Palestine Nationhood Imperative; As Israel Meets The World!

by Paul I. Adujie

Palestine nationhood should be declared and the skies and heavens will not fall.

Let America and Israel deal with Palestine nation state as an imperative and fact of life.

Let Palestinians table their self determination, independence and freedom at the United Nations in September 2011 which will put America in a tough spot.

America will have to either support Palestine nationhood, independence, freedom, liberty and democracy or America will be seen again as displaying biases in favor of Israel to “protect” Israel in the usual lopsided perennial way for the world to see

America and Israel are behind the curve and lagging, regarding the yearnings and aspirations of Palestine, the Arabs, Persians and the Islamic world’s political awakening, the so-called Arab Spring or Arab Awakening. The International Community is on the side of Palestine nationhood!

America at every step have supported and facilitated Israel’s ability to remain complacent and refused to move the Palestine-Israel peace talks forward and the world is now tired of the subterfuge, chicaneries and shenanigans in which ostentatious plans to talk about peace has not led to actual peace talks

Israel have argued for several years that Mahmud Abbas is isolated and does not represent all Palestinians, and cannot move peace forward, because Palestinians are divided along the lines of HAMAS supporters and FATAH supporters.

Why does peace between HAMAS and FATAH worry America and Israel so much? Why does the reconciliation between the different groups in Palestine offend America and Israel? Why should the division between Palestinians bring some twisted comforts, complacency and warped satisfaction to anyone?

Israel has always protested that it had no one to negotiate peace with, because of the internal division within Palestine, even though, America and Israel actually in fact, engineered and orchestrated the splinting inside Palestine when HAMAS was denied the fruits of electoral wins or victory in 2006

Now, that HAMAS and FATAH have reconciled and there is political unity between Palestinians of all political spectrum, Israel and Israel’s Godfather now argues that there will be no peace talks because HAMAS is not a peaceful organization.

Israel military is not a peaceful organization and it has killed more than 2,500 Palestinians in the preceding 20 months!

Palestinian-Israel Peace Talks stalemate -impasse began with the American led delegitimizing of elections won, fair and square by HAMAS in January 2006 with a majority in Palestinian parliament.

HAMAS electoral victory undermined, relegated and disregarded undermining electoral democratic process

Palestine and Israel intractable conflict is 100 year headache to America, the Middle East and the entire world.

Netanyahu lectured Obama. even Jeffrey Goldberg a supporter of Israel, said he was surprised to see Netanyahu lecture Obama.

The fact is, Mr. Ehud Olmert, Benyamin Netanyahu’s immediate predecessor as prime minister of Israel, said the same things about boundaries between Palestine and Israel as neighboring nations, which is what President Obama has said about pre-1967 borders, and land swaps based on mutually agreed exchange.

And yet, Netanyahu is mad at Obama lecturing him on nationally and globally televised meeting as Netanyahu says, we can’t go back to those indefensible lines

A frosty Benjamin Netanyahu with unconcealed angry-belligerent mien, met with President Obama at the White House on Friday May 20, 2011, a day after the latter made new pronouncements as America’s aspirations for peace and security in the Middle East.

Netanyahu lectured President Obama in condescending patronizing manner, it was clear that they were making nice in public even as deep seated differences exists and are seeping out despite a closed door meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu

Israel and her supporters continue to seek American cover and protective shield while retaining an unflinching and unyielding insistence on doing things which are opposed by the United States, the United Nations and in fact, doing things which are opposed by the whole world

Astonishingly, Israel is digging in, despite the changing tides in the Middle East in the aftermath of the cataclysmic Arab Spring and the aftermath of the demise of Osama bin Laden

How is it that Netanyahu of Israeli heckles President Obama despite the obvious tsunami which continues to unfold in the Middle East in the so-called Arab Awakening or Arab Spring? And how is it that not much mention is made of the absence of political and economic reforms in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and in other Arab nations which are friendly to America, but using arbitrary and brutal state power to squelch peaceful protesters and killing hundreds of them?

Nothing is said about Saudi Arabia, because gas price at pumps in America might go up if America insists on what is right, and thereby make Saudi Arabian monarchy angry?

America’s policy inconsistencies and hypocritical stances for the region is the source of all the trouble in Middle East.

America constantly deals with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain favorably, while being tough and harsh with Iran, Syria, Libya etc and this is keenly and acutely observed globally!

Israel and others are pretending that the reconciliation between FATAH and HAMAS is the reason why Israel has continued to rapidly expand constructions of Jewish Settlements on Palestine territory.

