Now that Obama Has Spoken…

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Imam virgin black seed oil is among the purest and finest brand of black seed oil you will ever come across. Barack Obama and his wife are among the most articulate political speakers, we have come across.

In the United States of America, talent, wit and command performances have eclipsed race consciousness and people seem to have resolved to keep it so. At the Democratic National Convention recently, President Bill Clinton convinced his listeners as to why Obama is more suitable for the presidency. Mrs Obama told us about the man and his tireless efforts to improve the lives of all Americans. Vice President Joe Biden spoke with passion and was able to tell voters how the President operates.

Obama spoke of the need to allow him to continue and complete his mission. He pointed out that he has yet to do his best as a result of political chicanery, intrigues and subterfuge. He spoke candidly and convincingly, to the admiration of the crowd.

The major issues in the November 2012 election and beyond are how to raise the living standards of all Americans. The economy is heavily-laden with debts, the dominance right-wing economic prescriptions, long exploded, a growing march to military engagements, a culture where propagandist journalists inundate the people’s minds with hard attitudes, fanning the embers of hatred and the promotion of mayhem. We would urge Americans to look before they leap.

This September, the United Nations General Assembly will meet. It is time to return the UN to the path of strict application of international legal rules in the conduct of international affairs.

The United Nations will receive our rational suggestions on THE FUTURE OF AFRICA AND THE NEW WORLD ECONOMIC ORDER, which we shall send shortly.

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