Ode and Salute to Engineers and Engineering!

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

At first, the engineers made the wheel and since then, the wheel has turned the world. Engineers are among the thinking people in the world. Unlike ambitious politicians, who make the wrong noises, the Engineers move assuredly from the drawing board to the site.

After completing their ingenious creations, WE THE PEOPLE…… benefit enormously. After the politicians finish robbing the treasuries, WE THE PEOPLE, become impoverished.
The prurient politician does not have the attention span to sit up and think about the Republic. The Engineers involve themselves daily in rattling. good projects.
In Copiapo in Chile, 33 miners were entombed after the pit caved in. While politicians looked on helplessly, the thinking engineers designed the machines that were used in rescuing the miners.
As result of their dexterity, Engineers are more likely to rule the world better.

On October 15, 2010, all the Chilean miners were rescued from the bowels of the earth. This proves that there is no end to the ingenuity of man. I raise my toast to good engineering education, which consists of aeronautical, agricultural, civil, chemical, electrical, electronic, automobile, marine, mechanical, mining, production and radio engineering.. Technological education, especially in the field of semi-conductors has promoted human progress remarkably.

I urge nations to educate their citizens in engineering and technology and not waste resources in fighting wars.
From the Chilean Copiapo mine, to the Swiss Alps to Nevada, engineers, not politicians enjoy the depths and heights of respect today.

By the adroit use of nuts and bolts, hammer and chisel, the engineer has done better for mankind than the heartless politicians, who promote wars, hard attitudes and crimes against humanity.
Relying on the four-stoke principle, which comprise induction, compression, power and exhaust, the engineer has expanded his wit into creative pursuits. While combustion enhances engineering production, corruption fuels the politician’s ambitions.
We can compare the discoveries of the internet, the various phones, airplanes, ships, cars and other inventions by engineers with the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Vietnam and other wars around the world. It would seem that while engineers are innovative and creative, the politicians seem power-drunk and destructive.

Recently, global monitoring organizations declared that corruption is rife world-wide and that politicians are knee-deep in corruption. Engineers should be mobilized to advance the cause of human progress with adequate funds for research and development, instead of enriching arms manufacturers and war-mongers.
Leonardo Da Vinci, an engineer and painter, ignited the world to have a sense of beauty and innovativeness by his spectacular paintings and engineering feats.
The Pantheon is a classic of architectural and engineering achievement. It is a testimony to positive human intellect.

Engineers are less likely to be race conscious because they put more emphasis on how ingenious a person is rather than the colour of his skin.
The inability of President George W. Bush to undertake the political engineering of the United States of America during his presidency has set the world on fire, with horrors of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and war-mongering consciousness around the Middle East and in other parts of the world.

Since George W.Bush left office, America has become more races conscious, fractious and divided. The Tea Party is politically engineering and advancing a very divisive political philosophy, which regards as inappropriate any policy by the Democratic Party, which seeks to introduce any modicum of social policy that would benefit the majority of Americans.
As an ideologist, I am vehemently opposed to social injustice, neglect of the poor, racism, race-consciousness of the negative genre.

This is why I got angry, when the Western press over-played the issue of the election of Dr Bossman, a Ghanaian medical doctor, who had studied, lived and worked in Piran, Slovenia, and was appointed the Mayor of Piran.

The press ignored the fact that he is a medical doctor but harped ingloriously on his being “black”. That there are still racists and race-conscious people in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man is a pointer to the slow, spiritual progress of the human race in spite of the advancement of science and technology in the 21st century.
As a Millenarian, I hereby advocate that Mankind should live according to Biblical injunctions in order to quicken the Second Coming of Our Lord and Saviour, JESUS, the Christ.

Zoroastrianism, as propagated by Zoroaster, the Iranian thinker, that there is only one God and that there is a continuing struggle between the forces of light and darkness, is a 21st century reality.
For how long will Man mock other people created by THE ALMIGHTY GOD, because of the colour of their skin? For GOD is not mocked, what men and women sow, they shall reap.

If racists and race-conscious people can descend six feet below, they will find the white bones of “black” and “white “people. So, why do we mock those, who look different, speak differently and are not as gifted as others ,just because of opportunity, circumstance of birth, history and destiny.
The eternal truth is that many “white people” are as dumb as many “black people”.

Given the same conditions and circumstances,” there is no end to the ingenuity of man,”

The Inter-Galactic flights by Virgin Airlines are the result of the ingenuity of engineering, which the human intellect promotes. From among former zy-deco dancers, creative thinkers abound but lack of opportunity has kept them away from ingenious activities.
Engineers and the rest of Mankind are still under zodiacal influences. So the perfect Man is yet to walk the Earth.

So, my son, aspire to be a person with a Thomas Moore frame of mind, which leads to Sainthood. Politicians do not dream of being Saints because, people, who run to the Luciferian coves at night are hell-bound.
Those Caucasians, who discriminate against others in the false belief that they are “white”, should stop wearing black suits, and black dresses. The Gala dances will be all-white. Uh!
The Mayor of Piran, a Ghanaian medical doctor will perform and that is where the honour lies.

In the last ten years, the outpouring of God’s grace on the Black race has been amazing. They are excelling in sports, music and the Dark Continent is opening up to . The climate is excellent.
The people speak most languages on planet Earth. By the end of this century, success will be measured by standards, other than race.

The insinuation that Dr, Bossman is black, which has an undertone that he is incapable of politically engineering the affairs of his mayoralty, is convicted of error.
This takes me to the confessions of Professor Condi Rice, the former US Foreign Secretary, who, recently said that “mistakes” were made in Iraq. The death of Tariq Aziz will instigate another round of discontent.
The Wiki leaks papers suggest that the “mistakes” Condi Rice spoke of were ergregarious blunders at political engineering.

Until American leaders seriously review their world policing policy, see the futility of aspiring to democratize ancient regimes, whose leaders take money with both hands, while young American soldiers die in questionable missions, the logic of America divesting its self of the responsibility of unwinnable wars may hit home.
A beatitude that urges America to love your neighbor more that yourself, is due for critical review in order to enhance America’s political engineering.
I salute the Engineers that successfully rescued the Chilean miners! I was very hilarious when I watched the miners run around the field chasing th

e football in a unique encounter with the Chilean government team.

To have inhaled the free air of the field and the smell of the green grass must have been a big relief for some people, who owe their rescue to engineers, engineering and above all, the bountiful Grace of GOD, the FATHER.

I posit that GOD acceptance and fervent prays will evoke GOD’S mercy to reduce the end-time turbulence, so manifest in the affairs of men and nations today.
Exalt Him, praise Him and it will be well with you.

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