HAMAS is not the reason why Israel have not negotiated peace with Mahmud Abbas of the Palestine Authority for several years since the George W. Bush concocted so-called “Road Map”

HAMAS and FATAH organizations represent Palestinians’ worldview; therefore, unity through reconciliation within Palestine should not be demonized. Reconciliations between Palestine actually demonstrate political and democratic maturity and such political compromises for the common good should not be demonized by America and Israel

On the contrary, we should applaud Palestinians for agreeing to work together for peace in the region. When did compromise fo the sake of peace become such a bad thing, bad idea? Or is it simply because America and Israel believes that a splintered Palestinians suits American and Israeli purpose of divide and conquer?

A divided Palestinian political leadership has guaranteed Israel’s domination and occupation of Palestine. The undermining and marginalization of HAMAS since their electoral victory in 2006 proves this point abundantly!

There is a preponderance of evidence in favor of robust negotiations between the parties for the sake of true and lasting peace and there is overwhelming evidence of Israel and Netanyahu’s intransigence…. laid bare even today as he scarcely could contain and restrain his arrogant body language as he spoke with President of the United States. Netanyahu goes out of his way to alienate President Obama and America

The question may be asked, what other person and nation deals with the president of the United States, the way and manner in which Netanyahu did on Friday, with such contempt and undiluted disdain

Were it not for the United States, what is the population of Israel and what are Israel resources which could be the predicate and which buoys her confrontation with the USA?

Why does, the nation of Israel and her supporters have aversion to Palestinians desire to table self-determination, independence and nationhood in September 2011 at the United Nations?

The world should ask why the Palestinians are frustrated and impatience?

It is the urgency of now, which every reasonable person can see regarding Middle East conflict which motivates President Obama’s response and policy speech on Middle East; as Israel continues to expand Jewish Settlements on Palestine territory, Jewish Settlements which were form

erly deemed illegal by America and the United Nations, but now, America and Israel now refer to these settlements as the new reality on ground in the Peace Talks.

Netanyahu now proudly says that, leaving those territories to Palestinians, the rightful owners, is not going to happen or that it is indefensible to even ask Israel to give up on Palestine lands which Israel have been grabbing and continuing to engage in this land grabs.

Netanyahu only this week, and before embarking on his trip to America to meet President Obama, address AIPAC and address a joint session of the US Congress, Netanyahu actually approved more land grabs for the expansion of Jewish Settlements on Palestine land for more than 1,500 new houses!

Why does, the nation of Israel and her supporters oppose the so-called two states solutions?

Netanyahu coldly and icily lectured President Obama as to why what the president believes is different from and inconsistent with the reality. This, even though, everyone knows that President Obama is thoroughly attuned to the details, the specifics, historical evidence of Palestine and Israel contests

Why is Israel acting and insisting on continuing to act as a colonial and imperial collecting Customs, Excise fees and taxes which rightly belong to Palestine, and withholding them?

It abundantly clear now and quite glaring, that our position is not a fringe position or some isolated idea as to what must be done for the realization of true peace between Palestine and Israel, and in effect, the attainment of peace in all of the Middle East.

Netanyahu and superior arguments, arguments which are better than the current ones, so long as they are logical, reasonable and supported by the evidence as they may exist on each particular issue regarding true and lasting peace in the Middle East, and offensive body language and sour tone of voice and blazing eyes etc by Netanyahu would not do.

Everyone who has observed Mr. Netanyahu over time knows that e is Mr. Intransigence extraordinaire!

Everyone who has observed the endless conflicts and the loud talk about Peace Talks have become tire, weary and frustrated with unproductive tactics. All reasonable persons are now calling a spade a spade and most are now ready and able to state forthrightly, their assessment of the Palestine -Israel impasse.

It is not an isolated view, fringe view or lonely view limited to Palestinians who are critical of Israel tactics… there are Jews and Gentiles etc who now frequently say, that Israel is overbearing arrogant and that Israel built an Apartheid Wall against Palestinians and other Arabs

It is the case that Israel’s and America’s best interests are served and will be served and protected through Peace Accords with Israel’s Arab and Persian neighbors. Palestine nationhood which will bring peace, security and stability is not some sorts of favor for the long suffering people of Palestine.

Peace between Palestine and Israel will bring peace, security and stability to the Middle East and this will be good not just for the region, but for the whole world!

Peace between Palestine and Israel is the only way to true, everlasting peace, security and stability in the Middle Easter and Persian Gulf region.

