On Business Battles…

What limits us as business men and women is the inability to confront reality, and to see things for what they are. As we grow older, we become more rooted in the past. If we persist in our childish behavior in our business endeavor, we are likely to end up as preys to those beasts of business warfare. A habit is sure set in and this will always serve as a militating factor preventing us from taking the market in the real world. Some of us still dwell in the past business formulas as seen in books. Books though provide missing links, yet it is no 2% guarantee that what works in business yesterday is going to work today.

The nitty-gritty of business has its own formulas and languages, each day that pass by, another formula ensues, quite a different and more prolific language is spoken – only the adherent ventures the new formulas; they alone understands the different levels of the strategies to be employed with time and space.

In business circles today, adventurous Corporations are taking the lead in multi-faceted rough edge in breaking and sealing deals with their clients. This was not measured by the numbers of the old tactics that was used rather than coefficient factor per excellence was otherwise seen in the new formulas and strategies developed to confront their worst fears in the business world. By these articulate duels, a new era of humanity was borne. To triumph in business today, never take it for granted that your past or what read in books, scrolls, pamphlet and business magazines, will catapult anyone into the exuberance of profit maximization.

There is not doubt that such talents or ideas gathered may not result to considerable results, yet, the results compared to the new initiatives of business is far more commensurate. Each time has it own laws and karmic exuberance! Although it is true that old tactics can sometimes save our ass from total losses, and crash-down. It is also needless to say that old tactics are themselves the rhetoric and mediocrity of the present, and seldom will they completely savage the business complexity each one of us are entangled with.

In business also, each companies must device a method to an end, and by all means necessary even to your loss, learn to approach, each companies’ success from a different and new perspective should be considered instead of dwelling in the shades of past tactics which only belong to the nihility and legacies of the old. There should be contemplation of a new empire in our business environment and must therefore a possible breakeven, and out thoughts must revolve round this. Actually your past successes are your obstacles; keep this in mind, that even war. Every battle is different, and one cannot assures you that what worked before will work again, today in our times and moments. Learn to cut yourself loose from the past and open up the present and the diverse opportunity, which your time will provide for you; this will, if you play the lot well may be increase your profit. Do not fight the last war of your social portfolio, learn when to retrieve and pull back. You didn’t create the last war, then why fight its last fight? The tendency to fight the last war may lead to your final war, which is your doom in most case from proven records.

Learn how not to repeat the past, your regret of the past is your continual failure itself. Although the past is long gone, by a speedy brain power move beyond the gripe your limited past and don’t look back. The business world is a continuous war; it is a trial that waits for no passenger. Give it a trial and see what it will do to you.


In the rules of business engagements today, brutality is necessary to define the order, and to ensure the lifespan of a given company. Emotion is one nasty factor that must not be condone in business territory; imagine being close to a friend – a business associate; don’t be surprised if he turns around tomorrow and stab you at your back. In some contemporary society, the victim will take everything serious, and see if as social battle, therefore extension is foremost. Nobody seeks to annihilate anyone; it is business that causes such strive.

In this present time, hold no grudges against such person, move on. In personality assessment, Carl J. Jung, Karen Honney, Sigmund Freud etc, all were instrumental in the human psyche and its diagnosis, which they coined “Personality”. In their conclusions to their exhaustive interpretations of the complexity of Human Psychology; that while it is good to have close friends, never deal or do business with them, except on the contrary you do want to enforce the strictest measures and thereby assassinating your emotion instantly and instinctually.

Only through notorious, demonic, barbaric and dubious caution can you finally deal with your emotional undertone. By so doing, he/she is no longer your folks rather your possible enemy in which you must eliminate at once from the business scheme of things. These same ordeals are common with the Igbo, Urhobos, Ijaws and Hausas of Eastern, Southern and Northern part of Nigeria, but I wonder why people take such moves very personal. In the new business ethics, it is survival of the fittest, and this is not just theoretic moves, but of its highest level of empirical moves.

