Njiko Igbo, OUK and Side Distractions

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Some persons think that the fresh move by certain persons in the Abia
State chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to the National
Working Committee (NWC) of the political party kneeling down to its
chairman that they do not want Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu (popularly called
OUK), who was a former governor of the state, represent the voice and
aspiration of Abia people. No. Ndi-Abia do not know those people
except for some of them holding key positions in different portfolios
in and out the state. With the exception of that, Kalu’s image and
integrity looms in the heart of the majority of Abians, Igbo people,
and by extension, Nigerians. Much more than those other persons
combined together.

Kalu has shown that he is not of the old block of politicians like
those who have made every attempt to pull him down by all means but
they couldn’t and cannot. This is evident in the formation of the
Njiko Igbo, an organisation aimed at uniting Ndigbo at home and in the
diaspora, which is greatly becoming conspicuous in the heart of Ndigbo
and non-Igbo at home and elsewhere around the globe. Against this
backdrop, those persons had thought that Kalu was in political
oblivion, when he decided to stay away from active politics for some
time, but it is now clear that he was not.

Today that he has shown that he did not run away from politics, and in
forming Njiko Igbo, many people are aligning with him again. To these
people, they are of the belief that Kalu wants a good government in
Nigeria, and except for the possibility of an Igbo becoming the
president of Nigeria in 2015, the expectations of Nigerians for a
messiah might be aloof.

With his recent position in the Njiko Igbo, Kalu has everything
positive to offer Nigerians. Let those that have ears hear. Njiko Igbo
is not an organisation that is bent on a selfish agenda. It is a new
groove in the Nigeria’s history that is set to make history and
historians would soon be carrying out extensive research to find out
the degree of ingenuity in Kalu to form the Njiko Igbo, but they might
not come very close to the real extent of ingenuity, as anything Kalu
touches turns to gold.

Anyone can make bold to say that Kalu is a mighty man in political
battle in Nigeria. He is does not merely pose as an Igbo elder
statesman, but he has proven time after time to be an Igbo as well as
a Nigerian enthusiast. If this was not so, how else is an enthusiast
defined when Kalu offered to dialogue the Federal Government with the
Boko Haram, when even Generals in the Army were running from this
onerous task. The latter is pathetic! Many Nigerians shuddered of the
stuff that he was made with and his respect and integrity are
increasing day by day beyond the plans of his perceived political

Njiko Igbo is one organisation that everyone deserves. Igbo presidency
is vital. Kalu is talking about the actualization of an average Igbo
person’s objective. And he is not wasting his time. Kalu’s magnanimity
has shown him that the unity of the Igbo is the purpose. Anyone who
might say that Kalu is not making sense should check himself or
herself and would later find out that Kalu makes a lot of sense with
this formulation of Njiko Igbo.

It is not easy to make strong again the Igbo spirit that has been
battered by Nigeria politically, to participate as the first fiddle as
against the third fiddle that the Nigerian state has placed the Igbo
race in Nigeria. But with Kalu, it is easy to unite the Igbo again.
And he is achieving this through the grassroots and beyond with
encouraging countrywide goals.

Royal Highnesses and notable Igbo sons and daughters are applauding
Kalu, saying that Njiko Igbo is a welcome development, and that they
are ready to dump any political party that would not allow the Igbo
people to actualise the dream of the Igbo presidency in 2015. Kalu is
not minding the side distractions, and he is moving forward. He is
handling the Njiko Igbo as if there are no challenges. He is not
interested in those side distractions, but in Nigeria, and that the
Igbo should produce a president in the next elections.

It is Kalu’s passion to unite the Igbo, which is conspicuously fully,
occupies his time. From the recent activities he seemed not to have
spare time for anything else. He is working every minute on matters
that are apprehension to the Igbo people. A man who is doing this
deserves every inch of the Igbo support.

It is pertinent that Ndigbo should unite. This call by Kalu should
transcend. They should not be trading blames about who champions or
does not champion the call for the unity of the Igbo. Somebody must
make a move for unity, and Kalu has started it. The unity is what
everybody must and should be concerned with, and not whether it is
Dick or Tom that calls for the unity. People believe in Kalu and they
are supporting him and his course. Everybody should lend their support
to this initiative.

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