America and Israel must jettison the expedient, myopic and parochial policy in which monarchies, tyrants, dictators are propped to act as puppets for Israel and the US have always brought gargantuan unpleasantness… it is time to recalibrate and change all that… change is good and possible in the circumstances. Dictators and tyrants only offer fleeting-fluid “stability”

And this is the big picture which can be garnered from the multiple variables which have been repeatedly marshaled robustly, in arguments this writer’s essays on the Middle East conflicts

George Mitchell the erstwhile special envoy, appointed by President Obama on Peace Talks between Palestine and Israel resigned a few days before Mr. Obama’s Middle East Policy Statement on Middle East.

The world should be asking why Senator George Mitchell resigned. It is the case that he resigned as Mideast Envoy because the process was going nowhere and has gone nowhere for over two years since his appointment

Oslo Accord which was to lead to further Peace Talks and more peacemaking were similarly abandoned. The much touted and loudly proclaimed Road Map to peace which was promoted and advocated as Middle East panacea by former President George W. Bush also was lackluster and it met willful neglect and untimely death.

Why then, should Palestinians continue to allow themselves to be deceived, in the face of all these planned obsolescence or planned failures? Definition of insanity, is, doing same thing over and over expecting different results.

A majority of Middle East policy observers now realize that Israel is the obstacle to peace. Israel’s known or advertised unwillingness and deliberate refusal to negotiate peace with Mr. Abbas of Palestine Authority.

Israel’s adamant insistence on rapidly expanding Jewish Settlements on Palestine lands and Israel’s frequent resort to violence against Palestinians as Israel did in January 2009 when Israel killed 1,400 Palestinians or When Israel attacked and killed a dozen peaceful persons on a Flotilla in 2010 and again, when Israel only last week killed 15 Palestinians who were merely marking an important anniversary peacefully.

America has historically supported Israel blindly. America therefore, through actions and pronouncements, has not been an honest peace broker.

America has instead portrayed itself as a tied a mountain climber and which will rise or fall and crash together.

Israel is about to be isolated and Israel might crashed metaphorically and literally, if Netanyahu’s current attitude is pursued to their logical conclusions!

The time and tides are changing in the Middle East. There are scheduled elections in Egypt and political reforms across the Middle East. Supporting dictators, tyrants and totalitarians is not the way to stability and it is falling out of favor with a majority of Middle Eastern citizens!

Middle Eastern eyes are now wide open as they demand democratization and economic reforms and reject dictators, tyrants and those who act as puppets and local enforcers for America and Israel. America and Israel will need to support the building blocks and super structures of democratization in the Middle East

Netanyahu and his American supporters often give the impression that it is Israel which seeks negotiations and peace, while the Palestinians merely want Israel wiped out of the earth or driven into the sea. It is portrayed again and again that Palestine is epicenter of warmongering lot who would never recognize the right of Israel to exist.

But the fact and the truth is that Israel have killed more than 2,000 Palestinians in the past couple of years and Palestine does not have the army, military assets and coordinate to inflict similar or identical death toll on Israel as Israel frequently inflict on Palestine, including the incident of last Sunday May 16, 2011 when 15 peaceful Palestinian protesters were murdered by Israel military

Netanyahu will address AIPAC on Monday 24, 2011 and thereafter address a joint session of the US Congress and it remains to be seen, what never and workable ideas Netanyahu has to offer.

It is the case that a majority of the ordinary Israelis want peace through a two state solution of Palestine and Israel nations living side by side, in true, enduring and lasting peace and security

President Obama addressed American Israel Public Affairs Committee the nation’s foremost pro-Israel lobbying group body and President Obama informed AIPAC that failure to negotiate is not an option.

Mr. Obama further stated that this is no time for procrastinations and he made the point that friends talk honestly and openly. It is a new d

ay, the world is moving too fast. He reminded those gathered that it takes hard headed recognition that genuine lasting peace requires mutuality

There will be elections in Egypt in September and all the surrounding nations in the Middle East are shifting and Netanyahu needs to be more forward leaning towards peace.

Let there be a clear path to Palestine nation-statehood before September 2011, and then, Palestinians would have no need to table any requests at the United Nations, in the absence of meaningful Peace Talks or in the face of comatose, dormant and moribund Peace Talks since 2006, why should Palestinians reward Israel’s complacency and arrogance?

Let there be meaningful negotiations now, let there be real peace talk now, it is still May 2011, or let Palestine nationhood and independence be declared with global aplomb, support, encouragement and recognition by all, including the United Nations!

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