Obama Is Not American!

by Paul I. Adujie

In 2007, events in the United States moved me to wonder publicly, whether race relations were actually getting worse as opposed to, progressing? I asked then and I ask again now, whether “Race Relations Is Regressing in America? What with the return to slavery era language? What with a return to tactics of that ignominious era? Brandishing of weapons, guns, knives, fire, fists, clubs, stones and the pinning of mustache on Obama to portray his as fascist and even as Adolf Hitler?

Last Saturday, crowds of mostly racists, illiterates and bigots besieged Washington D.C. in their thousands. And they chanted USA, USA, USA, they claimed that they are the “real” Americans; self-proclaimed “Nativists” who were saying that this is a matter of self-preservation, against socialists and communists, arguments cloaked in identical façade during battles against slavery and segregation when racists claimed that they were trying to preserve their race or its “purity” They mostly spoke in code words often used by racists and xenophobes. Those Minuteman types, who never worry about terrorists coming into the USA through Canada, as have been the case, but, they rather paranoid about hardworking immigrants coming into the United States from Mexico. Racism, bigotry and prejudice is written all over the current attacks against President Obama, by these chortling crowd.

This is all about Obama’s color! Some Americans are labeling President Obama Adolf Hitler, Al Quieda sympathizer, a September 11, 2002 hijacker, an advocate of Eugenics, a Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro identical policy twin! Ignorant protesters with a herd mentality, they are so illiterate, so much so, they confuse feudal Russia with Czars, with communists who overthrew the feudalists! So that the appointment of czars (heads of government agency) to enforce policies is synonymous with the introduction of communism into America by Obama, so that, transport czar, internet security czar and narcotics enforcement czar, are all harbingers of the onset of communism into America through Obama!

The protesters were mostly nuts and simpletons, who are being choreographed by the inanities of political handlers and some ratings conscious members of the so-called mainstream media, who are milking the advertised idiocies of these nuts, for high ratings. There are willful exploitation of these multitudes of illiterate Americans by Machiavelli like politicians and journalists, who are polarizing the American populace for monetary benefits. President Obama is falsely accused of planning to confiscate privately owned properties of individual Americans as well as planning to impose Islam on unsuspecting Christians in America.

Since the presidential campaign in 2008 during which the term “real Americans and real America” was made a recurring term by that incongruously ignorant Sarah Palin of small town, in Alaska, it has become a euphemism for those with the nonsensical conspiracy theory regarding whether or not Obama is ineligible to be elected or to have been elected president of the United States. Those conspiracy theorists, better known as “conspi-racists” for their “conspi-racism”, have become so loud, and they are also now, alternately referred to as the “birthers”

Harsh racial politics of South Carolina is historical. A South Carolina Congressman once brought a cane to whip state of Massachusetts US Senator Charles Sumner, on the almost to death because Sumner was an abolitionist, and an advocate for the end to slavery. and all this happened on the floor of the US Congress.

In proper perspectives therefore, historically, South Carolina, has been perennially backward, in racial matters. it is no surprise that Joe Wilson, the “Con-gressman” for SC would, on the floor of the US Congress shout-down President Obama, in Wilson most outrageous manner. South Carolina is also one of the states in the South, which still proudly hoist the “Con-federate” flag. which celebrates confederacy, with all its pungent putrid history of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws and institutional racism etc

On the floor of the US Congress, the following statements were made by US Congressman James Henry Hammond: “All this leave one to wonder what would happen next, would South Carolina and their fellow con-federates with shared racism seek secession from the United States as they did in the past? A South Carolina Congressman, James Henry Hammond once said, “Although I am perfectly satisfied that no human process can elevate the black man to an equality with the white – admitting that it could be done – are we prepared to face the consequences which then must follow? Are the people of the North prepared to . place their political power on equality with their own? Are we prepared to see them mingling in our legislatures? Is any portion of this country prepared to see them enter these halls and take their seats by our sides, in the perfect equality with the white representatives of an Anglo-Saxon race – to see them fill that chair – to see them placed at the heads of your Departments; or to see, perhaps, some Othello, or Toussaint, or Boyer, gifted with the genius and inspired by ambition, grasp the presidential wreath, and wield the destinies of this great republic? From such a picture I turn with irrepressible disgust”
This was hundred of moons ago. We all thought that these sorts of mindsets and racists attitudes were behind us” But no!

