PDP’s Monument Of Shame

by Peter Claver Oparah

I was elated that the PDP, the undisputed nemesis of Nigeria, has hit a brainwave to erect a building, a twelve storey building in Abuja as a monument of that party’s unforgettable presence in our lives as a people. That building may certainly turn out to be our equivalent of the famed Tower of Babel because the PDP is a loose confederate of desperate fortune hunters, bloody fiends and deadly cabal of disparate tendencies aiming at each other’s throat for undue advantage. So it would not be out of place to see any place where they are gathered as a possible Faluja, waiting to happen with daggers and guns concealed in the acted camaraderie they try to present at any session they convoke to share booties, as has been the recurrent pastime these eight years. The PDP has maintained a dominant presence in our lives for the past eight or nine years and regrettably, that presence has been for wrong and better forgotten effects. It is good that the cabal that humors itself as a party and further ridicules itself as ‘the largest party in Africa’ has thought it wise to erect a monument through which Nigerians will recall our worst years in the years to come. I know that the buccaneers and vampires that call the shots in that deadly ring are fascinated by the pet names they employ to humour themselves at every turn.

There is no doubt that the PDP will easily mobilize the funds for that project, although it makes a show of having a fund raising panel headed by Goodluck Jonathan. In actual fact, the PDP has had no skin pain mobilizing funds for its mostly nefarious projects in the last eight years as a very thin and transparent line separates the public treasury from the PDP slush fund from where any project that benefits the cabal that owns and manages the PDP draw their kicks. Either from the states, ministries, federal parastatals like NNPC, PTDF, NPA, etc, the PDP has a seamless license to dip its hands into any pie to finance its businesses. To the so-called anti-graft bodies, there is nothing wrong with that because they work in cahoots with the PDP on any asinine project that cult elects to undertake. Even in its attempt to humour itself as the biggest party in Africa, the PDP knows that its claim to strength is founded on dubious and crooked gerrymandering of electoral process and perpetrating electoral fraud. It knows it holds no real stronghold at the grassroots and that it will take just an election with a semblance of credibility to rend this borrowed garb. It knows that it is the butt of the scorn, anger and bile of ordinary Nigerians that suffer the blisters of its corrosive contact with governance in the past eight years. This is the reason why it would rather engage in violent vote robbery than allow for a free and fair election to take place. This is the reason why it is still sold to the perverted belief that it can cook any obnoxious farce and be allowed to walk away with the loot. It knows how passionately it is hated and abhorred by Nigerians that endure its decrementing effects on their famished lives. Coming when the party is engrossed in a conspiracy to sustain a Speaker that has been roundly indicted by a panel she set up for monumental corrupt acts, there is little left to the imagination of Nigerians what that monument would represent among Nigerians and what the PDP intends it to be.

You may ask why I am elated that the PDP wants to permanentise itself in a country it has gang-raped and violently deflowered through all known crooked means in the past eight years. Sure, I am happy that we would have a permanent feature from which we can always recall our worst years in the hands of serial rapists, treasury looters, roughnecks and all manners of societal misfits. I am elated that the PDP is about to institute a tomb of shame that reminds us of the past eight years and the unsure, tentative and uncertain present. I am happy that we are getting a reference point where our children and generations yet unborn will situate the brigandage of the eight years, the dubiety and official fraud that was launched on a hapless country by a blood thirsty cabal that cared less whether the rest of the country is consumed in their insatiable lust for personal comfort and selfish enrichment. Just a look at that symbol of PDP, even after its self-allotted sixty years reign is long gone and memories flood back and for Nigerians that are always accused of having short memories, there is no gainsaying that the PDP tower will help keep us on track of the cult that reduced this country to smithereens in the last eight years.

Boy, I am glad that at long last, we are getting a monument we can see and remember the reign of fiends and outlaws in Anambra, with the Uba clan and their Capone of a father unleashing raw hell and murder on a people that merely desired good governance. I am glad that Nigerians are getting somewhere they will connect the wholesome reign of thugs, amala and gbegiri chieftains and garrison warlords in Oyo, under the patronship of the Balogun of Owu, who deigned the complete destabilization of Oyo State as a worthy diadem to a man molten in his own crude and primitive image. I am glad that PDP wants to keep the sad and dreary memory of the Obasanjo years that elevated official vice, shame-faced, bare lying, dubiousness, deception, double speak, avarice and graft to eternal creed of governance. I am elated that the PDP is bent on keeping alive the memories of the unmitigated umbrage it visited on this country for the past eight years. I am really happy that the PDP wants to institutionalize the base values it represents as a collection of treasury raiders and unflinching maggots that have taken a well endowed country to the very depths we never knew was possible in virtually all spheres of life. I am really thrilled that the PDP wants to put a permanent fixture to fraudulent elections and vote robbery, which gave it its self-assumed strength.

I am very happy that the PDP wants to establish a permanent reminder to our years of leadership mediocrity of the most ranking stature, our years of unceasing pestilence and our years of maximum infliction of mass pain and pauperization under very dubious guises. It will remind us of the years of systemic official stealing and coveting of our collective patrimony through fraudulent means in an effort by the mandarins of the PDP to sufficiently pad their mean lives to the detriment of the masses. It will remind us of the years of unresolved political killings, uncensored reign of armed robbers, unfeeling massacre of innocent Nigerians in premeditated genocide as in Odi and Zaki Ibiam. It will remind us of the years of furious cover-up in the name of fighting corruption and would remind us of the years when corruption had its most luxuriant years and went to corrupt the political, social and economic aspects of our lives in ways that have never been seen in the annals of our country’s chequered existence. It will remind us of the reign of pettiness, vindictive and selective dispensation of favours and punishments. It will certainly remind us of the

I am happy that Obasanjo and his brood of locusts like Andy Uba, Chris Uba, Nasiru El-Rufai, Akin Osuntokun, Lamidi Adedibu, Bode George, Ojo Maduekwe, James Ibori, Bayo Ojo, Maurice Iwu, Nuhu Ribadu, Sunday Ehindero, Ibrahim Mantu, Ahmadu Alli, Tony Anenih, Fani Kayode, Uba Sani and such other men whose memories evoke tears and regret in the hearts of Nigerians, want to erect a monument that would permanently play them back to the wounded and eternally bruised sub consciousness of Nigerians. Even as painful as that memory is, it will assist us to situate the present and of course, the recent past that is significantly eating away our present and most importantly, it will guide us to a future that scoundrels who intently wasted our recent past is hoping to bail them out from their evil ways in the last eight years. So let the PDP erect its tower of Babel, its monument of eternal shame and my widow’s mite is there should they graciously condescend to have it.

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