Omoyele Sowore’s Chapter in the Political History of Nigeria

by Yahaya Balogun
Omoyele Sowore

“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.” “We must always take sides.” ●Protest Quote

Undoubtedly, when the time comes to write a comprehensive history of Nigerian polity, Omoyele Sowore’s chapter is adequately assured and preserved in the impending historical book of Nigeria.

Sometimes, we get subsumed in our instant gratification and sense of immediacy, but those of us who have premised our writings and consistency on the contingency courage of our convictions, we speak out with honesty of purpose without minding whose ox is gored. The best way to show love or help the person you love is to criticize him when he/she errs! You can also assist in predicting the future for him/her in order to create the future!

In reality, whether by disparagement or encouragement, we must never get carried away; get bored, or burdened by what people say about us to discourage us. We must constantly listen to the rational selves in us. Our values in difficult times define us and shape who we are; our actions or responses reflect those values. On our journey through life, we meet different kinds of people. Every lesson learned in the course of our interactions with person or people will ultimately shape our lives. Our experience at a give time whether by commission or omission is an instrument for future development.

Omoyele Sowore’s incursion into the turbulent Nigerian politics is not by happenstance. The young indefatigable strongman has been in the forefront of the politics of Nigeria for long. In their inglorious days, the late dark-goggled Abacha and the vegetable man in Minna were witnesses of Sowore’s unfettered patriotism. Omoyele Sowore is becoming a political gladiator in the minds of ever complacent Nigerian youths. At least, Omoyele Sowore has dsrupted the youth’s political consciousness and the status quo in Nigerian politics. I love “Sho.” I am only miffed with the strategy of his campaign. Nothing more!

Meanwhile, the timing of his coming to the height of the murky political waters and space of Nigeria is apt, precise and particularly welcoming. But Sowore’s approach to Nigerian politics is understandably amateurish but he will learn as he progresses. He’s attempting to create the future, but our advice to him is to predict the future in order to create it! Sowore is a presidential material with futuristic expectations. He has successfully tested the caliginous Nigerian political terrains, and registered his name in the consciousness of all Nigerians.

Predictably, 2023 would have been a “sure banker” (it can still be) for Omoyele Sowore if he had used diplomacy and strategy to trigger the conscience of all Nigerians. Tomorrow isn’t too late for Sowore! There is a plenty of time to adjust and make up. Give it to Sowore, he has changed the youth’s from political apathy to taking part in the political decisions of their country. The way Sowore has coordinated and mobilized Nigerian youths to be active participants in politics today is unprecedented in the anal politics and political history of Nigeria.

Without equivocation, Sowore’s audacity and agility should be, without any contradiction
commended. No one can take that enviable fit from him. Even though, the presidency ignores him for strategic and political reasons and purposes, but Aso Rock knows the guy called Sowore has become a political force to reckon with, and can be a political figure and asset in the emancipation of the country’s future. I strongly believe in the future of this great country as Sowore is favorably exposed to learning the “art of the deal” of the Nigerian politics.

Though, we have something in common, but this writer doesn’t have anything against Sowore other than his political approach and strategy to Nigerian politics. We are one hundred percent in subscription to his political aspiration in future. The synopsis of our advice to him is that, If you want to tame a recalcitrant monkey, you must be crudely diplomatic to be a monkey, otherwise, the monkey will do everything to evade, frustrate, mesmerize or stop you from catching it. This is the reality and evil ingenuity of the Nigerian politicians.

We must acknowledge and commend Omoyele Sowore for his consistency and emulative doggedness. This writer still believes very strongly that Sowore shares the political aspiration of all the Buharists and Buharideens in Nigeria and diaspora. Omoyele Sowore shares the sameness of audacity, incorruptible persona and integrity of President Muhammadu Buhari, and the emancipation of this great but raped country.

Beyond reasonable doubt, to those who have seen tomorrow, inside of President Buhari is a macrocosm of Omoyele Sowore. “If you know, you know!” In view of this, we are favorably disposed to Sowore’s political aspirations beyond 2019. We thank Omoyele Sowore for his fearlessness and resilience to emancipate and clear the path for the future of the Nigerian youths.

While yesterday belongs to men of yesterday who had attempted to raped our collective future, today and tomorrow belong to the reawakening Nigerian youths who are refusing to celebrate “a wasted generation.”

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