Orji and the Commendation to South-East delegates

In what he described as the harmonious working relationship existing
between the team of the South-East zone at the ongoing National Conference,
the Abia State Governor, Theodore Ahamefule Orji would not end at nothing
in making sure that he is disproportionately appropriate in the cause of
his duty.

Does his position as the South-East Governors’ Forum chairman make him the
overall chairman of the affairs pertaining to the South-East zone? He
sounded like that. I think he has a duty as an individual to air his views
pertaining to that, but not as the zone’s governors’ chairman, because the
delegates were not collectively appointed by the forum, but by their
different states.

It takes absolute morality to expose absolute immorality. Even if the
delegates were not performing, the governor could not have said more than
what he knew as performance – failure. He has held our state of Abia with
the cascade of mirage of ‘transformation’ going on, when what we have on
ground are nothing, but sorrows and weeping by the residents. It could be
these sorrows and lamentations of our people that the governor and his
allies were calling “eye-catching projects”. Indeed, eye-watering projects!

Come to think of it, the numbers of major projects his government continues
to hype, are the elephant projects many commentators have disputed. For
example, Ariaria and the entire environment of Aba are sorry tales, whereas
billions of naira have been mentioned in the media for them.

People in the rural areas are minding their businesses today, since those
in the town who were expected that their voices would be heard, are utterly
neglected. This government continues to hype the unsubstantiated “100-bed
hospital model at the Abia Specialist Hospital Amachara” when a governor
like Godswill Akpabio of Akwa Ibom State is apparently looking for ways to
extend development to the neighbouring Cameroon.

When will Orji and his co-travellers stop their glaring treachery of
usurping the nagging minds of our people asking whether Abia State is being
run without a governor? He has always bragged of taking development to all
the local government areas. Now you would be mind-numbed, when what he
meant by this development were the taxis they said that he recently gave
out to the unsuspecting youths.

While giving them the seemingly taxis, reportedly he swaggered: “we will
continue to give out cars to the youth free-of- charge until we leave
office… this is to empower our young people.”

Did you hear that? “This is to empower our young people.” Whereas other
governors are ‘empowering’ their wards with aeronaut engineering, piloting,
maritime engineering, and other meaningful engagements, Governor Orji is
giving out Keke NAPEP to our people to drive and, at the same time, saying
that it is not easy for the government to provide job opportunities for its

So, since the government cannot provide job for its people, what it has
turned out to replace job with is to empower the people with Motorcycles,
Kekes, Taxis… I am not sure when last I checked the true definition of
shame in my Dictionary!

It is good that the world is seeing the ‘empowerment scheme’ of Gov. Orji –
taxis, which he has always hyped to deafen our ears with the alias:
“people-oriented programme”. A governor that mouths that he is performing,
is the same person that is using transitional chairmen to run the affairs
of the local government areas in the state; the same government that has a
lot of inclement shifts in operation and is always sending its cabinet and
workers packing and that is bent on governing with cronies and relatives.

Anyone who doubts this should ask the governor why he has not conducted the
local government areas elections close to eight years he has been in
saddle. Has he made transitional government as part of government in the

According to a release made available by his government: “His Excellency,
the Executive Governor of Abia State has dissolved the Transition Committee
(TC) chairmen and Councillors of the 17 Local Government Areas in
accordance with the existing law of the state.

“The Governor says that the dissolution takes effect from Monday, May 5,
2014 since their tenure is up.

“The Governor further directs the TC chairmen and Councillors to handover
to the Heads of Service in their different Local Governments.

“The Governor apart from thanking them for rendering service to the state,
wishes them well in their future endeavors.”

I’m not sure what the governor meant by ‘respecting the Abia Charter of
Equity’ in different fora, when we can see that there is no equity shown to
the local governments, except as they are run by undemocratic appointees,
who are unilaterally appointed to man the affairs of our people at
grassroots, who yearn for the dividends of democracy like the whole world
is wont to the BringBackOurGirls protests.

The Abia State House of Assembly is not even helping matter as it has taken
as its obligation, only to receive the name of any appointee sent to it by
the governor or any member of his family, without rising to the occasion of
enacting checks and balance approach, which were supposed to be its
statutory role, not the other way round.

The members of this assembly were supposed to be lawmakers, but have
refused to react in the face of many daunting habits of the governor to

It is time the governor checked his government instead of checking what the
delegates at the national conference do, or not do. His connection should
be on how to make our people happy and not by making bogus comments and
postures. He has botched the expectations of our people from him and, there
is no amount of self-seeking popularity can save him, unless he goes back
to redeem the state he has plunged into a state of yesmen, media-gangsters
and agberos.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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