Orchids, Daffodils, Loyal Obas and Money Politics in Nigeria

In my garden, hibiscus, orchids, daffodils and roses grow and are watered regularly.
It is always sad to watch these flowers surrender their beautiful colours and crumble.
It is equally sad to watch royalty surrender its dignity and crumble because of money. I waited for angry denials that those who accused some Yoruba Obas of receiving EGUNJE from above. IRO NI.
In the absence of such retraction and until further notice, I will proceed to believe that it is BENI.
The IFA PRIESTS have expressed surprise and amazement that the AGBAOWO kingdoms have belittled ORUMILA.
The Yoruba have the saying that “OWO LAGDA”,” OLOWO OKERE”, even if he is a common thief!
It is incredible how money has destroyed the soul of the Nigerian nation. People kidnap people demanding millions in ransom. Ritualistic killings abound. The  use human parts for gains. Contracts are sold and never performed. Armed robbery has become more brazen and wicked.
Yet, Nigeria boasts of a large number of churches and mosques. Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church, in his best-selling book wrote, “Whether life is going well for you or is collapsing before your very eyes, we all want to be better.”
In Nigeria, we are getting worse. All hell has been let loose. The nation is at the brink as a result of political struggle without qualms.
The truth is now far from the lips of political demagogues. Those who speak the truth do not fit into the Nigerian society.
This was why Lawal Abubakar said, “The man, who speaks the truth and feeds from lawful means (like me), has parted company from the world.
In Nigeria, 90 percent live above their means, which explains the attendant corruption this tendency precipitates.
Senators buy private jets they cannot maintain. Corrupt officials buy houses overseas, which they do not live in. Young graduates ride jeeps, which they cannot service. People give parties that leave them broke.
The Nigerian man is no longer maintained in this worldly life by spiritual centrifugal forces but by demonic forces, through the instrumentality of monetary power.
Both Christians and the ULAMA no longer accept “FAHRI FAHRI”. Pastors now fly in private jets from tithes collected from their congregations, even after our Lord Jesus blood has been accepted by God, the father!
The AZATA/NEPU Party of honest, patriotic and thinking Nigerian men and women considers character as the key issue in the 2015 elections, lest we perish.
At OAU, IFE, AWUSE, the Venerable Ifa priest taught me a song that goes like this. IWA LANWO IWA, IWA LANWO IWA.(many times).
I have added my own version.
KSA, iwa lanwo iwa
Oba gbogbo aye, iwa lanwo iwa,
Oba kekere, Iwa lanwo iwa
EGUNJE Gominas, iwa lanwo iwa,
Gbogbo Omoburuku, Iwa lanwo iwa
Gbogbo Omo Jaguda, Iwa lanwo
Doctors turned politicians, Iwa lanwo
“Trust not in wisdom, power and riches”  said the Prophet Jeremiah
The AZATA/NEPU Party followers will sing this song on March 28, in all polling stations before voting for our party in protest that character is not a factor in the coming elections. WE ARE THE THIRD FORCE!!! Ihe uku gaeme, mkpamkpa ga kpa.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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