Pope Benedict XVI Lacks Moral Authority to Sanctimony

by Paul I. Adujie

Pope Benedict XVI and the hierarchy of the Catholic Church deserve worldwide condemnation for failure and wanton neglect to act. They failed to act, again, and again and again in connection with this pandemic of sex abuses and molestations of children which is now revealed. Data, evidences, facts which are thoroughly documented have revealed wide ranging sex abuse of children in America, Germany, Ireland, Italy and quite likely, these sexual exploitation of innocent hapless children occurred worldwide!

This pandemic of sexual abuse and exploitation of children by the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is evidently still unfolding. The length and breadth of sex abuse of children by Catholic Church priests is clearly predominant a practice in many nations across the world. The unfolding torrid tales of lewd criminal sex abuse of children by these priests are just mind boggling depravity.

Sex abuse of children by priests of the Catholic Church, and the breathtaking deceit, the attendant or subsequent prodigious efforts at cover-up by the Catholic Church helmsmen, have lasted for decades. But, finally, the dam broke! And it is now time for the Catholic Church to fully reveal the details of their sins and prurient criminal activities. And instead of continuing desperate attempt to spin and engage in more desperate acts of cover-ups, it is time the Catholic Church hierarchy to fess up.

And put a sock on the Catholic Church’s historical sanctimonious preachment of morality regarding sex as taboo, whether heterosexual or homosexual as in gay, lesbian and transgender sex, and then, the Catholic Church archaic, antiquated and medieval or unreasonable and irrational attitude regarding the contentious issue of women’s rights to abortion

Pope Benedict XVI failed to act to stop and prevent sex abuse of innocent children by Catholic Church priests. The pope failed to act to stop and prevent these sex abuses even upon becoming intimately familiar with a series of revelations of the existence of the predator-priests in the Catholic Church who molested children, while under the direct doctrinal and disciplinary supervision of Pope Benedict XVI prior to become the pope and ever since.

Even now, the release of names and the criminal behaviors of Catholic priests, still remain shrouded in secrecy and extorted oath of silence only similar to Mafia modes of operation. The Catholic Church is still only reluctantly revealing and admitting the criminality of priests within the Catholic Church who have been shield from criminal responsibilities for far too long

This current pandemic and scandalous criminal acts of sexual abuse of children, puts in focus, the pretentious celibacy culture of the Catholic Church which requires its hierarchy to be sexually repressed males. It is the denial of human nature in favor outdated Catholic dogmas.

200 hearing impaired defenseless children in Milwaukee were sexually abused by a Catholic priest while Cardinal Ratzinger was minding the store as the authority in charge in the Vatican, whose scheduled duty it is to discipline erring priests. Pope Benedict XVI should resign, the criminality under his watch, before his papacy, have been excessive and worse, there have been criminal efforts, to cover-up the original sins!

Priests in Berlin and other parts of Germany were engaged in sexual abuses and child molestations when the man who would be pope, had the duty and schedule to impose order and he did not. Pope Benedict have similarly been reluctant and rather slow to admit and reveal these sex abuse pandemic which have now unfolded despite the Catholic Church best efforts at continuing concealments.

It is now known, that Catholic priests in Ireland were engaged in, you guessed it, sexual abuse and child molestations and once again, his “holiness” was slow to act. He had refused and neglected to impose penalties and punishments which could have acted as deterrence, especially in the face of repeat offenders who engage in sexual abuses and were merely moved from parish to parish and yet, to another parish

In every other life situations, in view of the above, someone in the pope’s capacity and having neglected to play his roles at every turn, would be adjudged having woefully failed after a pattern after pattern of wanton neglect to enforce the rules which would have prevented the number and durations of the egregious sexual abuses and molestations by catholic priests in America, Italy, Ireland, Germany etc

Pope Benedict XVI with clear history and pattern of neglect, condoned sexual abuse and molestations of children by Catholic priests. This pope fostered and enabled child molesters by refusing to enforce the rules each time he was presented with evidences and facts of Catholic priests in Europe and America who were predators preying on innocent and defenseless children in Italy, Ireland, Germany and the United States

Pope Benedict XVI is now known to have had clear knowledge, evidences, facts and pertinent information regarding damning sexual abuse of children by catholic priest across continents and yet, the pope neglect to sanction these criminals within the pope’s religious organization and the pope eventually ascended to the top of the same organization within which he, while in lower hierarchy, did not provide good moral or religious leadership. The pope in essence protected wild, wayward and terrible child abuser who took advantage of innocent and defenseless children, among these children, the hearing impaired!

