Of Michael Bloomberg and Michael Faborode

What is it that Michael Bloomberg knows that Michael Faborode does not know?
Michael Bloomberg is the world’s 9th richest man and Faborode  served as 9th Vice Chancellor of Obafemi Awolowo University.  Bloomberg and Faborode are both Engineers. Bloomberg an Electrical Engineer  and Faborode an Agricultural Engineer.
Faborode shares the same birth date – September 22 – with Michael Faraday the forerunner of the Electrical Engineering Profession. Faraday Born in 1791  and Faborode born in 1956.
 Bloomberg , Ex Mayor of New York city, has 325,000 subscribers to his Bloomberg Terminal. How many Units are there of Faborode’s Innovation. He won the Nigerian Innovation Prize.
  I was just wondering as I saw Faborode in the THISDAY newspaper on February 13  2019  the next day, Feburary 14 2019, it was Michael Bloomberg featured in the  Times of London . It was his 77th birthday anniversary and   and the wedding anniversary Source Prabook) of the Head of department to Professor Faborode  ex secretary general of the committee of  Vice Chancellors which like Oliver twist was always calling for more.
 On november18 2018  John Hopkins University announced a gift of  1.8 billion dollars from Bloomberg making it the largest private donation in modern history to an institution of higher education making his contribution to Hopkins in excess of 3.3 billion so reveals wikipedia
 I gathered  also  from the Nigerian Tribune that Professor Michael Ologunde was installed Vice Chancellor of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology  on February 14 2019. Ologunde himself a Food scientist and  food Technologist like the wife to Faborode’s  Head of Department, Professor Banjo Aluko

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