Like caged lions released into the forest, we must prey on our foes and tear them to pieces by all cost. If you do not do this, religion will not save you as your must by all means become a pauper, better still, you may find your company in the lowest scheme of things. Each day that passes, our friends, those we are emotionally attached are always sleeplessly devising means to destroy us complete; they are our real enemy. Their plans are not to kill us, far from that, neither to wish with suicides, theirs is to see that you rot in poverty, at least there was no sharing of blood in this act. Just as politics is war without blood-share, so is the rivalry between you and your emotionally attached business associates. This is not strategies from the mafia managers, these are proven track records of events collated over time, and they prove to work in virtually all cases. This is not the past not the present, they are the threshold of certainty in the business environment; we can only ignore them to our peril. In my emphasis of “Brutality”, we must not spare even our very selves or family, we must move on.

Look typically at Banks today, companies, there is competition everywhere. This is not competition at al, rather the repetition of old tactics; they only worked in the past and belong only to the Old. Imagine how Dalton Atomic theory gained acceptance in the past, how Rutherford and Beck’s Family made their breakthroughs in Radioactivity; how Mendel, Lamech and Darwin Evolutionary theory made quite some noise. It took the radical and sophistical talents of the extraordinary gentle men and women amongst mankind in their time and ours were able to completely doubt such widely accepted theories. Many of these class where those who could predict the future, such as Galileo who was imprisoned and silenced by the Roman Catholic Fathers of his time. Extraordinary breakthroughs in its emergence from collected facts are grossly considered as insanity in their infant stage, and this dates back to ancient.


The business world is a hysteric of weaponry maneuvers; in every business challenge, you must accept the challenge only on the condition that you will use new techniques. Before using the new found techniques, learn the essence of the techniques, its advantages and disadvantages of your opponent. Be ready to fight in your opponent’s main domain.


Our enemies are too many to duel, and we need newest tactics to dodge their strategies of combat. All we need is an evasive curiosity of the present and must follow this into the heart of the future. In doing so, we must embark on a formidable crusade of developing the spirit, mind and bo

dy. We must cast the old self out, and test the new self in the blasting furnace of education; the prioritization of our mathematical index – herein I mean ensuring success using the weaponry of modern education through the collation of ideas; we must bring into the market duel what has never existed before, but which are realizable within the close of eyes of those ancient adherent of the old tactics. Your challenger must adore your challenge and your presence, and this is done through your brilliant affirmation of the new found techniques that are seldom seen with the naked eyes; or that he had imagined. Your maneuvers should be seen from the twilight of logical inference. You must create a mystical ambiguity which you alone can solve, at both ends mystifying your competitors in order to discourage and humble them before their very old tactics.

There are two fighters in the scene, you and your competitors; your colleagues are not there. But if you by any chance see them in the scene, then immediately consider their elimination from their scene at this point, they are the notorious competitors you are to engage in the great combat. Do not be merciful as your competitors will not be as well. Their aim is to crush you completely, you must attack first and make them complete inactive and under you.


The incentive of the duel is an award known as profit; every company strives to maximize its profit. That is the only relationship between the old tactics and the new. There is actually no profit level that is satisfactory to any business entity; whether in billions of Dollars, wants for more profits is doggedly insatiable.

In battle, every warrior fight for a course, whether positive of negative; it is a course worth dying for. Some fight for pride and honor, others for material gains etc. in business parlance, all of the aforementioned are interwoven in “PROFIT MAXIMIZATION”. Some war can be a trap; no business warfare is completely fought for pride; it can not happen in such a way. A fight in the business world, which is clearly waged for the purpose of pride alone, is doom to be crushed completely (Bankruptcy). Even multinational corporations despite their high profit margin cannot accept any duel without profitable prospects. Let’s not deceive ourselves; we only learn from mistakes of wars that have been fought by great minds over time. The business world is a embargo of samurais and dreaded swordsmen’s, their acts is swift.

