Plan C For The President

by Uche Nworah

Is OBJ no longer a retired general of the Nigerian armed forces? Has he forgotten his barracks roots? What’s all this nonsense I’m hearing that he is having difficulties getting some hungry politicians in the national assembly to vote for a common third term, what’s a mere 4 years tenure extension, would that even be enough to complete the task at hand?, why are Nigerians complaining? Can’t they see that the messiah is here?

I’m really not happy with our people, ingrates all. Always winging, moaning and bitching. Can’t a president ask for a little more time to complete the good work he has started?Better to round all these politicians at the national ‘ashamebly’ and take them to the Enugu 82 division guard room, they will learn to sing in sync after smelling the rod for a few weeks, by which time they would vomit all that money that has been changing hands in Abuja, which the president knows nothing about.

Then, they will tell us the enemies of Nigerians and the president, who have been spoiling the president’s good name, alleging that he is the one bribing them.

Can you imagine? Has the president ever seen that kind of money in his life? Won’t he faint if he does? A man that has spent all his life in the barracks and in the farm, where do they think that he will get that kind of money from? You see why I believe that it is the president’s enemies that are tarnishing his image.

Again, maybe the president has been eating too much chicken, or he has been away from the military for too long. Why else is he wasting time playing hide and seek with these small boys? Do they even matter? Has the president forgotten that national interests supersede personal and individual interests, it is in Nigeria’s national interests that the president be allowed a third term in office, therefore nothing else matters.

We should be grateful that he is even agreeing to put himself forward again, rather than retire back to his village library to see out his days. Don’t we know that sages are hard to come by, and so we must nurture and support ours. Is it when his star dims now that we will start shedding crocodile tearsat his monument pretending that we miss him, now that he is still with us, can’t we enjoy his wisdom and wise cracks?

Now you see why even a third term in office won’t be enough. This new presidential jet that we just bought, don’t we know that it is only our president that is befitting to ride in it? If he goes now, the next president will just let it go the way of Nigeria Airways and then our millions of dollars invested on it will be wasted.

The president sure deserves a fourth term at least; call it Plan C if you like. I would have suggested life tenure but then that would be doing the great one a disservice, being that he hasn’t had any time to himself since Auntie Stella passed on. So just another 8 years and then he can go. I’m sure we will all miss him. The two years tenure extension as proposed in Plan B is simply unacceptable.

Why are we even foot dragging on this matter? Do we really have to? Best thing now to do if you ask me is for His Excellency to coup himself, yes, I mean it.

He should rally together some hot heads in the military, give them marching orders, and with all the new fighter planes we bought from China, they should be able to secure all the strategic locations. With promises of civilian administratorships in the states and board appointments just like the days of old, this should be a piece of cake, or a walk in the park.

Why waste time with all these useless political arrangers who have failed to break the third term deadlock, when the easy solution is there for His Excellency. Just do it, Nigerians would love you even more. This is what we all want.

If not, all these cowboys will sneak in, in the dead of night like the thieves that they are and balkanize the huge external reserves that J P Morgan is managing for us.

Mantu is no longer relevant, The Ubahs are waning, what have they done for the president lately? Now Nigerians will suffer as a result of the failure of the third term, what kind of nonsense is that, those ‘chop and clean mouth’ law makers have stabbed democracy in the back. They have murdered our aspirations by kicking the third term bill in the teeth.

And come think of it, was it not Nigerians that got the president’s name entangled in the whole third term imbroglio, has he ever said that he wanted it? Was it not those patriotic Nigerians and friends of the president, including some of our corporate Czars including the chief brewer (Mazi Odimegwu), who in their infinite wisdom felt that our president deserves another lap, do we all not realise that the president reluctantly accepted to shepherd us all for another term, even at a great disservice to himself? Is this the right way to pay him back?

We are indeed making it difficult for future great leaders to even want to smell Aso Rock, knowing that they would have nothing but humiliation and injustice waiting for them. Who would want to be mocked and laughed at?. Ok, Nigerians now that you have what you want, lets see what you will do with it, you sure deserve all these cowboy presidential aspirants throwing themselves at you, starting from the okporoko seller from Abia state who calls himself a governor, to the ex-customs officer who has stabbed our president in the back repeatedly. How can I forget the Minna godfather, who has an orchard of trees in his estate that grow and mint money for him.

Now what will journalists and commentators like me write about? Why take away a national joy and past time? Why do they want to make us extinct, just like Sunny Okosun when Nelson Mandela was released from prison? Writers arise, fight your battle.

Every Nigerian who loves democracy, and loves our dear president even more should arise now and fight for the great defender of the Olowu dynasty, the mighty warrior of Otta. He doesn’t deserve this humiliation, after all that he has done for Nigeria.

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Anonymous May 17, 2006 - 7:36 pm

The article makes no sense at all. Good writers know when not to writer. This ia a complete nonsense. There is no point of argument in your writing. Where were you before the death of third term?


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