuity of the anti-corruption crusade irrespective of the government in power.

The EFCC as an institution will help in the unification of our common goal toward a better quality of life through the provision of basic infrastructures for both urban and rural development.

Another institution that needs continuity is the NAFDAC for the pharmaceutical and Food industries.


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