President Obasanjo: The Man With A Selfish Intent

by Sylvester Fadal

Of those openly and aggressively campaigning against OBJ’s third/fourth term intent, are IBB, Atiku, Buhari and majority of Nigerians. We know the reasons behind the actions of these men.We know their desires and plans. As much as I hate to align myself with these names, I do not want OBJ back. Most Nigerians do not want him back. If anything, history has shown that an extension of tenure has no correlation to achieving set goals. If puzzles me why OBJ don’t see any value in leaving behind a legacy of honor.

OBJ is desperate and his third tern ambition is not dead in the water yet.To win easily, he should simply up his offers. Almost every member of congress is negotiable. OBJ has been known to bribe members in the past and all he need do this time is to loot the nation’s treasury, or one of his ballooning bank accounts, or his suddenly increasing wealth tree in Otta and overwhelm members of Congress with money, land, houses and oil blocks. He can seek to grant them immunity from persecution, and a home each in the United States or a developed country of their choice.Like a typical corrupt politician or a desperate lover in search of woman’s heart, he should promise them unimaginable gifts with a clear proof of payment. Most members of Congress are corrupt and rich beyond measures and the promises of basic cars and a few million dollars won’t do it. OBJ should expand the Victoria Garden City or Ajah in Lagos State and exclusive areas of Abuja and build custom, bulletproof homes with guaranteed supply of heavenly goods for Congress members. If the above recommendation fails, perhaps option two below will do it.

Enhance the EFCC with fiercely, scary looking officers like Tafa Balogun. His bullish stature was intimidating enough that governors feared him.With a reengineered EFCC, he can terrorize all members of Congress with possible corruption investigation and jail time if they don’t embrace his agenda. He can withdraw their gun-totting mobile policemen and send private, scary vehicles to pace them as they drive to and fro their offices. He can get then to dance to his music by soliciting the assistance of cult members to intimidate them in their local constituencies.

If the above plan fails, he could win them over by threatening them with a background check of their education. Oh yes, this will do it.This threat may generate enough votes overnight to make him president-for-life.Finally, if all else fails, he could engineer a way to get his son to run for the presidency and recognizing the intelligent words of Josef Stalin who once said “The people who cast the vote decide nothing; the people who count the vote decide everything”, he can be rest assured that his son will win the popular vote and then, OBJ could govern indirectly through his son.

In the vein in which, OBJ earned and continue to lose the opportunity and slight honor he has, so did the generals that approached him claiming they were concerned about the stagnation of educational improvement in the northern part of the country and requesting OBJ’s opinion on improvement measures.In his wise response, OBJ asked what each one of the ex-generals did about the situation during their tenure.He asked of the programs they established to avoid stagnation in educational improvement.In their gape expressions, it was obvious that they lost their opportunities and couldn’t blame the problem on OBJ. Today, I call on OBJ re-visit this scenario in his mind. He is currently losing his multiple opportunities to improve the nation, engineer the establishment of a continuous positive leadership selection system, improve our roads and not just the one that leads to his Otta farm where he has hundred of new cars of various kinds, and perhaps the most important of all, an opportunity to create a balanced playing field where a leader from the Southeast or South-south could emerge. A word is enough for the wi

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Peter October 7, 2006 - 5:15 am

Thanks for bringing to light the actions of OBJ, but it must be noted that the positive actions of the President should be on record, and the setting up of the anti-corruption committee was in his time and thanks, because at last Nigerians is having a bite of democracy whereas in the military regime no freedom of speech existed. Obasanjo should follow Nelson Mandela steps, he delivered South Africans from apartheid and when settled he handed over power, this what we should expect of a messiah if he OBJ thinks he is.

Paul O May 16, 2006 - 9:39 pm

The way obasanjo is behaving is a clear testimony to how dubious and insincere this man is. How on earth can a single individual hold the entire nation to ransome and still gets away with it? Well, news coming in today confirmed the death of the third term agenda. It is a great joy for the country now that the entire madness called third term has defeated. Obasanjo, Tony Anenih, Ali, Mantu and all those who masterminded this fraud should all be ready to face the conseqencies of their action. Importantly, they all should be made to return all the billions they stole from our treasury. It was reported that Anenih alone stole over 400 billion naira meant for raod rehabilitation and constructions when he was the minister of works. We want him to return that money in its entirety and he should go to jail immidiately thereafter. The EFCC had no business being loyal to Obasanjo anymore now that he will surely be leave office next year. They should now call his bluff and begin to do their work with dignity and honesty by probing all these thieves and crininals in the country. Obasanjo should not know peace after returning to Ota since he did not give the country any peace in the past seven years in power.

Matthias I.O E May 16, 2006 - 7:53 pm

Thank for the article and I was real happy for the writing but you forget IBB who loot the treasure of the nation and OBJ is a single person who can not hold Nigeria resum to his ideal or agenda.

We should know thagt peopel with muilt wife of different color and nationality rule Nigeria like Atiku, and those with foreign account should not be allowed as president like Amambra governor, and all general should not be allowed becasue they have disgrace Nigeria in time of military why did they want to come back to collect the remain of the money they left behind.


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