Open Letter To Tonye Princewill

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Beloved Prince Tonye Princewill, it might not be your greatest of needs,
but it is a social and spiritual observable fact that appreciation is one
of the emotional needs of mankind. Prince, to illustrate a large amount how
you are appreciated in Rivers State, and by extension Nigeria, take round
of applause for helping to save individuals and the residents of the state
in the time of their need. Do you know that too much of good things can be
breathtaking? You help humanity to enjoy the beauty of life. This is
tremendous, loveliness, and sense-of-wonder. Rivers residents are
experiencing the value of living, because you help them share in their
pains. Bravo!

The recent flooding in the state, which was conspicuous in some towns and
villages, where you made the victims fulsome in generosity, yet not
mentioning the total millions of naira that you have so far expended on
them, is helpful and has given rabble-rousers a new perspective on
available opportunities on how to better humanity, devoid of being
self-importance. The time that you have spent reviewing the natural
disaster and recommending strategies for achieving remedy in case of future
occurrence, is very helpful. Not only is it helpful, but a good offer to
connect the future with today.

While you are greatly appreciated for the assistance you have always
provided Rivers State, even that you are not a government appointee, it is
a suggestion that people should be thankful for having a person like you,
who has always concentrated on the plight of the people. Though, you are
always mute in singing your own praise, which some other persons in the
political circle like you, would have done, your benevolence approaches are
speaking for you. This may sound very maddening to you, but those who know
you knew that you do not like publicity in the direction of pomposity,
especially when it concerns help you have rendered for humanity-building.
The fact remains the umpteenth time that you are a fantastic man.

You are unlike those veiled with Capitalistic dogmas. You try to tell the
world that it is time it begun to question most of the selfish people, who
think that they know anything, when they knew nothing, except their school
certificates, family and religious books; the latter was handed them by
their alien aggressors. It is so fascinating to see a man like you who is
committed to helping humanity. While you may be often Laughing Out Loud
(LOL), know that someone is somewhere in Rivers State Rolling on the Floor
Laughing (ROTFL), because of your kindheartedness. People are saying this!

Precious Prince, there is a general saying that science and technology
multiply around us. To an increasing extent they say aloud the languages in
which we speak and think. Either we employ those languages, or we remain
mute. On the subject smile, it is said that don’t cry because it’s over,
smile because it happened. Many have joined you in the banquet of smiling,
because the inner peace they were running around everywhere looking for,
you have made them begin with a smile. If you are lucky, you have made men
and women, boys and girls luckier. Whether you kept mute or you smiled,
according to one Mother Theresa, everytime you smile at someone, it is an
action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.

You are not only appreciated because you have been helpful to them without
taking the glory but your God, you also teach and encourage people to
appreciate life, eschew dissatisfaction, welcome contentment and
perception, positivity and thankfulness. You also teach people to wait for
the right moment and to stand tall in the face of any disappointment and
wait patiently which build one’s spiritual road.

Treasured Prince, many people had expressed their joy speaking or being in
contact with you. You have not only given most of them the opportunity to
work with your company and you, but the priviledge to be a good match for
the position of direction of which many are today forward thinking and are
contributing a great deal to Rivers State just like you. You have brought
with you the position of an all-embracing knowledge of the management and
physically powerful communications skills with the ability to motivate
people within your resources.

You have provided humanity in Rivers State with an edge over others and
have kept yourself up-to-date on progress of Rivers State. It is very
interesting. And it is everyone’s confidence that one day over eighty
percent of the residents of Rivers State will recompense you with your most
positive heart desire. Thank you for taking the time to help the flood
victims and sundry.

Yours Truly do not look forward to hearing from you about this letter.

Yours Sincerely,

Odimegwu Onwumere,
Coordinator, Concerned Non-Indigenes In Rivers State, (CONIRIV).

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