Orji, A Governor In the Diaspora

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Abia people have severally carried coffins in Abia State to show their
anger over a government that has not met with their heart’s desire. Some of
them have expressed their anger over nonpayment of their salary. And
Governor T.A Orji continued to give them heaps of hope that things would
soon normalize. He speaks to Abia people from abroad than he does from
home. His belief could be proverbially deduced that a million flies cannot
shake an Iroko. Is he the Iroko and the people flies? Was he not recently
seen in Houston, USA., where he went to visit his daughter who gave birth
and turned his visit to a town hall meeting where he told the people how
he has ‘transformed’ Abia State, but especially Aba? The worse is that he
tells anybody who cares to listen how he has been expending heavily for the
major economic city in Abia State – Aba.

A chameleon will never change her ways. Notwithstanding, it has been the
tradition of Orji to mislead people, especially through his Chief Press
(Liar) Secretary called Ugochukwu Emezue. Orji’s posturing has not however
deterred Abia people from marching the streets in protest. They are tired
of Abia State where even council chairmen have learned the pranks from
Orji, of how not to pay salary to workers. Hoping for a new Abia State,
everyday, workers are calling for warning strike in many LGAs in the state:
May, June and July 2012 salaries have not been paid workers in most LGAs.
Rather than pay these workers, those in the authorities use security agents
to protect themselves from receiving the people’s wrath.

What sort of state is Abia under the leadership of Orji? The state has
become a place for liars and cheats of good governance. And when any
observers of the on-goings in the state exposed any of the numerous lies
and deceits of Orji-led administration, his foot soldiers would marshal out
and called the person names. They never allowed anyhow person to ask
question anywhere Orji went to talk about his “Midas’s development” of Abia
State; they only allow a ‘selected’ few to ask questions and respond to
questions. Yes, did he not address ndi-Abia in Houston? Are people not
asking for explanation why Orji never cared that much to address Abia
people at home? Why is it always at Lagos or Abuja, and now Houston? Is
Orji not a governor in Diaspora?

It is pertinent to say that with the expositions, Orji is not enthusiastic
with governance in Abia State. If the statement is on the contrary, why
does Orji handle the government with reckless abandon? Won’t he one day
reap the benefits of all the misfortune he is sowing in the state? The way
of truth has always won, but in Abia State, the authorities are teaching us
that the way of lies is supreme. The success stories we hear in Abia State
are lies. Today, the people are resolving to endure till 2015, because the
government of Orji lacks sincerity of purpose.

But instead of accepting the fact that his government has failed, Orji
would always boast that he will never be distracted. This is his position
in the 10th August, 2012 edition of a national newspaper, where he said
that he would not be distracted by the activities of “mischief makers” from
his responsibility of improving the state. He perhaps made-up the story
himself that critiques were that his administration was only focusing on
developing Aba. Did you hear Aba? The total collapsed Aba? And you heard
Orji said: “My resolve to change the status of Aba cannot be deterred by
any insinuation by mischief makers. Our detractors are envious because we
have done the unexpected, particularly in Aba, where we tackled the
infrastructural decay. It is noteworthy, even to the undiscerning mind,
that we engaged Aba from scratch because of the long neglect of the city by
previous governments. Aba, like Lagos and Onitsha, is burdened with
vehicular and human traffic, coupled with the erection of illegal
structures on waterways. But unlike those cities, it has a peculiar terrain
of erosive soil.”

Somebody should agree with Orji because “Our detractors are envious because
we have done the unexpected, particularly in Aba…” Something is wrong
with this Orji-led government and spiritual help is drastically needed for
exorcism from the spirit of lies. Yes, the “unexpected” the government of
Orji has done in Aba is robbed of good governance. Did you say, a governor
in Diaspora? Abia people are fervently hoping that the state would be
liberated from the grip of tyrants, cheats, liars, just name them, one day.
They are hoping that they would have a governor who will not always be
making mockery of them when he knows that he has done virtually nothing to
leverage the people from their excessive suffering. Maybe, when his son
Chinedum (Ikuku) would travel to India, to buy Keke NAPEP for his Ochendo
Youth Foundation, Orji will be there to tell Abia people how he has done
the unexpected harm to the entire Abia State. Then Abia people would
forgive him. But for now, he is acting like one who lost his senses in the

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