There is so much idiocy going on in America these days. Racism is alive and well, but it now too often wears fine clothes and expresses itself in impeccable grammar wrapped in robust syntax. These season of unreason and idiocies by racists, (and their facilitators) have been exacerbated in recent times, as more and more racists are expressing their crude umbrages because a man with darker hues, unusual and unknown in the “traditions” of the Oval Office, in the presidential building of the United States, which is also known as the White House. Why would any sane American compare President Obama to Adolf Hitler? It is the case that Obama has been called Marxist, fascist, socialist, communist and his upper lip adorned with a mustache reminiscent of Adolf Hitler’s mustache, how egregious!

Many American racists are obviously pained and sorely disappointed by the fait accompli of having, this colored-man at the helms of political affairs, in the United States! Who would have thunk-it?! That there is a biracial man, who now parades himself as president of the United States! What has the world turned to? And they seem to hide and seek refuge in the open, with their base racists commentaries against Obama, even as the cast themselves as being merely interested in critical examinations of Obama’s public policies.

These strident and most vociferous critics are no critics at all; they are really bigoted attackers of President Obama. Their racial prejudices cannot be concealed, despite their most ostentatious efforts at obfuscating their real motives and intents, in all of this. What does any reasonable person make of those who remain adamant and persistent insistence, in their conspiracy theories regarding President Obama’s place of birth and religious adherence? ” Despite incontrovertible evidence, and available facts, the Birthers” continues to assert that Mr. Obama was not born in the United States! And clearly, this is an attack as to his qualification to be president of the United States. If these shenanigans were merely at the fringes of public debate and the American society, it would have been easy to dismiss it.

But, when so-called journalist such as Lou Dobbs, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and many more on the television, are continually and continuously giving pedestals and podiums for psychotic debates about Obama’s citizenship and religion, the prejudice and bigotry rises to a din and uncomfortable decibels. These persons are using the same sorts of language and crudity, which propels anti abortion protesters to murders and maiming of innocent people, and their

facilitators and those who spur them to violence are then quick to feign a lack of responsibility, when violence ensues from their useless rhetoric which they spew for profits!

Tea Party, Freedom Works, Lou Dobbs of CNN, Ann Coulter, Glen Beck and his 9/12 Project and now, Congressman Joe Wilson, have demeaned and denigrated the president of the United States in terms and manners not seen since the 1800s. And were harm to befall Obama, these folks here who are endorsing idiocies and outrageous behaviors now, even if endorsing only coyly and in some cases, tacitly, would pretend unawareness of logical consequences that are now apparent and clearly foreseeable, as outgrowth of the poisons which the are currently peddling in the media

President Obama inherited two foreign wars, and a third war at home, here in the US, the wrecked economy, with attendant joblessness and frayed nerves, were the doings of Obama’s predecessor. Former President Bush burned billions of dollars, a trillion dollars and counting, in foreign wars, in his wrong-header policies and pursuit of phantom terror wars. And Obama is not even at the deck for 8 months and he is being blamed for the mess which he inherited!

Attackers of President Obama rallied in Washington D.C this past weekend, and their pronouncements, their placards, their composition, their sponsors, organizers all point to the unsavory motives of the rally and the participants. The rally was not about Health Care Reform or about any public policy. But instead, it is clear that they were motivated by vile and hatred. Just imagine those who picked quarrels with the present speech to students who were returning to school. This president is not the first to have given pep-talk to American youngsters. However, some racial baiters and racial racketeers, found it fit to suggest that President Obama was in the process on introducing their children to socialism, communism etc. They accused the president of the United States of planning to indoctrinate their children, and these magnificently ignorant attackers of the president, chose to withdraw their children and wards from school, as if the president was visiting schools, oozing with contagious diseases, maybe Swine-Flu?

I think it should be clear that the undertones of this “revolt” against President Obama’s pep-talk to American school kids, was an unstated retort, “I do not want this Negro to indoctrinate my children into socialism and theories about wealth redistribution; My child should not have to hear anything this Negro has to say” The truth of the matter is, even for those who disagree with Obama, can agree that he has the antecedents which makes him a good example or role-model for children everywhere! And I do not understand why any parent would tell a child not to listen to such a compelling example? Or why the fixation of about risks children being indoctrinated by the president. This is all about total disrespect and devaluing the presidency because of the individual who now occupies the position. There are concerted efforts to demean the current occupant of the White House.

