PDP Declares Nigerians Wanted

by Odimegwu Onwumere

Without allowing people to exercise their franchise during an election, then the definition of this type of government called Democracy has no meaning. As scholars may define it, democracy is the government of the people for the people by the people.

I read a text in a national newspaper that if a blood group test is being run on Prof. Iwu Maurice, the Independent National Electoral Commission Chairman, it would test PDP +. Laughable! But the truth could not be farfetched from it.

Iwu has made Nigerians crackers from the shoddy business of election rigging he fostered the PDP to achieve. This business has multiplied to the extent that Nigerians are living in fear in their own country. PDP is now declaring (a national state of emergency), by declaring any Nigerian who might contest their genuineness and that of the election wanted.

An observer wrote that it would rather be better to be a traditionalist than to be an occultic member. The consequence of being in that cult is what we have in PDP-led governments, like evil, unemployment and ever ready to kill. No wonder BABA termed the election a Do or Die (which has turned a Do to Die). Bad government is not a tradition anywhere. We need a change.

Chief Great Ogboru who contested the Delta guber race in another political party was declared wanted by the state police for occasioning stoical stand against the election which was reported did not reach the standard minimum of any democracy.

The Nigerian police who are supposed to investigate any matter properly without any string attached are in a festival or connivance with the PDP-government to tell Nigerians, shut up.

The number of security men that attended the swearing in of the new government was reported to have outnumbered the civilian attendants. They even arrested people that protested the election on the 29th May, from Abia to Abuja. They positioned armoured tanks against Nigerians in all the strategically important positions in Nigeria.

They positioned weapons worthy of Nigerians destruction to the people who voted overwhelmingly their leaders but PDP and Iwu overjoyeously gave them leaders they churlish. This single act is conspiracy!

The “good composer of fiction stories”, the Owu generalissimo has bowed out of the system leaving the whirlwind that could not be checked with a barometer to be blowing. Nigerians are watching when this would end.

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