Old Economic Voodooists’ Prescriptions in New Wine Skin

Here we go again, re-packaging, re-branding, renovating failed economic prescriptions for the Federal Republic of Nigeria, by the same very intelligent people. They have been commissioned by a restless locust, who feels that he has insurable interest in saving Nigeria from the throes of neo-colonial manipulations and control.

A thorough scientific examination of Nigeria’s political development can only be clearly understood by understanding the role of military intelligence in the confused way, Nigeria has been governed since 1960.

economyAristotle clearly defined the oligarchic and democratic principles. The qualifications of political officers is paramount in order to stir the affairs of state to gain acceleration in the right direction. The Nigerian oligarchy is made up of Emirs, Chiefs, Obas and the colonially-educated Oxbridge and Ivy League graduates. They were and are conservatives, who feathered their own nests by occupying the commanding heights of political, economic and civil life in Nigeria.

They benefited inexorably after the departure of British colonial rule, which they aided and abetted. The combatant Nigerian politicians like Mazi Mbonu, Adegoke Adelabu, Tony Enahoro, Mbazulike Amaechi, Aminu Kano, Yesufu Maitama Sule, were later rendered inoperative by five misguided majors, who sowed the seed of Nigeria’s derailment.

Many unsavory and sad , murderous event played out, which we have documented in “ Commentaries on Contemporary Nigerian Politics” published by Authorhouse Publishing House, United Kingdom, in 2013. 684 pages, to be launched by APC Party soon.

In the Nigerian scheme of governance, there is the cult of intelligence and the craft of intelligence. There is patriotically motivated use of intelligence, and externally-controlled, rule by proxy intelligence.

In Nigeria, patriotic soldiers have used intelligence to defend the territorial integrity of Nigeria and have protected her independence.

Military officers like Murtala Mohammed, Idiagbon, Joe Garba, Fajuyi, Umar and Buhari played critical roles, at various times.

Some saw Nigeria as a booty and have looted the nation as we can see.

In military science, strategic studies are wide and intensive. Studies in diplomacy and intelligence hold sway.

In Nigeria, the cult of military intelligence manifested in assassinations of many officers, during and after coups, hegemonic military rank pursuits, containment of corrupt political leaders, who ran corrupt governments. The cult of military intelligence misled Nigeria, into reliance on foreign advisers and local “experts’, who were minted in the Oxbridge and League universities of Euro-American states.

Under the PDP government, the leaders recruited these westernized economic gurus, whose prescriptions they could not implement as the political leaders pursued capricious and mundane interests, which weaken the intellectual guidance the gurus put at their disposal. Olusegun Obasanjo openly announced that did not need moral or strategic advice and so rendered his advisers redundant.

Now, he has submitted a commissioned economic red print to the in-coming administration. What patriotism!

Now that the red cloud, laced with dark thoughts of destabilization by losers has dispersed, the Idika/Kolade red print is poised on the horizon of error, the formidable sounds of the names notwithstanding.

The Azata//Nepu Party is preparing a rebuttal, which we shall publish soon. The foremost tool of our concern for Nigeria is alertness. After decades of the same people saying the same things that have not worked, it is necessary to go on the intellectual offensive.

Those, who have held Nigeria toransom by positing outlandish economic theories and practice should receive maximum challenge.

The Idika/Kolade red print is not firmly anchored on the sociocratic principles evinced in any attempt to liberate Nigeria from the dominant groups consolidating power, monopolizing the commanding heights of the national economy, through dubious privatization of national wealth, outwitting the populace to preserve power, property inequality, privileges and the dividends that accrue therefrom.

For sixteen years, the rape of the Republic by buccaneers has raged. Under the shibboleth of reforms, the Indigenization Acts of 1974 And 1977 were made inoperative and the foreign grip on the economy was made easy by privileged nationals, who acted as fronts for entrenched interests.

