President Goodluck Jonathan: A Panacea For 21st Century Nigeria’s Political–Economic Development

by Benjamin Ogbebulu

As democracy remains the global acceptable form of system of government and the best vehicle for ensuring positive change, political consciousness is what feeds democracy. Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora after years of militocracy and underdevelopment , the country in the 21st century is yeaning for a systematic radical political and economic change. Nigerians in 2011 overwhelmingly voted for Dr Goodluck Jonathan as the president and commander in chief of Federal Republic of Nigeria for the continuation of the modern change.


Nigeria, today under president Goodluck Jonathan , there has been electoral reforms as the independent electoral commission, a body constituted by law and headed by Professor Attahiru Jega conducted the presidential elections and did not disappointed Nigerians and international observers, as most Nigerians and international observers agreed that the election was well funded , organised, transparent and more importantly fairer than past elections conducted in the country. President Goodluck Jonathan scored more than 70% of the national votes cutting across the six geo-political zones of the country .

President Goodluck Jonathan [ PDP] believe for any meaningful development to take place, there must be an effective and efficient institutions and this could be understood from the governance perspective which president Goodluck Jonathan through his transformation policies and programmes is working consciously and assiduously to achieve. Governance generally ,is primarily concerned with two inter-related issues. These are : [a] existence of societal institutions for managing social relations and [ b] the degree of independence enjoyed by each institution in the performance of its assigned duties. Political Scientists and writers will argue that the state of institutions along these two dimensions determines the quality of governance.

The truth is, globally, both developed and developing countries are going through the most severe global meltdown since the days of great depression. Originated in United State of America [USA] , Economic recession is affecting all major players like United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany [Europe ] and developing countries like : Nigeria, Ghana, South-Africa [Africa]. President Goodluck Jonathan conscious of this fact ,through his government Public-private partnership economic policy, is putting in place infrastructure like construction and rehabilitation of roads, railways, vigorously addressing power problem by ensuring Nigerians gets improved value for money supply of electricity , pro-actively, vigorously but silently addressing the security issues in the country and encouraging foreign investors to invest in the country and create jobs to reduce unemployment in the country.

Today, President Goodluck Jonathan is resuscitating our manufacturing industries and encouraging Nigeria reformed banks to assist our small ,medium enterprises with funds . Internationally, Nigerian banks are now being respected , penetrating into advanced countries like United Kingdom and floating their shares in the international markets example, Diamond Bank who recently open up another branch in the UK and has its shares floated in the UK stock market.

Nigeria trusted president Goodluck Jonathan and wishing that our Bi-cameral system of government works in spite of the security challenges posed by the Boko Haram Insurgency which the president is addressing . Yes, most Nigerians both at home and Diaspora are concerned by the security challenges facing the country and progressive Nigerians including this writer, would urge the president to hold the governors of the concerned states where this insurgency operates responsible and bring them to book. Enough of these senseless political killings. Politics should be seen as avenue to serve the people and develop the country , not killing and maiming people and destroying public and private property.

Yes, most Nigerians believe the softly, softly engagement approach adopted by the president in addressing the Boko Haram Insurgency is not effective enough and hence a radical approach would suffice. Nigerians are also aware that behind the soft spoken ,gently ,democrat president Goodluck Jonathan remain the doggedness of the man called “ Goodluck Jonathan.” Niger Deltan people are not coward people and president Goodluck Jonathan is not an exception. Nigeria president is a listening ,patriotic and visionary politician who means well for Nigerians irrespective of status, political leanings, religious affiliations and backgrounds , that was why he was overwhelmingly voted for by Nigerians of all voting age, and well meaning progressive Nigerians.

This writer urges our Honourable and distinguished parliamentarians to rise up to their responsibilities and work collectively ,transparently, respectfully and progressively with the president for the good of the nation. Where the ruling party gets things right, without playing blind politics, the president should be commended for those things , example ,The fiscal economic management of the country’s economy. Today, according to Nigeria’s Minister of Finance, a well global respected figure – Dr Okonji-Iweala, Nigeria external foreign reserves stand at over $50 billon US Dollars and president Goodluck Jonathan is now re-investing more on capital projects to bring about modern infrastructure needed to create jobs and develop the nation. Nigeria has what it takes both humanly and naturally to develop the country and with the likes of our distinguished Okonji-Iweala in president Goodluck Jonathan’s cabinet, Nigeria is on the right path to a sustainable economic growth and development.

While progressive Nigerians welcome constructive criticisms of government bad policies when necessary by the oppositions whom in the past only criticize without offering Nigerians the best alternative options of programmes and policies. Opposition parties [ government in waiting]should be effective, informative and have a well laid down explicit unambiguous manifestoes differing from the ruling party. While president Goodluck jonathan [PDP] and well meaning Nigerians welcome the fusion of the newly formed oppositions parties, Nigerians are waiting, considering their antecedents what would be the ideology of the new party. Nigerians are not fools to know that this is a “ marriage of inconvenience ”and without being pessimistic, an effort tantamount to failure that would not serve the best interest of Nigeria and nation.

Nigeria under the “ Goodluck factor “ of President Goodluck Jonathan inspite of the challenges facing the nation , is focusing in his commitment to providing a modern construction and rehabilitations of federal roads, for example, Lagos mainland Bridge,Benin-Asaba-Auchi roads, diversification of the nation’s economy from monolithic oil dependent to other areas like ; Agriculture, mines, human capacity development, technology, education , public-private driven efficient service and manufacturing sectors to mention a few.

Political ,economic analysts and writers would argue that there are three identified major groups of stakeholders around which institutions could be appraised. These groups comprises of [ a] The government [ both state and federal] / public sector [b] Business[ private sector] and [c] Civil society [ The people]. These are the three primary partners [3ps] in the development process of any nation and president Goodluck Jonathan being a patriotic, listening ,democratic, focus ,team player and visionary leader is engaging all these groups and with his transformation policies and programmes will develop the country. Nigeria had tried the rest, the nation now has the best among the rest, Nigerians both at home and in Diaspora should work progressively with president Goodluck Jonathan , a man destined to bring about a lasting transformation and development to the country.

Long Live Federal Republic of Nigeria, Goodluck to and for Nigeria and God bless Nigerians

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