Obama Dared by Israel's Toxic Arrogance!

by Paul I. Adujie

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu remains adamant on Jewish settlement expansions. He is recalcitrant and unrepentant even in the face of findings by the United Nations and polite entreaties from the United States.

Recently, Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, angered American and Palestinian negotiators by saying that 450 previously planned housing units in Jewish settlements on the West Bank should be built, despite demands for a complete building freeze by the United States, the United Nations and lovers of peace worldwide

Even as I write this, The New York Times reported that “Israeli officials on Wednesday bluntly dismissed one of the main recommendations of the United Nations fact-finding mission’s report on the three-week war in Gaza last winter: a call for the Israeli government to begin an independent investigation of “serious violations” of international humanitarian and human rights law, including evidence of war crimes, during the military campaign.”

The world should want to know why Israel defies everyone, as of Israel is above the law and above reproach? Not even the United Nations is spared Israel disrespect and disregard, as she continues to belligerent and resort to bellicose tones when prodded to be accountable and held responsible for her harsh and even brutal actions directed at Palestine!

And this week, I was reading an advert place in the current copy of The New Republic Magazine, in it, supporters of Israel excoriated Palestine, as they attempted to justify Israel’s intransigence in the Palestine – Israel peace process. A particular term was deployed by these Israel supporters more than once; it caught my attention because it is very revealing of the pervasive mindsets and attitudes which have made peace impossible in the Middle East. The vexatious term was this, “allow” these supporters of Israel wrote that. Binyamin Netanyahu is willing to “allow” the creation or establishment of Palestine nation to coexist, side by side with Israel! An individual, the prime minister of Israel, will “allow” the creation or establishment of a nation?

The New Republic also published an article “Back to Reality” by one Shmuel Rosner who in an excerpt here state “Earlier this week, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad announced his intention to “establish a de facto state apparatus within the next two years.” On the face of it, his plan sounds quite detached from reality, eliciting guffaws from Israeli politicians such as Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, who said that “[t]here is no place for unilateral actions.” The plan ignores “a central component of the framework in which Fayyad himself is permitted to function, and from which he derives his own authority,” warned Alan Baker, a former legal adviser to Israel’s foreign ministry.” There is a clear disdain and utter contempt for Palestinians by the Israelis!

Anyone who cares about human rights, justice and peace, would have to read these and be in tears, as it the statement is clearly indicative of the state of affairs in geopolitical power play, and in this case, between Palestine, the clear underdog, and Israel, which plays the role of the hawk, the hyena and lion of the Middle East. Reading that arrogant statement about “allowing” the creation or establishment of the nation of Palestine laid bare, the contempt, disdain and complete disregard which Israel and her load supporters reserves for Palestine, and by extension, all Arabs!

Reading the statement led me to wonder why it should be up to Binyamin Netanyahu (merely just an individual person) or Israel, merely one nation, to “allow” the creation, establishment and existence of another nation? Palestine will be the national corporate entity of the peoples of Palestine, an independent nation with political, economic independence, and with territorial integrity!

But part of the “conditions” being “generously offered” by Binyamin Netanyahu, as announced by these supporters of Israel, is that Palestine will be demilitarized! In plain English, Palestine, the only version Israel and her supporters can live with will, and must be a Palestine without an army or arms and ammunitions. I am personally against the squander of public resources on arms and armaments .However, I will rather that such decisions are left to individual nations. And perhaps, Israel, and her supporters, will have to defer to Palestinians on such matters. Added to this already unreasonable preconditions by Israel, is the added acid to an open wound, as Israel adamantly insist on pushing ahead with settlement expansions on Palestine territories against the wishes of the whole world. Israel persists in land-grabs even as Israel pretend interest in peaceful coexistence with Palestine and Arabs.

Clearly, the road to peace between Palestine and Israel cannot be paved with dictations from Israel to Palestine. The continuing land grabs by Israel is illegal, unreasonable and quite counterproductive to peace efforts by all.

There is tremendous arrogance on the part of Israel and her supporters. The arrogance displayed in stated conditions, are so toxic in their strengths and capacity to derail any peace overtures. These are industrial strength toxic arrogance on the part of Israel and her supporters. It must be understood that these unreasonable preconditions such as enumerated above, are sure to derail any peace talks with anyone, Palestinians, Albanians or Congolese!

In July 2009 Obama lectured and scolded Africans and peoples of African descent in Accra Ghana and New York City respectively, in Accra, where he addressed the parliament of Ghana, and then, in New York City while he addressed the national of NAACP. Strangely, Obama applauded by panoply of strange bedfellows, replete with a combination of racists, ultra conservatives and revisionists, all of whom latched onto Obama’s inappropriate ill-considered speech. They were all excited because Obama was carrying their mantle. And giving disrespectful disparaging speeches, these racists and conservatives would like to deliver to us, except that they know that we would promptly call them out on it!

