A Compilation of BREXIT Opinions by some Nigerians in the UK

by A Adejumo

This is not an article, but an assortment of posts, comments and thoughts as expressed by a group of very intellectual and well-informed Nigerians living, working and thriving in the United Kingdom; a group to which I can say I am very proud to belong. I have decided not to mention their individual and group names here, not because of fears of any repercussion or action against them (the UK is one of the freest countries in the world, if not the freest), but because I need to respect their confidentialities.

The compilation is a mixture of questions and answers and stand-alone comments.

The arguments started this way:

“How can an MP (David Lammy) talk so much nonsense and spout so much utter disrespect for the people?  The people of Britain voted in their majority to leave the EU, thus giving birth to BREXIT. So, for Lammy to then use such pejorative against the people’s wish, whether he agrees with it or not, is disrespectful and sad”.

“By the way, when was the last time he or Diane Abbott or any other black MP spoke so passionately about the death of young black people on the streets?”

“A campaign to leave EU based on lies, false promises. An electorate that were so gullible that they did not understand what they were voting for. The truth be said, Brexit will hurt ordinary people the most”.

“So, BREXIT could only have gone the way it did? So, the EU has no other choice but to be intransigent, bellicose, belligerent and bullying?”

“No, I don’t think so. They chose to be like that simply to ensure that others that might envisage leaving are cowered and frightened by the aggressive and antagonistic attitude that they CHOSE to adopt towards Britain”.

“And for all advocates of re-running the exams until they get their desired score, what if you them fail, even after the resit, to obtain the scores that u want? Shall we then rerun the exams again?”

“The people have spoken. The British Parliament wishes to go against the people’s will. The EU has succeeded in frightening all lily-livered person and politician and fear is clearly winning against hope”.

“The UK is setting a very bad and disastrous precedent Germany and France don’t want.”

“Any sensible organisation will do the same. If PM had not been over zealous, she should have sort legal advice before triggering article 50. Those that are advocating Brexit in parliament have already move their business interest to Ireland. If Brexit was a good move, why should Politician move their interest to another EU country. The scam that we are all in this together is a total fabrication of our imagination”.

“Britain is not Nigeria where a few politicians own and control the economy. So, if any politician moves his interest to where ever it does not mean that the rest of us should follow suit or that the economy will collapse”.

“And let’s even agree with you that any ” reasonable ” organisation (that looks more like a cult to me) will want to deter people from leaving. Then you must agree with my point that BREXIT needn’t have turned out like this then. It’s only turned out this way because the EU chose it to be that way”.

“And in fact, if only because of that, if the referendum were to be rerun 50 times over, I, and many others, will vote to leave, if only to show those bullies (EU, that is Germany and France, especially) that they cannot brow-beat and pummel a whole country to the ground”.

“And Theresa May is doing what the people asked her to do…. get the UK out of the EU. And all those criticizing her can hardly do better against a belligerent and bad-belle opponent who want to punish the country for daring to vote to leave”.

“True. But Macron must contend with Yellow Vest protesters who are telling him to “slow your bloody self-down”. And Merkel is on her last leg as Premier. The next election in those countries will show greater showings for anti-EU parties. Mark my words”.

“The whole essence of politicians or business moving to Ireland, is because they know they will have restricted access to the EU market.  As for you Voting Leave, well… that’s is your civic responsibility and Kudos”.

“Have you ever pondered on the ills of Britain leaving EU? Who are the people who voted to leave: brainwashed ones? If these people and the young ones understood the adverse effects of Brexit, don’t you think the Farages, Boris, Goves and the rest of these misleading MPs will have their way? Are Britons not working in other European countries? Other European nations will be most hostile to British people. Free movements, trade, sports, games, sense of oneness etc will be restrained. What happens to you, our wards and l as minorities? This is not African Union (AU) mate. It’s European Union (EU) for crying out loud! They’ve gone far and integrated more than some liars coming out to edge them out for their selfish ends. They were shouting we want our country, our laws back. Who took the country from them in the first instance? The opportunities through European Court of Appeal will erode the less privileged, cheated minorities etc.

Common man, Brexit is a BIG FRAUD!!!”

“Seen through the narrow prism of a Remain voter. Subjective and impassioned as expected”.

“Britain is and will remain a magnet for other Europeans, EU or no EU being the welcoming and multicultural society that it is”.

“So, the point is not to turn our back on Europe but to free ourselves from the shackles of Brussels.  And Brussels is saying. “No, we will still shackle you”

“And it’s truly ironic that the same set of Nigerians who would want to decimate, balkanise and break up their own country at the drop of a hat are the same one in the forefront of advocating the United States of Europe”.



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