Foreign intelligence agencies usually operate in every state. In pursuing their foreign policy objectives, they seek outuseable nationals in all strata of society.

Intelligence is used to foray into the activities of states, influence their leaders and make stooges out of them. They identify and nurture political, economic and top civil servants, top political parties and players.

They also get into the academia to influence its conscientisation processes. This is usually done by offering scholarships to young academics and by inviting more matured ones to seminars, conferences, and workshops in order to induct them into the global thought control system. ( See E.O. Esiemokhai, “ The Cogency of Military Intelligence”

These seminars, also serve as an opportunity for Dirty Tricks Departments of Intelligence agencies to criminalize, convict and later recruit victims to work for them.

This induction process succeeded very well in disbanding the “IFE SOCIALISTS” who ended up in Euro-American academia. As a result of weak character disposition, love of money and high office, foreign intelligence penetration in Nigerian affairs has been overwhelmingly successful.( World Intelligence Unit Report, Volume 10)

These gifts to Nigeria work tirelessly to remain relevant in national political calculations. By their restless-run-of-locust activities, your know them.

Applying the dual-process model of intelligence assessment, cultural influences have provided a radix test for determining the metacognitive trait of the self-confidence of Nigerian rulers.

The economic system in Nigeria, is neither capitalist nor socialist. It is far from sociocratic. We are a big market for foreign manufactured goods, both inferior and average qualities. There is little or no price control. Our people are pressed hard by inflation orchestrated by market forces and the petty bourgeoisie.

AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerian men and women recommends that we seriously re-enact legislation that will put back the commanding heights of the Nigerian economy in the hands of our compatriots. We should embrace ethics in financial dealings and prevent banks from ripping off the people through various unethical machinations.

Government should regulate as much as possible those important factors of production, distribution and exchange, cost and size of output of our industries, price determination, supply of labour, a humane wage regime, capital development and the marginal efficiency of investment, strict implementation of financial control by instituting methods of monetary control, evolve and strengthen national income accounting, especially by announcing how the previous year’s budget was spent before the new appropriation bill is presented to the National Assembly.

The fraudulent and corrupt system of awarding and selling contracts must be checked. Government income must be raised through taxation. Many Nigerian corporations, companies and foreign business houses circumvent the taxation regime. They with-hold government taxes illegally and they get away with it. The substandard goods we are forced to purchase are a drain on national wealth.

Government must set up agro-allied industries, small business factories, where we can manufacture tooth picks, for Christ sake. We import from pin to idle airplanes, bought with government money.

We must monitor our income earning mechanism, consumption and savings; engage actively in international trade and investment. We must desist from hoarding speculative funds and adopt sound international liquidity.

Whether our economy has performed well is open to interpretation. A nation’s financial objectives may be well set by the Minister of Finance. Other formidable factors beyond her control must be factored in. In a country where political leaders adopt a hawkish attitude towards national finance, where pressure is put on officials to overreach the procedures, it is natural to cave in from time to time.

The role of our trading women must be recognized.

AZATA/NEPU Party recommends that since our women traders are major players in our economy, every market in Nigeria as from June 1, should have decent lock-up shops, well paved streets and constant electrify in order to make their market place a comfortable second home.

The Central Bank should build kiosks in every market to increase its in-take of Nigerian women traders weekly sales.

These and others are practical ideas that will improve the Nigerian economy and not high faulting configurations and economic jargons that have been peddled in the last sixteen years.

What type of economics prescribes selling federal houses, housing estates to politicians in order to secure a third term at all costs? We must recover illicitly acquired federal houses and estates.

The economic rights of all citizens must be respected, pandering to the welfare of the Council of States that has proved to be a toothless bulldog that helplessly watched and did not presided over the rot in the Republic, is a subject history will investigate. Of course, we know the history of each member of that body.

For God is not mocked, what people and individuals sow, they shall reap. Nigeria is in the crucible of KARMA and REBIRTH and in the maelstrom of political colloquy.

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