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Ogboru, Uduaghan’s Poor Rejoinder and this Writer

Emmanuel Uduaghan recently thought he should respond to my piece: “Take a trip to the three Warri LGAs” published in the Vanguard of February 7, 2011. He went consulting his consultant, public communication and strategy. Both men came out and deposited a full-page advertorial in the Vanguard of February 8, 2011. We read through to see how they could counter the result of my brilliant lens. Mr. Consultant who signed for Uduaghan just rambled on and on until he ended up playing a medley of all sorts of things for his own consumption. But the irrefutable issues my piece addressed he, of course, was full back to. It is weird and out-of-point outing.

Rather than address issues, Mr. Consultant says yours sincerely touts “for whoever can afford his miserly pay”. That is the much he derailed from substance and nitty-gritty of the issue at hand: That among many other things Uduaghan in the last governorship election rerun in Delta cannot get votes from a sparsely populated federal constituency located in the riverine than all the votes cast in each of the senatorial districts in the hinter land, each with many urban centers and cities. We took the reader to that federal constituency and lay everything bare. It is always a recommended reading. But this man meaninglessly launched out among other issues (issues which I’ve also elected to address elsewhere) with his tainted conceptions or false representation of my relationship with Great Ogboru, an angle that here gets the attention.

But may I first sum up how my relationship with Ogboru built up. He is a childhood close acquaintance who has been a crowd puller from his childhood years. That is, we knew long and well enough before our adulthood. Given the rot James Ibori created in the state I went seeking for Ogboru when he finally returned from abroad. I first met G. G. Darah, who happened to be the chief coordinator of activities connected with Ogboru’s return from overseas, at his then Guardian office to see how he can connect me with Ogboru. I didn’t get my request. That to me showed how precious and great Ogboru was even to G. G. Darah. But not too long after when Ibori dangled Ghana-must-go before Darah left this precious man and his (Darah’s) integrity for mammon. Since then Darah has completely lost his bearing. Gani Fawehinmi actually attested to this fact before he left us. So, back to our brief!

When I left Darah’s office I continued in my effort to reach Ogboru. Richard Tosanwumi who I had recently then connected with intimated me that Ogboru was billed to come to Warri to meet some of them at the Palm Groove Motel, Warri. We planned to go together but somehow I couldn’t make it. I decided then or so to do one or two write-ups for him. Then lastly an old friend of Ogboru who also happened to be an old friend of mine and a school mate both at the secondary and university gave me his number with the strong caveat that I shouldn’t let Ogboru know that he gave me his number (suggesting again how precious Ogboru is). And we connected! Since then I have done dozens of write-ups and related works about Ogboru without him paying a dime. Mr. Consultant needs not shudder! And more than that, I am an independent mind. What I write are my views and not necessarily Ogboru’s official position. Like with every other person out there, he sees my write-ups first time when the vendor shows up!

So, Ogboru has never been a paymaster as Mr. Consultant mischievously claims for obvious reason. Even though there is nothing wrong with Ogboru being my paymaster this is not true at all. Never got a dime from Ogboru since I’ve been doing works to promote him! Yes, I promote him because he is not the type that will end up hanging up there in Dubai after unparallel evil or can he ever play the role of Uduaghan to cover track for Ibori and extend his mess.

By the way Ogboru didn’t need to pay me to do my bit for him. Every Deltan, except the spoilers of the state and riggers of elections for fear Ogboru will give them to the arm of the law if he is allowed to take over his many mandates, are en famille with him. I just read the other day in a community paper that some 50 lawyers stepped forward to take up Ogboru’s present case in court free of charge. That is what Ogboru is! He is precious. And, he is truly the amiable one, and not some men who sycophants are calling amiable to high heavens because they are sharing with them their State loot and, or getting inflated contracts that are even badly executed without oversight. And today, their ‘grand-amiable’ odidigborigbo of Africa cannot even step on his father’s land.

I suppose I have done more pro-Jonathan articles since Atiku went raw and nasty than all members of Uduaghan media team including Mr. Consultant put together. We must say parenthetically that Uduaghan is known to have worked seriously against Jonathan, a fact that has been well documented by other writers. Back to the point now: Can Mr. Consultant ask Jonathan if he is my paymaster? I guess Mr. Consultant should be able to decipher by now that this writer is an independent mind and it may interest him too to know that I have never belonged to any political party since birth. It is just that in the present era I believe in Great Ogboru and knows assuredly that Ibori, Uduaghan and their myrmidons including Mr. Consultant have bled a very rich state dry these 12 years, and that the state’s blood is beginning to be required now, first from Ibori and his family and thereafter down the line one after the other.

We have made it very clear by now that not a dime I get from Ogboru. But then when people see anything not in millions as “miserly pay” (his own phrase) just because they live excessively lush with loot from our commonwealth it should be a matter of serious concern to all Deltans. This arrogance is reminiscence of their grandmaster’s arrogance that almost capsized the ship of nation before his going to the hard school he is now in.

It won’t be long before these Ibori-Uduaghan boys know the cost of sycophancy and what it means to create the Augean stable they have created in Delta while living in sickening opulence. I write that Delta may be free. And Deltans have voted more than once that they may be free. Mr. Consultant and his masters have denied Deltans their desire and the mandate they have been giving Great Ogboru. They do this with all crudity because they know the arm of the law will catch up with them here, and not necessarily in Dubai or London. It is a matter of time. Justice awaits Deltans and Ogboru in the court. And then Delta shall be free! Enough of the despoliation of our dear state!

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  1. The evils that men do live after them

    Someone should please help us herald this to the

    so called governor, that when fate catches up with him

    we will be here waiting paitiently for hom

    “If Ogoro nor dey jump dey go back, na plank dem go take poline im head


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