Political Innuendos And Necessary Failure

So it happened that the ‘3rd Term’ idea died a sudden death; one that left all those who supported the idea bowing their heads in ignominy. The President may have lost his goodwill but he can still save face by humbling himself before Nigerians through a prime-time TV address. If he wants to earn his respect again, he must come clean with Nigerians. He must state why he refused to speak before now and apologize for taking us all through the emotional roller-coaster of the ‘3rd Term’ yawa. He must state what his future plans are and assure us he is ready to retire at the expiration of his tenure. He must assure us that he would work to organize a very free and fair election that will usher in the first successful civilian to civilian transition in Nigeria.

But then again, it is not in President Obasanjo’s character to explain himself to anyone, much less of apologize for his errors. If we are to go by his antecedents, he would most likely remain evasive or shout down those who approach him to ask what his plans are. Obasanjo must eventually realize he has the press and the Senate to thank for saving him from what might happen if the ‘3rd Term’ had survived – that which happens to every despot that clings to power: humiliation and disgrace before an eventual downfall. Obasanjo has not fallen yet but he has been humbled. He should begin to plan his exit from power and leave a legacy [if any] for others to emulate. That way, he can celebrate his ‘official’ 70th birthday anniversary next March in relative peace before he retires to his farm in Ota. A word they say is enough for the wise. He who have ears let them hear; else soonest the God of Nigeria will come down and smite them, even within the agitation of the plan ‘B’ Syndrome which I know will not work.

Nigeria…Answered prayers

The funniest thing here is that whatever happens, the lord will always answer our plights, because in my own sense; I believe God is a Nigerian, and thus will fight for the plight of Nigerians. I want to also state however that if they proceed with plan ‘B’, God in his infinite mercies will disgrace them. And more so, since the inception of this third term agenda, Mr. President has been traveling seeking supports to elongate his stay in Office beyond 2007. He has either been advise to go back to his farm after 2007 and from there act as elder statesman like his predecessors, some other nations like the US, UK, France, Canada, ECOWAS, AU and the rest has advised their own quota against the term agenda. And just recently Mr. President went to Uganda and felicitated with a rogue that wanted a third term in government and who through manipulations and evil tactics has gotten what he wanted against the wishes and aspiration of the masses of Uganda.

Can anybody imagine the gravity and political nonsense that My Humble president involved himself in? It means that he wanted to learn from this jobber, mediocre, rogue, opportunist, shameless and arrogant colleague, and perhaps come back to Nigeria and employ same tactics. But recently also, the Senators and representatives just told him, Nigeria and Nigerians are two big and collective entity that can never be fooled by the jamboree tactics of Mr. President and his cohorts. And I want to believe that the said Senator Mantu and his cohorts, and the PDP will be shamed now, and even though they assure Nigerians that the battle is not yet over, they will continue in this same process of dynamic failures. This just showed that they are not vulnerable to the wrath of the Collective agreement of the majority Nigerians who knew of their evil plans. I pray that those who have worked tireless to see this work out will continue in same manifold, until victory is completely hand over to the people come May 2007.

It is a shame that Mr. President allowed his integrity to be battered because of the selfishness of his advisors and the agents of doom that he has appointed as ministers, and those he has influenced, who are members of the senate, representatives, and other meaningful Nigerians. It is a grave shame, and I wonder what will become of him when he returns to his Otta farm! I advise him to use the remaining months to gather his policies and execute the best he can which will favour the wishes and aspirations of the common Man. This is an Advise, and this is among the best he can ever get.

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Maj. Hassan Yahaya June 21, 2010 - 3:58 pm

Your article was well constructed, good job Mr. Oshodi, its realy good work.


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