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina, brought this to the surface last Wednesday, when he behaved like a thug in the hallowed halls of the US Congress, he shouted epithets at the Negro who is parading as president of the United States!

There are, sadly, too many Americans, whose patience have been tested in the past several months, tested by the singular fact of having to call a man with a natural tan, the president of the United States! The events have been unfolding in sequence. There are those who have argued forcefully that Obama was not born in the United States, and that if he is an American citizen at all, he does not qualify, as a matter of constitutional law, to hold the presidency, as a matter of law, only citizens by birth, and not by naturalization or registration, qualify, to be elected president of the United States.

Then, there were those who were so affronted and miffed, at the prospect of this Negro and charlatan, posturing as president of the United States, and using such “false” claims, as pedestal, podium or platform to teach American children about anything! Not even a Pep talk about how to succeed against all odds? And certainly not about personal hygiene in foreboding possible Swine-Flu! Don’t you talk to my kid! No Negro talks to my kid or tells my kid how life works, never! Say the racists. And just when you were convinced that the birthers and their ilk are deranged conspiracy theorists, mostly at the fringes of the American society, a confederate soldier showed up and bared his fangs in the hallowed halls of the US Congress, he disgracefully, unabashedly and shamelessly interrupted the president mid-speech to the nation, on prime television no less, while the world watched!

You may not be as rattled as some of us are about this sequence s of events. But please be reminded that Obama was mentioned in the same sentence with guns and assassinations during the presidential campaigns in the United States in 2008. Kindly be further advised, that the Health Care Reform debates have been hijacked by persons who have demonstrated vehemence beyond impolite and cantankerous hectoring-heckling of anyone a scintilla of support for any health care reform measure.

There have been occasions when some opponents of the reforms have felt the “need” to show up with weapons at Town-Hall meetings or such other venues, just to add toxins and “gunpowder” to the needful health care reform debate. All sorts of bizarre extremisms have been employed by attackers of Obama’s Health Care Reform, among which is the falsehood, that the contemplated reforms, includes Death Panels, which would summarily decide who lives and who dies, as features of the reform rules.

We have witnessed the theatrics of the so-called Tea Party or anti tax opponents of President Obama. It has become clear, if gradually, that there is a taint and tinge beyond the pale, all these cloaked attacks on President Obama, even though many a racists still pretend to have finesse and freedom of expression sheaths, over their racially sharpened swords.

The opposition by these racists, steeped in their resentment, in having to “endure” the tenure of a president, whose color operates as an unmitigated shock to their intelligence. Congressman Wilson impulsive outbursts is proof, that racism directed at Obama since his election, is not isolated, nor should it be dismissed infinitesimal or inconsequential chatter by those in the political fringes of the American society. Those in the business of protecting President Obama should become robust and rigorous in his security and safety precautionary measures. Mr. Obama’s security team are now sufficiently on notice, that there are those in the United States, who would do Obama harm, physically, if Obama’s security detail slips.

All these are clearly indicative of the fact that racism remains an albatross around the neck of the United States. We only need to just look at the “Tea-Bagers” pretend Tea Parties, then The “Birthers” Con-gressman Joe Wilson outrageous outbursts and now, these marchers consisting of one peculiar hue; even as they wrap themselves in their CON-federate flag. what does all this tell us?

Only last week, we all witnessed the silliness of those who did not want President Obama to give their children pep talk about how to stay in school and succeed in life against all odds. Some clearly did not want their children to listen to whatever that “Negro” has to say!

I will have to assume that everyone can see clearly now, that we do not as yet, live in a color-blind society! Or live in the nonsense which some call a post-racial society, especially, since President Obama’s election! Racists are alive and well, and sadly, in huge numbers!

During this tumultuous week, the only speech to which its listeners did not behave like a bunch of children was actually the speech by Obama to school kids. This was quite unlike the speech to

the US Congress which met unsavory reactions, such reactions, as from those who mechanically clapped, or stopped clapping midway or the Joe Wilson outrageous outbursts as he castigated the president a liar!

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