Our Success Tomorrow, Our Imminent Action Today

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

In order to take SOAR to the next level, there is the need to make available that part of us which is ever Afrocentric. The era Pan- Africanism is though a particular issue, which SOAR tends to categorize in bridging the gap between poverty and wealth in Africa. As Africans, networking to create a data base of potentials from young minds throughout Africa; and admonishing our African brothers and sisters all over the world to contribute their resources in taking our continent to the next level.

SOAR’s base of interest is to encourage African Youths to become emerging leaders in all sphere of life, and to harness that potentials towards the target of answering issues of poverty, marginalization, Social and economic imperialism, environmental degradation, violence and AIDS/HIV pandemic.

Africans of old who were youths became nationalist driven to achieve independence in Africa; and they gave it the picture we now see. While Africa has not improved, yet it has grown in consciousness; and through reflective contemplation has been able to retrace its ancient antiquity. When post imperialism resurfaced it ugly head into the arena of good governance; it was these men with the virile memories of youthfulness, who stood up to the challenges of their time. Thomas Sankara, Ken Saro-Wiwa, Isaac Adaka Boro and men of a singular vision were bent at liberating Africa and Africans to a height of abundance, good governance, and the great things of life.

Even though death took these great minds beyond the shores of many seas, their legacies have stained the sands of our continent in recent time; and their values cannot be over-emphasized. It is upon their hallowed legacy we have gathered again through the sentiments of post Pan-Africanism; a fine blends for the propagation of “social capitalism”, to decide the destiny of an emerging Africa.

It will not come strange to our distracters that youth of Africa in their time won the crusade of independence; youths shaped the societal structures we see today in Africa, and if only we can network with like minds through the harnessing of those great energies in us, together we can attain the genuine development and democracy in Africa. Our leaders that parades themselves as messiahs, and movers of independence have actually knew nothing, nor where they gallantly associated with Africa’s greatest political and economic development.

These canker worms (Leaders) have further lost and jeopardize the legacy of our founding fathers of Africa’s pristine independence, the innuendos have given rise to conflicts, wars, poverty, injustice, corruption, under development, poor human and capacity building, lack of technological and scientific growth. Youths like us, in the new united Africa will once again prove to the world, that the goal of a united Africa is global social-capitalism.

In medicine or economics, in agriculture, in technology; arts and culture; in science and politics, or space; battle lines will be drawn. As Africans of the emerging cheetah generation; we need results. We need publishable and empirical results. To triumph beyond the gaps of the ills that has brace Africa, and to take it to the Uhuru it once was; we need applicable results.
We need to harness our potentials for a greats Africa, and the emancipation of emerging Young African leaders. The destiny of SOAR has been defined, our hopes and determination is to structure SOAR like the UN, AU, ECOWAS and other bigger organization to entertain Africa’s Youths and young leaders. Our time is now; yet doing the right thing has no tomorrow, the journey ought to start now! Harvesting is now; we cannot do this without coming together and investing our potentials for Africa’s Greatness.

We must fill the keg with the blood of our legacy, so that our tomorrow may be ushered in like the feat of Leonidas and the 300 Spartans. Our explosion is like a keg of gun powder; our innocuous African leaders have long tested our strength; should they not get it double through this a resolution to take our destinies into our own hands?

The question cannot be answered without us in the theater of action; these challenges are placed before us, no running back. We must give it the immediate resourcefulness and answers it deserves, else we and our children unborn will have decide in facing the catastrophic doom of hunger, disease, wars, suffering, impoverishment and high mortality rate of tomorrow. This will be ushered in by the overhauling of our laziness, wickedness and ignorance for what tomorrow holds. Africa through her virile youths must act now!

Now who among us will be the next emerging leaders of Africa? Who amongst us will be next reformers Africa and Africans have long waited for? The next Kwame Nkrumah; the next Thomas Sankara; the next Ken Saro-Wiwa; the next man who’s vision is to fight at the expense of his comfort, through non-violence? Who amongst us will be the vanguard of democracy, good governance, freedom and discovery?

From the height of our heart’s joy; and of the beginning of a journey that have placed us in the arena of events, we collectively raise our hallowed palm up above in support of our indivisible, infallible Africa. Today we welcome our African brothers and sisters, you and all great leaders of tomorrow’s Africa. As we by inheritance we have willed tomorrow’s Africa into our table of discourse, we hope that we can take Africa to the next mountain of one of the greatest economies of the world. If we fail, only when we fail.we may have prepared a path for those coming from the distance land. We must build that platform for these great souls; we must devotedly and should be committed in laying the foundation stone of very unique future.

Some of us have seen the mountaintop, but how many of our brothers and sisters have. Some have faintly glimpsed the future through dreams and euphoric indulgence, but this has remained a curse rather than a blessing. It has reminded us of our responsibility, it has shown us perpetually impossibility that possibility. Our networking Youth Leaders; of our African brothers and sisters, is to provide applicable solutions to curbing the unending impossibilities that were left over by our corrupt leaders.

These dreams is coming to us because the weapon of igniting that gun powder is within us, must we then remain idle to allow manners fall from the heavens – a land that is with us already? We must remind ourselves that, never again, shall Africa be placed in the corridors of speculation, ignorance and underdevelopment. This is a call to all our brothers and sisters all over the world; Let us SOAR like the eagle even at home, and to our point of landing. I raise my hands in salutation!!!

Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta!!!
Yours for a United Africa,

For: Society of African Reformers (SOAR)
Dr. Carl Ogunshola Oshodi (PhD)

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