Obama Is Calm, Not Boastful, Bashful or Gloating, Giddy or Gleeful

by Paul I. Adujie

President Obama, Mr. suave-savvy himself, came to New York City to commiserate with families and survivors whose loved ones were lost on September 11, 2001 attacks

Laid wreath, spoke to families, midtown fire house, he pointedly informed them that the Navy Seal went after Osama with thoughts of those whose lives were lost during the September 11, 2001 attacks.

He also went to police station in Tribeca. He stayed away from politics, he emphasized national unity

Saying nothing at this cathartic visit, is in itself a poignant statement; no blusters, no blathers, no blabbers!

Just banters and hugs with empathies for families who lost loved ones at the World Trade Center

He deliberately and intentionally maintained silence publicly, making a profound statement, by and with, his silence, his public silence was well received as a high impact measure, devoid speeches which would have come across or could have been perceived as voyeuristic, distasteful and inappropriate politicking

Speeches would have looked as if he was intent on getting political mileage out of a rather somber and mournful event, particularly so, when Osama’s demise is a reminder of personal and collective loss, even as bereaved families and all New Yorkers are struggling to have a semblance of closure

All are agreed President Obama conducted himself statesman’s like manner, he was very presidential and without giving a hint of trying to may hay out of his visit to Ground Zero, the First Precinct and the Fire House.

At Ground Zero, there was an admixture of beautiful atmospherics, there were political leaders such as President Obama, Governor Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg and arrays of other political office holders, the crowd also included constructions workers who are working hard to re-erect or resurrect the World Trade Center or what would be replacements for the lost edifices there which were destroyed

He demonstrated a very cordial family living room camaraderie, all through and at every stop!

President Obama is the epitome of cool and he is all that Maureen Dowd of The New York Times says he is, in her article, “Cool Hand Barack” President Obama is an exemplification of human refinements

All through his commemorative visit to New York City, a somber and reflective President Obama showed class, grace and empathy; from the now historic midtown Fire House which lost 15 fire fighters to the attacks on September.

President Obama shook hands and chatted with Lt. Barbario, who later recounted how President Obama shook every officer’s hands, it was such a moving milestone of an event.

Many grieving families who spoke to the press after meeting President Obama had wonderful things to say about their interactions with the president, who was repeatedly described in glowing terms, he demeanor, his somberness and his obvious empathies with bereaved and grieving families

Lt. Babario, described the president visiting the Fire House which lost 15 fire fighters as an excellent thing to do, particularly because of the huge loss by greatest numbers at one location.

This Fire House, Ladder 54 has since become an iconic stop first by New Yorkers, and then tourists from across the world. It is mini memorial in itself.

The Fire House and others in Manhattan become instant landmarks which have attracted city residents and teeming tourist from across the world visiting New York City

President Obama invited his predecessor George W. Bush, who turned it down, explaining that he did not want the limelight or steal President Obama’s thunder

President Obama again asked for bipartisanship, national unity and cooperation, while restating his view that the war against Al Qaeda is not a war against Islam and Muslims.

It is indeed the case that Osama Bin Laden have been the cause and inspiration for murders, and mayhems in many nations across the world, including nations populated by Muslims

Again, President demonstrated his human refinement and finesse by his visits, words and action.

He once again established that he is a doer, no boasts, no blusters and no victory laps and no ostentatious banners such as “Mission Accomplished”

Meanwhile, the suave, savvy and always deferring nice guy, has been giving credit to others as part of efforts which culminated in the demise of Osama last Sunday.

The incandescent President Obama, called Mr. George W. Bush to keep him in the loop and updated all the way! Talk of a fine gentleman, a law professor with that courteous, gracious and charitable all round nice guy! It must be the African DNA! President Obama is so good, he is almost generous to a fault!

The highlights of President Obama’s visit to New York City, among other things, is that, he laid wreath, spoke to and hugged and generally interacted with about 60 bereaved families, a visit to midtown Fire House, and a visit as well to the Firs Police Precinct in Tribeca. He stated that US Navy Seals went after Osama with thoughts of those who were killed on September 11, 2001.

President Obama is schedule to meet members of the US Navy Seals at Fort Campbell, in Kentucky this Friday.

A majority of New Yorkers sampled, were all agreed that it was a delightful thing for the president to do as he stayed away from politics, he emphasized national unity.

There were no high profile statements, no victory laps; just somber, reflective and dignified commiseration with bereaved families, all of New York City and the entire nation!

It is quite impressive and quite remarkable that Obama is calm, not boastful, bashful or gloating, giddy and gleeful, even though he has all the reasons in the world to be all these things!

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