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“Occupy Nigeria”! Monday Morning, What If?

What If ?

1, “Labor” Leaders took the opportunity to voice larger concerns (and Insisted
On solutions to our UNTOLD number of problems), other than Elementary
Red-Herring. “PRICE PER LITER”

2, The leaders of the (Non Labor) protest were not mostly “Members of the

3, All those that “lost” the last election, including “BUHARI, SHEKARAU,
RIBADU, joined the protests, but plainly repudiated “clamant” seeking of
Presidency (as only means of national service), by sacrificing themselves–>

4, The Largest visible protests were in the South-South?

5, None of the “protest” Leaders aspired to any Political positions?

6, Pro PDP members assembled the larger Protests?

7, Protesters grasped the effectiveness in numbers and defied “soldiers” on

8, Military strong men sent to kill their fellow citizens, from “Majors, downwards refused
the shooting of their fellow countrymen and defied orders?
9, A visible contraposition emerged within the ruling party and open dissent
Emerged among the CABINET?
10, Jonathan utilizes the leverage of the moratorium and joins the protest to
Irradiate parliament abetment in QUID PRO QUO?

11, The presidency (after joining the assemblage), protested against, those
“FACTIONS”, pulling Nigeria backward and refused a move back to the villa
until all clamors satisfied met?

12, All parents, Kings, Emirs, Igwe, Amanyanabo and Obis implored their constituents to
Dog fight the “real” enemy and not relent until told to retreat?

13, Pietistic combatants decided by Monday decided to form alliances (as opposed to
Aspiring to annihilate each other) to demand such as, Parliamentary Remunerations,
Religious terrorism, Open election primaries, Constitution overhaul, Immunity clause
Revocation, Corruption assault etc as opposed to shallow religious ends?

14, Moderate Muslims defied, Militant Muslims and started counter attacking back and
protecting their Northern Christian counterparts?

15, Southern Christians insisted on protecting their Southern “Moderate” Muslims and
Protested together?

16, “Creek” militants refused to be bribed and sought patriotic nationalistic elucidation?

17, Abdulhamed Omar decided that “SUBSIDY”, was just a FOOLS ERRAND in the
Grand scheme of things and insisted on solving compelling issues such as parliamentary
Remuneration, Religious terrorism, Open election primaries, Constitution overhaul,
Immunity clause revocation, Corruption assault etc etc.


Nigerian harmattan? Not quite

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