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Obi And The Killing Of Ndigbo

As the chairman South-East Governors Forum, Governor Peter Obi’s fear of the security situation in the country and how it affects Ndigbo, is really a situation to be reflectd on. However, many Igbo sons and daughters have asked what he has done over the current critical situation of Ndigbo in the North, where they are killed in torrents. They have accused him of compromising the safety of Ndigbo in the North on political ground.

One thing many of us have not taken cognizance, perhaps due to sentiment or political bias, is that Obi is one governor who has shown his love for posterity by how he goes about the
governance business in Anambra State that he even extends across the states in the South-East due to his coordinating and leadership qualities. This is evident in how he has made us to understand how money can be earnestly utilized in the state, as against what we were before told that Anambra was poor by those who governed the state before him.

On the stand of the leaders of the Igbo extraction on the killings of Ndigbo in the North, those who read newspapers and do not base their observations on beer parlour politics would note that a meeting of the South-East governors was held this year on the issue, and a meeting of the Igbo political leaders was called to discuss the issue and take a position.

There is nothing to fear about Obi on the security issue because this is a man who has not compromised the sufferings of his people before now for any political attainment. At least, he has made Anambra people to know that they can enjoy the basic amenities that democracy can give through his careful use of resources. Such projects are like the Housing estates, Anambra State University projects, Ezu bridge projects and many others that can not be mentioned here due to space. “If there were a handful of leaders of this type in the Nigerian political terrain, then this country would have a very bright future,” an observer said about Obi.

Obi’s humane heart and dedication to the service of humanity is awesome. Like every other well meaning person, he had expressed his sadness not only on the killings of Ndigbo, but on the ceaseless killings in the different parts of the country. In a press conference he organized in Awka on Wednesday 11, January, he said: “I want to assure Anambra people and all south-easterners resident in the North, especially the troubled areas, that the governors of the South-East are very much concerned about the killings. We are working round the clock with the governors and the leadership of the North on ways to ensure that the killings do not continue.”

He added that Ndigbo in the troubled areas had already met with the governor of one of the states in the North on the development. “Even yesterday’s night (Tuesday, January 10) around 12:30 p.m., I spoke at length with the governor of Adamawa State, who is also saddened over the development. Igbo blood cannot be continuously spilled unnecessarily and we are committed to ensuring that the killings are stopped,” he had said.

Who knows if the people calling for Obi’s head on this issue wanted him to spur for war whereas he has spoken his mind which does not betray any trust. One thing is that we all must brave up and maintain a peaceful cooperation, just as Obi had urged citizens from other parts of the country residing in the South-East to remain calm and law-abiding, stressing that they were in touch with security agencies to ensure the safety of everyone.

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  1. What is happening in some parts of the north needs a careful study. Beating war drums cannot solve the problems. It requires tact and I think by Obi’s position as a deputy of the governor’s forum it would be wrong for him to to talk tough or beat war drums.

    Two wrongs can never be equal to right. Spitting of innocent blood no matter the situation is ungodly. The problem of Ndi-igbo in Nigeria can be tackled by good governance by south east governors. If conditions exist that discourages people from leaving their states to other states this would be a sure to reduce the exodus of people from the sought to other parts of the country.

    It is always a cheery news to hear of the strides of Obi in Anambra state. When the home is conducive and decent markets, decent motor parts, decent universities and beautiful environment are created people would remain in their places.

    But a look at the condition of Aba makes ones heart to bleed. This is a town that has the potentials to absorb large number of people including attracting large business men and women if what needs to be done is done to make it a city for international market.

    I think Obi should use his position in the governors forum and as chairman of south east governors to talk to people in Abia state. Abia Governor apologized to the people during his second swearing in and he laid the blame of his non performance of the wicked and rapacious family of the former Government of the State who held him hostage. But almost a year nothing different had happened in his method of governance of that state. This is too bad. His problem as I see it is giving contract to incompetent contractors based perhaps on patronage. His show industry which he proposed in his first tenure has remained a pipe dream. He actually need to recreate Aba. All the motors parts squatting inside Aba town should be relocated. This he can do by opening a virgin area and give C of Os to the billionaires who own these to built a benefiting motor parts for their buses. The old Aba motor should also be relocated and the present place turned into an international super markets. Selling of cements, stock fish should be conducted in designated markets outside the town. He must quickly clean up Aba. Criminality thrive in slums.

    People wants to come back home. There is no assurance that the killing of people in the north will stop. There is too much fanaticism in the north. Attacking non indigene is fancied because they see these people as intruders.


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