Politics And The Future Of Nigeria

by Opeyemi Ajayi

Nigeria became an independent in 1960. She is the only country in the Commonwealth of Nations that got her independence without any battle. Every other nation got it by force while Nigeria got hers after a period of negotiation.

The first set of leaders were intelligent and patriotic. They were able to hold the colonizers to ransom; hence they freed Nigerians from colonization without shedding blood. No other country was that lucky.

Probably that is why we do not value our democracy, the cheap nature that our independent came did not allow us to value self government.

Forty eight years on the line, Nigeria has not gotten it politically. The unfortunate thing is that if we cannot get it politically, no other aspect of human endeavor can be successful.

For example, economically, we are no where to be found. Technologically, we are lost. Educationally, we are not even on the map! The political development of any country says a lot about them.

The truth is if there is no political will to restructure Nigeria, we are going no where. No dream will materialize, no vision can be accomplished. If our so called leaders are not patriotic and try to match sincerity with their words, we will only be merry-go-rounding..

The relative political stability and the sincerity of mind of the political leaders in the USA give room for development in all other sector.

Political instability in Nigeria is not caused by anything but by Nigerians. Corruption is the greatest enemy of Nigeria and if there is no political will to stamp out corruption, nothing can be done.

We became democratic again in 1999 and since then what have we achieved? The major cause of our political instability is that we give political authority to those who ought to be spectators while we allow those who ought to be spectators to play our political professional league.

Nigeria has been coping with the same set of people for too long. The same people who have been looting our treasury have been the same set of people ruling us while we sit back, look and complain.

Quite a number of our so called political leaders are ex-military men who never wanted democracy while in service. Some wine and dined with military men. The most unfortunate thing is that those who fought for democratic move are not even involved in our political experiment; those who annulled June 12 for example are still the people we portray as our leaders today.

Our National Assembly for example is filled with the third eleven that we can offer. Virtually all of them are moribund, they have nothing to offer us. A report explained that over 70% of Senators are not computer literates! At this day and age, they are not ready to learn, not ready for the change that Nigeria needs

Until technocrats, from different fields come out from their hiding place to make a change politically, we are going no where. It’s easier to make changes and policies within the system.

You and I know where the shoe pinches Nigerians, we discuss it with our friends but we refuse to take the lead to solve the problems instead we hand over our destiny to mediocre minds who have nothing to offer us.

The current Nigerian President was a Governor for eight years, he has been acclaimed to be prudent with state resources in Katsina State but in that state there are thousands of young boys and girls without education, there are street urchins popularly called “Almajiri” . What is the essence of saving money when your people cannot have access to good and qualitative education?

The Vice President was the Deputy Governor of Gov. Alams who stole the state resources; the V.P was a participant in that government, doing what?

No Governor betwixt 1999-2008 can wash his hands clean from corruption, they are all corrupt, and so are ministers and National Assembly members.

The point I’m making is that until you and I take the bold step to contest elections, our destiny will continue to be in the hands of charlatans who have nothing to offer us.

As things are we deserve the kind of government we have because of the type of people we entrust our destiny into.

We all know that electricity is a major problem in Nigeria but the National Assembly will never deliberate on what can be done on electricity, neither will State Assembly members across Nigeria deliberate on how to provide portable water in their respective constituencies instead, they will disagree on allowances.

Our snail working President has been there for over one year doing an under study of the system. Few weeks ago, it was announced that the administration will be spending over US$600m on power, does that not mean that that the US$16b spent by the last administration is gone?

We need you to form an alliance with the forward minded crew in Nigeria and make things better. If not now, When? If not you, who?

America, Japan, Britain, France cannot solve our problems for us; we have to take the initiative.

You and I are the people God has destined to take Nigeria to the Promised Land. Don’t fail God.

The future of Nigeria is bright.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

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segun July 16, 2008 - 2:43 pm

Yes, o.The 16bn dollars are gone and another set of rogues we call leaders are already salivating to devour the 600 cool million dollars.Nigeria is definitely doomed.No redemption in sight. Social. political and economic infrastructures are daily crumbling around us and we keep smiling like a pack of morons.I sick of duscussing Nigeria because it makes you look like a confused ignoramus.


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