by Odimegwu Onwumere

We have mastered the environment. The environment is Shylockian. The environment is clear and perfect, but we are not benefiting from it. The environment is helpful, but those we met on board are not helpful. They tell us that we will get there with time, whereas their own time on the board is rightly in their palm.

Overtime, the employers struggle with their employees over the crumbs. Where the employers see that the employees could be faster in grabbing the crumbs, he or she makes sure that the crumbs are crushed knowing full well that without the crumbs the employees would go to bed with thoughts and face up the ceiling.

The reason many rich people would want the beggar to beg and beg before they could comply isn’t comprehensible. One wouldn’t know the joy they get from this act. Overtime, the employers buy cars and build houses for their girl friends, leaving their employees who workout the money in destitute.

There is no trophy in being wicked, especially to the employees. That the employer was able to reach his financial stature doesn’t mean that the employee is weakling. The employees ideas are in the work they are doing and must be empowered by the employer without any logic.

Life should be about reality and not logic. Sugarmouth and orchestrated exploits against the employees is a crime. The employee is a human being and must live as one. He or she must not be indirectly subjected to obscurity with pretentious promises that ”we will get there”.

How would the employee know when the employer gets there, if he or she doesn’t know when he or she is at presents? The employer’s overtime axiom is, “He who laugh last laughs the best”. But the employer would not tell the employee to start laughing and show him or her the way to sustain the laugh.

It is inimical of the employer to see the employee dying of abject poverty in abundance of wealth. The worse is the stone-hearted of the employer against the employee.

However, one thing remains sacrosanct, there is no estimation in the cosmos to generating ideas. Life could be piercing sometimes, but many people from poor homes pierced through life’s dungeons and they are living in richly homes. Overtime, the employer forgets that the man he or she was, was one time a boy whose opportunity is it to make money while the other person should work?

It’s saddening that many people continue to contribute to the society they live in without the society contributing back to them. An employee could have purpose and goal in life but the employer directs him or her to a wasted life.

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