Potus, we ain’t Sh*t, we’re the Antithesis of Sh*tholes!

Donald Trump
Image: Pixabay.com

The sly innuendo of Potus about African countries and Haitians is actually a blessing in disguise! African leaders need to wake up from their deathly ambitions for power and hedonism. Nigerian youths must wake up from their nauseating slumber to take their future back from their senile political leaders.

Unfortunately, power and corruption have blindfolded African leaders and they do not understand that African “sh**hole” is a resourceful pit with the coagulation of s**t that if evacuated and processed can be a fathomable fertilizer for other infertile minds or developed and developing communities. Sh**hole is good, especially for a jaundiced environment in search of the bountiful resources. Sh**hole has produced the best informed, highly educated and resourceful minds. Sh**hole has fertilized some countries in dire need of the fertile resources from the sh**hole countries in Africa.

Please let’s stop blaming our loquacious Potus, because his vituperation and vulgarity is for African leaders and youths to halt their unending, lackluster, inordinate political ambition, and thirst for wealth and instant gratification. Enough of human capital drainage from Africa to other continents. African youths and leaders should wake up to use their sh**hole to fertilize the continent of Africa.

Thank but no thanks to Mr. President for his uncouth word and political dowdiness. Our president shouldn’t be decanonized by the Republicans yet, let the GOP continue the danse macabre to their political sci-fi and repulsive silent antics. The speaker of the word is not an unfortunate man, but those who keep silent to check the speaker are the most unfortunate people. We are keenly watching from the theatre of decorum!

Meanwhile, the GOP should be told in plain language that according to reliable statistics, 25% of Nigerians in the United States have advanced degrees, i.e. PhDs. Also, in Potus’ country, 57% of Nigerians have incredible Bachelor degrees in various educational fields of study. Africa is one of the most learned continents in the global community. Nigerian nationals in the United States are very hard working and proud of the American exceptionalism, and the unique opportunities the country provides them. They work in all private and public institutions in the US, contributing to the beauty and development of the United States. Potus should be advised that 43% of African immigrants have Bachelors degrees, and are a robust resource and great asset to the development and greatness of America. So, Mr. President, we aren’t sh*t but we are the antithesis of the real sh**hole you proclaimed.

Those of us with the discerning minds know that Potus’ alleged and denigrating African “sh**hole” is a bank of wealth for agricultural lands that have soil for bountiful farm produce. Inside the s**hole is the impeccable human capital wasting away in a wasteland. Sh**hole or no sh**hole, a word whether denigrating or excoriating is enough for the wise. How the vulgar word of the Potus reverberates to change the leadership conundrums in Africa is what should be in national and international discourse.

In the interim, instead of dwelling in a reverberated “s**hole”, be advised, thoughtful minds in Africa must collectively use the s**hole to put their sh*thouse in order. Potus’ brand vile word about Africa is a catalyst for African leaders to use their senses through revived brains; rediscover their cognitive thinking, if only they will do it. But will they do it for African rediscovery?

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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