Business itself is a battle; it does not accept weak minds. The devil himself who is the prince of the world as rumored by many will find it hard to defeat any business swordsman. The business parlance is a funny one, as this may be facts, most businessmen; roughly 67% accept duels with old tricks in their minds. To them they cannot afford to fail. Failing has been improvised by the new tactics swordsman. These entails cumbersome scenarios, some businessmen today somehow think that the profit they have made in the past will map out their exceeding great future wealth, but they being obsessed with their follies instead of their profit maximization.


In doing business the real way, one must first accept the duel of competitors furiously. Certainly you must grasp the essence and ethics of the theatre, and these are gained while in your normal routine while you are very young in business. You don’t have a boss, but should give heed to those claim mere bossiness; strategically you must serve them with utmost cunnings until you have crushed them in all form of entirety… Ensure to turn your opponent rigidity into their downfall; your first thought should be of the gambit or sickle that would take your particular business competitors by all surprises.

As a rule, endeavour to anchore yourself in the moment having set your opponent off balance with something unacceptable. Watch carefully, and then respond with anchored action, usually improvised, that would turn mere disequilibrium into defeat and death. You must strike with notorious blow of non-pity; not doing this is at your own peril. You downfall is first in the agenda of your competitors, they don’t think your downfall personally as it is business; it is only business so to speak, therefore do not take their responsive defeat personally – just move on to the next scale of things.

All things being equal, in preparing your company for business war, you must rid yourself completely of all past glory and strategies of myths and misconception. In business, strategy is not a question of learning a series of outdated moves of ideas to follow old pattern like a cranked recipe; victory in business and in the market place has no magical formulas. All is but the interplay of your newest moves. You should not device your moves from past equations and formulas; your pattern must be allowed to move in free course of ideological maneuvers. Such idealism must not be altered by monumental orchestrations.

Ideas are merely nutrients for the soil; they only lie in your head as possibilities so that in the heat of the moment, they can inspire a direction; an appropriateness and creative response needed to storm the market. You must let go of all fetish and colloquial formulas of the past; books, techniques, formulas, flashy weapons; don’t depend on these worms in the soul strategies; they only end up destroying your flash of reason, it must depend on the ideological inspirations – that which only the soul can grasp. Your must learn to become your own strategist; you must apply new equations and formulas to spice your empirical realities. Only then will the laws and manipulations saturate the market; everywhere will become corrosive and acidic. You will not only be a million steps ahead of your competitors, you alone will monopolize these theatrical market along with the actors of the game, thereby dictating the levels of operations, which is “Crude Capitalism”.

Do not twist your ego; don’t pity your competitors it is a market anyways, nothing is personally. Such drama ensures not only your survival but the spontaneous growth of your personality, as a result defining a new parlance in business dynamics. Great surviving business entities such as; Banks, Construction companies, and private multinational corporations, are typifying examples already mentioned. These groups mentioned and others cannot undermine these facts and other political intrigues which dictate the flaws and economic progress of any nation’s polity.

The empire is a battle ground met for Generals alone, only one hero must emerge. My tautology in this regard is a re-emphasis of the possibilities of total battle. Your victory in the battle ground cannot be repeated; by all means necessary you must allow it to take their form in response to inexhaustibly changing circumstances. To discover your obsessed opponent, your guess work should be similar to your new form of defeat using the brilliant remix of new ideas.

While your opponents will depend on brilliant techniques, flashy antics, and unorthodox weapons of old. Go on with your strategy, your foes will depend on old formulas, outdated technology simply for their training and fear of failure while testing or improvising new technologies. Do not be moved but be alert as no singular war is ever under estimated. The perfect swordsman is those that went through all rough-edges to learn new techniques. They are called the warriors of the battle ground; although they are the more frightened, yet their hope is to survive and to conquer. Nothing more nothing less.

Written by
Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi
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