In July as now, I disagreed vehemently with those who excused Obama’s inappropriate speech with spurious illogicality by arguing that Obama was merely demonstrating “Tough Love” or alternatively, Obama was telling his continental Africans and peoples of African descent, a so-called “Bitter-Truths”! I was accused of quibbling then and I will remark now, that Obama does not have the political spine to tell Jews and or Israel to zip it! This week, it came to pass only barely a month after I quibbled to the chagrin of some; Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu the current prime minister of Israel has in one full-swoop turned the already fragile-volatile and tentative Israel -Palestine moribund or comatose peace initiative of the Obama administration asunder! Netanyahu has, in flagrant disregard for the desires of the Obama guys, to eschew the continued expansion of settlement upon Palestine territories which is still occupied by Israel, announced that building permits are granted and thereby guarantees the continued boon to the expansion of settlements on the land-grabbed from Palestine by Israel!

Obama does not have the political nerve or political capital with which to compel American Jews and their client-protégé, Benyamin, to tow the line of the fragile peace “talks” which were being brokered by the Obama’s administration between Palestine and Israel in particular, and Jews and Arabs in general. There is this very tempting urge to now say, oh yes, I told you so! Where is Obama’s so-called “Tough-Love and Bitter Truths”? When it comes to Benyamin and Israel in reference to Palestine lands and rights?

Where Is Obama’s Tough Love and Bitter Truth For Israel? Where is truth in diplomacy? These questions are relevant here again as they were earlier this summer. Obama’s lectures and scolding of Africans and peoples of African descent, first in Accra Ghana Obama’

s bully pulpit and the second time was, while he addressed the centennial of the premier Civil Rights Organization, the NAACP in New York City.

I was badgered by critics who insisted that Obama was merely telling Africans and peoples of African descent, the bitter truth and in the process, he was showing tough love to representatives of the communities he addressed in Accra Ghana and New York City in the United States, respectively. I argued then, as I will now, that Obama does not have the gravitas to scold, lecture and shame others, and Jews and Israel in particular, the way he had, to with the Africans and peoples of African descent.

The Obama administration have during the past several months, offered polite entreaties and all manners of ego massages with diplomatic finesse for political leaders in Israel, beseeching Benjamin Netanyahu, the current prime minister, not to approve or encourage expansion of settlements in Palestine territories occupied by Israel. When will these benign entreaties yield way to bitter truths and tough love for Israel? Perhaps, when Abbas, Netanyahu and Obama meet in New York City soon?

Regardless of all of Obama’s best efforts, Benjamin Netanyahu’s government have just approved the expansion and upward multiplications of more settlements upon Palestine territories. This action is inimical to the peace process and Israel, which is usually loudest as the side with peace overtures and peace offensive, are again yanking the chains of the peace process. This intransigence flies in the face efforts which are being made by many sides to the Arab-Israeli peace process. Perennially, Palestine have been deftly portrayed by Israel, and pro-Israel groups, as being to blame for continued failure of the intractable dispute between Israel and Palestine, and to some extent, the entire Arab world.

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Akinola September 19, 2009 - 2:49 am

Going by many of your pieces at this website it is clear that you are a man of the left. While being a leftist is not a crime in itself, making an unwarranted and unsubstantiated comment such as ” The world should want to know why Israel defies everyone…” is.

What exactly do you leftists want? Is it total compliance of the American people to the Marxist/Socialist policies of Obama? Is it acquiescence in the face of his worldwide anti-American rhetorics? Isn’t it enough that you liberals adore him? Must the rest of us too adore him in order to assure you that we are not KKK members?

For crying out loud, more Jews voted for Obama than did for his opponent. But because Israeli Jews are not the same as the American liberal Jews who voted for Obama, you leftists will not be satisfied until the Israeli Jews too give up their sovereignty and worship at the altar of Obama the messiah.

Thank God the Israelis elected Bebe when they did. As a right-thinking leader of the State of Israel I am sure he will do the right thing to protect its people in the face of seemingly worldwide condemnation by assorted leftists. And if doing the right thing means ignoring Obama’s advice, I am sure he will do just that.

Obama’s domestic policies are detrimental to America’s posterity and prosperity just as his foreign policies are dangerous to America as well as to right-leaning International communities. Just ask the 16.8% unemployed Americans. Just ask the Czechs and the Poles!

Now that I have put in my dime’s worth of a response, the swarm of liberal locusts may now jump in to protect their King Obama by attempting to eat me alive.


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