Pope Benedict XVI had pertinent and salient information and therefore specific knowledge of sexual abuse of children within different nations. The pope looked the other way, when these sad cases were reported to him. He in effect allowed sex abuse and molestation of children to fester in various parishes and several synod and he in effect gave his ecumenical blessings to sex abuse of children by never imposing sanctions and punishments through defrocking and or prosecution of catholic priests who took advantage of innocent children worldwide

Pope Benedict was in effect the police officer or the Sherriff or prosecutor, with specific, detailed information and knowledge of crimes committed and continuously being committed by criminal elements within his domain, and many of the offenders, were repeat offenders, and yet, did nothing. This sorts of conniving, and colluding police officer, Sherriff, or prosecutor, now got elevated to the highest rank to head police, Sherriff or prosecutorial organization, which now faces extraordinary scandalous pandemic of all these crimes committed by the criminals whose identity and proclivities were always known to this same person who is now the head of the organization.

Pope Benedict XVI is this sorts of police, Sherriff and prosecutor. Pope Benedict was thoroughly familiar with sexual abuse of children by catholic priests in Germany, in Italy, in Ireland, and in the Untied States or worldwide. And he did nothing, then he became as pope, the head of the Catholic Church, papal reverence, perks and all, and look what the world have got in the bargain! Why did the Catholic Church elevate Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger to the pope and leader of the church, despite his pattern of refusing and neglecting to stem the tide and then the deluge of sex abuse of children by Catholic Church priests under his supervision, for years, before he became the pope? Those who voted him in as the pope knew these sordid tales of sex abuses which the pope could have stopped or prevented with actions. What did they know and when did they know it and why did they look the other way as thousands of children were abused sexually by Catholic Church priests who the then cardinal refused to defrock?

The Catholic Church has constituted itself as bastion of oppressions directed at innocent, defenseless and helpless children. What with these massive cover-ups which too place in so many nations, in this still widening and exploding pandemic of sex abu

se and child molestations worldwide? What with the recent efforts by the Catholic Church in America as it colluded with ultra conservatives and retrogressive forces in their efforts to derail the Health Care Reform law? Had the Catholic Church succeeded with the other retrogrades, their efforts would have ensured the continued denials of access to health care to about 40 million poor and hapless Americans.

The world must measure the worthlessness of the Catholic Church with its opposition health care for the poor, it continuing refusal to ordain women worldwide as priests and this scandalous pandemic in which the Catholic Church and Pope Benedict XVI highest hierarchy deceived the entire world and covered-up pervasive and permeating abhorrent sexual exploitations of minors in Germany, Ireland, Italy and in the worst of the cases, the sex abuse directed against the more than 200 hearing impaired children in Milwaukee, in the United States!

The Catholic Church is one of the richest entities in the world, it is in fact a multinational conglomerate and it is now clear, that it covered-up the criminal actions of many of its top “executives”, and that the Catholic Church’s present chief operating officer or CEO, Pope Benedict XVI, who was regularly informed and frequently aware of these heinous crimes, chose to ignore and refuse to impose penalties or punitive and corrective measure. It is the case, that Pope Benedict was clearly aware of these sex abuses and with information and knowledge, chose to do nothing.

The spin doctors in St. Peters Basilica of the Vatican cannot obfuscate or obscure these deliberate policy of making sex abuse victims swear to oath of secrecy, and it so heart wrenching that these victims were mostly children, who cannot and could and should not be assumed to have the capacity to give informed consent or permission to the Catholic Church as it was in effect demanding that these child-victims, deny themselves of compensation or any form of action against the Catholic Church which protected those who assaulted, molested and ruined the lives of these same children

It will be recalled that Pope Benedict XVI, the erstwhile Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was touted as a doctrinal, keeper of the faith and flame who will preserve catholic orthodoxy and religious traditions etc it is now time to question whether his selection and ascendancy was the benefits from the protection racket which the man who would be pope provided to all these child sex crazed priests in so many nations worldwide. It is logical to wonder and ask, what the trade off and quid pro quo or benefits were, which were conferred on Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger on his climb and ascendancy to papacy?

The man who would be pope, clearly had an established pattern of not exacting punishments or penalties on sexual abusers and molesters of children in the catholic priesthood. Catholic priests in America, Germany, Ireland, Italy, and worldwide it would seem, indulged themselves in the criminal enterprise of sex with children. These priests and those who supervised them, were excused, and spared of punishments and penalties or any retributions by the man who is now the pope. Pope Benedict XVI endeared himself to child molesters engaged in sex abuse and the sexual exploitation of children.

The pope was the patron protector of child molesting gangs of catholic priests and their conniving and colluding bishops in America, Germany, Ireland and Italy etc. Pope Benedict XVI does appear to the biggest single beneficiary of this sex abuse and child molestation racket in the catholic church worldwide!

It does appear that the pope owes ascendancy to the protection which he provided to fiendish sexual abusing child molesting catholic priests and their equally culpable supervisory bishops and this interconnection and overlapping mutual protections explains why sex abuse and child molestations in the catholic church went on endlessly, ceaselessly and pervasively for so long and in too many nations as the world now knows! The pope and the entire hierarchy of the catholic church should be ashamed for their hypocrisies and for condoning these sex abuses directed at the world’s weakest citizens, innocent children!

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