Gov. T.A. Orji: Yes, Odimegwu Onwumere is a ‘madman’

Ordinarily, I do not bother to join words with the media aides of Governor
Theodore Ahamefule of Abia State, because they do not use their real names
in the media works and do not make substantial points, except gibberish. I
could remember one of them confiding in me that they do so, because they
are mortified of signing their real names in their articles for a
government that has been widely denounced.

After a wide consultation, I was advised by people to use the opportunity
of their recent article titled, “The Shimei in Odimegwu Onwumere”, or as
they re-titled it in another forum, “Pastor calls Odimegwu Onwumere Madman”
and tell the world about the person of Ike Nwachukwu they are bragging
about that their Ochendo Global appointed to lead Ndigbo to the National
Conference, because their Ochendo Global is the chairman of South-east
Governors’ Forum.

Please, as you might have known, the media aides of Gov. T.A Orji use over
20 captions and over 20 pseudonyms to circulate just one article. I later
found out that the reason they do this is because they are not trained
writers and have lost sense of what to write about the government that they
even know is non-performing except to spread falsehood around aimed at
deceiving the unsuspecting people of the society.

Nevertheless, the masses have already known that the government of Gov. T.A
Orji is a letdown, so people no longer take the falsehoods the media aides
write about and circulate seriously. If they think that I’m a madman, it is
because the government in Abia is not working. I think there are one
million and one ‘madmen’ in Abia State and out of the state that the
direction Gov. Orji has directed the state has affected their quietness.
Now, they are talking. And because of that, the prejudiced aides of the
governor are calling them names.

This set of ‘mad people’ in and out of Abia State do not have any options
since they are not Osisikankwu of this world to pick up arms against the
government, hence they take to writing about the government that has made
our people to regret ever coming back to democracy or ever being Ndi-Abia.

I’m called a madman by the Abia State Government through its agents due to
my position that there should be a change. We can remember that on
September 10 2012, the now former governor of Anambra State was calling on
relevant aviation agencies to investigate Nigerians who own private jets.
He said that it was luxury and products of fraud that do not support the
economic situation in the country.

As if Obi was talking to Gov. Orji whose son, Chinedu and, wife, Odochi are
today apparently use private jets, Gov. Orji who does not frown at
corruption was very quick to respond that those who thought that
politicians were the only corrupt people in the country were too quick
reach at that conclusion.

Such a comment can make more thousands of people to go mad, do you doubt?
And the governor did not see anything wrong with Obi calling for the probe
of perceived corrupt people? Who said that a guilty conscience does not
fear an accusation?

This was one of the reasons that I did not want to respond to the
governor’s media goons initially, because they know that the type of
government they are running in Umuahia may not be far from the fears of
Obi. They were even not ashamed to associate Omar Sanda Ike Nwachukwu with
Gov. Orji as the latter’s favourite that should represent Ndigbo at the
ongoing National Conference. Birds of the same feather would always flock

This is Nwachukwu many Igbo people are saying that it would have been
aplomb if Umaru Diko is their representative instead of Nwachukwu at the
conference. In an interview with Sunday Sun of May 18, 2014, Leader of the
Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB,
Ralph Uwazuruike, was angry when the interviewer mentioned Nwachukwu’s

Uwazuruike retorted: Omar Sanda Ike Nwachukwu is not an Igbo man. Somebody
that fought against us during the war, fought in the bush, on the side of
Nigeria against Ndigbo? Then the governors, these sick people we have who
are called governors picked him. When we have people like Dr Ikedife, Dr
Ezeife, they brought a Hausa man to represent us. I would have preferred an
Umaru Dikko to lead Ndigbo than Ike Nwachukwu. It is an insult, honestly…”

Gov. Orji’s aides said that it was the (sick?) him that picked Nwachukwu to
represent Ndigbo at the conference. They even boasted! Insult will never
represent respect; the former being what our people of Abia State are
suffering in the hand of Gov.Orji.

Uwazuruike asked again: How can Ike Nwachukwu represent us? Theodore Orji
did it because he is from his state. I don’t know the rationale behind
that. Although, Uwazuruike has said that he doesn’t really want to dabble
into Igbo politics, but affirmed that the woes of Ndigbo are caused by the
Igbo elite. Perhaps, he had the likes of the (sick?) T.A Orji at heart when
he used the maxim that the Igbo elite are empty upstairs; they answer
professors, doctors, senators, yet they know next to nothing.

The media gangsters of Gov. T.A Orji said that I was dragging Gov. Godswill
Akpabio into the politics of Abia State when I admonished that Gov. Orji is
still confused with governance, when a Governor like Akpabio is seemingly
looking for ways to extend development to the neighbouring Cameroon. The
media urchins also said that no matter the level of my ‘madness’ that I can
never stop their Ochendo Global from going to the senate in 2015.

I pondered that if not for politics what can Gov. T.A Orji do to survive,
because as a civil servant he nearly could not pay his children’s school
fees. Today, he is a governor and many people cannot pay their children’s
school fees due to maladministration on the part of the government, yet he
is swaggering of instituting “Legacy Projects”. And when the people react,
the media agents of the government are quick to call the person a madman.

Written by
Odimegwu Onwumere
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