People’s Democratic Party – P.D.P.

by Damola Awoyokun

Permanently Deaf President.

President Disturbs Peace.

Purely Draconian President.

President Dupes the People.

Permitting Dangerous Practices.

President Deepens Problems.

President Deregulates Palaver.

Parade of Deranged People.

Particularly Dubious People.

President’s Dummies and Puppets.

Power Destroys Passionately.

Progressively Despotic President.

Poorly Democratic Pile.

Politicians Daft on Purpose.

People Destroying Panthers.

Painstakingly Disseminating Poverty.

Perfectly Deranged Party.

People Devouring Politicians.

Psychologically Deluded Pack.

Publicly Disgraced People.

Perpetually Destructive Pestilence.

Primitively Dignified Pigs.

Professors of Devilish Policies.

Permanently Delivering Poverty.

Preferring Disease for the People.

Pharaoh + Deceit = President.

Plainly Dishonest Pack.

Penchant for Detrimental Practices.

Playing Dangerous Pranks.

Possibilities of Disasters Persist.

People Demanding Psychiatrists.

Pioneers of Decadent Politics.

Poisonously Decimating Policies.

Plainly Demented People.

Parade of Dunces and Predators.

Pot-bellied Descendants of Plunderers.

Powerfully Debased Potentates.

Party Dancing with Perdition.

Precisely Destroyed Pack.

People Displaying Pride.

Patiently Devouring Parasites.

Persistently Deceiving President.

Plainly Defective Personalities.

Papa Doubles Poverty.

Pensioners didn’t Deserve Payment .

Pounding the Dough of Problems.

Processing Difficulties for People.

Properly Distributing Poverty.

Persistently Disastrous Party.

Perpetually Destructive Perspective.

Politicians Dedicated to Plundering.

Proscribing Decency in Politics.

Perfectly Dangerous People.

Pledging Disorder for Politics.

Pinnacle of Dire Perversion.

Prevention is Dreadful than the Problem.

Putting Democracy in Pieces.

Pacing in Deadly Paths.

Pervasively Devilish Platoons.

Parade of Discredited Politicians.

People Dancing Palong.

Proudly Demented Pack.

Peopled with Disgusting People.

Processing the Drift to Peril.

Piously Devoted Pharisees.

Pastors of Dubious Parishes.

Preschoolers Drooling Phlegm.

Perverts, Dictators and Prowlers.

Pack of Disgraceful Psycophants.

Phobias Diverse in the President.

Plentiful Disaster Persists.

Pledging Disease for the Public.

Profusely Donating Privation.

Putting Dindinrin in Power.

Pursuing Demonic Policies.

Privatisation, Draining our Purses.

Petroleum Deregulation Pitiless.

Punishing the Disabled and Pensioners.

Punishing Different Peoples.

Plenty Doses of Pain.

Perennially Divulging Pestilence.

Preparing Disaster for the Populace.

Panorama of Desolation and Poverty.

Phoney Devotion to Progress.

Pretended Dedication to Progress.

Phobia for Due Process.

Public Display by Prostitutes.

Protagonists of Decadent Politics.

Psychosis Driven Party.

Psychopaths Directly in Power.

Politicians Destroyed by the People.

Populace Disgruntled by the Psychopaths.

Please Disband PDP.

People Demand Progress.

Pogrom Day Prowls.

Painstakingly Designing the Perdition.

Plotting the Disaster in Private.

Paying Due Price.

People Demolish Power.

PDP Dies Permanently.

President Dethroned by the Populace.

President Destroyed Publicly.

Put Democrats in Power!

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Baba Shehu April 23, 2007 - 6:22 am


Obi O. April 17, 2006 - 8:47 pm

Excellent. add: Pathetic Dimwitted Poodles; Pompous Devious Pilferers; Psychologically Deficient Party; Peter Dogging Paul; Papas Deranged Party.

Anonymous April 15, 2006 - 5:04 am

this is great and really good….congratulations

WayoGuy April 13, 2006 - 3:46 am

Unique.Well done.

Anonymous April 12, 2006 - 8:50 pm

Very good compilations. Lets add this two to your list: Purely devilish people and permanently deranged People.


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