Politics of Power and the Power of Politics Presidential Debates in Nigeria (2)

The topic of this essay bothers on semantic erudition. It will dissect the theme within the context of political theory and practical politics.The essay will confront the political ideals of Aristotle and the political actualities in the Nigerian Republics that are yet to move from primitive political thought of money, crude fame and political Gerry-mandering, since 1960.
Politics should concern a conscious attempt by its devotees to frame the synthesis of societal organization that caters for everyone, or a resolute attempt to do so. Those, with concern about the development of the race and not selfish parading of stolen public wealth, seek power for altruistic purposes, not self-gratification and the furthering the ends of political power seekers.

On the other hand, the power of politics must be harnessed to improve the social conditions land the living standards of the people. The power of politics, if well-understood and properly used, can turn primitive societies into advanced conditions for citizens to live well.

What do we mean mean by citizens living well? In Nigerian today, there is hunger in the land. An organized society must create conditions of life for its citizens, not the present condition of unorganized life.The graduates have no particular scheme to consult to enable them find jobs. The merchants, who supply goods purchase from expensive sources, since manufacturing is inadequate to cover the needs of the citizens.
So prices rise, while wages are stagnant.

Personal and social insurance schemes suffer since there is no extra money for such endeavors. Agricultural produce has been dwindling as a result of marauding thieves, who plunder the farms.

The state has never been predictable, because political parties do not seem to understand that only the President cannot govern a state. The new political parties are waiting for elections before they articulate their policies on how they propose to govern.
So, we are harassed by hackneyed political sloganeering, promises that are tall orders, with no social relevance to the people’s well-being.

Yet, loquacious political neophytes, favour-seeking and fortune-seeking demagogues proclaim unrecorded successes of leaders, who themselves must wonder, who the baggar is writing about.Aristotle dealt with the issues of conflicting claims to power.In Nigeria, this has become very manifest since APC entered the political contest.

What we do not see is the marked difference in substance. The pragmatic thing now in Nigeria, is to move from Aristotelian ideals of i “HOW FOR DO POLITICS” ” YOU CHOP I CHOP” to social political program-mes adumbrated during presidential political debates, incisive interviews, newspaper articles by presidential aspirants.

The OGBOSO ! and OGBOSO 2 syndrome should disqualify any one unwilling to debate issues. Those, NUNA FIKI eye- service occultists, who are proposing artful dodging, must be put to shame by enlightened mankind, who have raised eye-brows that educated people could, even think about absenteeism at presidential debates.

The AZATA/NEPU Party of thinking, honest and patriotic Nigerian men and women considers it a cardinal principle of presidential politics in Nigeria to hold many presidential debates for political aspirants to enable Nigerian voters to choose leaders and keep the rest away.

We have prepared a 700-paged document to assist the presidential debating enterprise.We are optimistic that every Nigerian will learn from our brief.We have circulated the document to political interest groups world-wide.

We have formulated new theories that will enhance the emergence of a sound federal state.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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