Press Statement in Defense of the Hon. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Amb. Gbenga Ashiru

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Recently, Nigerian newspapers reported that the CAN President, Pastor Extraordinary and of the jet-set fame, Oritsajofor, called upon the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, to sack the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Gbenga Ashiru, because the Minister said that gay diplomats were welcome to Nigeria.

Over the years, I have patiently observed with pity, the regular ignorant assertions by some persons, who appropriate to themselves knowledge of things they know little or nothing about in Nigerian public affairs.
Unfortunately, these wrong notions later go viral. A preacher may not necessarily be a scholar or a jack of all knowledge.

In diplomatic practice, which is governed by international diplomatic law, a sending state reserves the sovereign right to send a diplomat to represent it in a foreign land.

Diplomatic law does not permit discrimination on the basis of race, colour or pastoral outbursts.

It is not the business of pastors to “drive out gay diplomats.”
Some pastors have ventured far into political disputations, outside their ecclesiastic calling.

Pastors must be careful in making unguarded political statements aimed at either fanning religious sentiments or using their nearness to transient governments of the day to make ignorant assertions.

The Rubicon between serving Almighty God and made-made gods is crossed silently, with the devil leading into state-houses.

Another ignorant assertion is by the Rivers State House Assembly, which declared that they would take the case of the Majority Leader, Mr. Chidi Lloyds to the ICJ, at The Hague.

All cases within national states end at the Supreme Court of the land.
Individuals are not subjects of law at the ICJ at the Hague, unless their national governments take up certain rights cases there on their behalf.
Our “leaders “must know that Nigerian newspapers circulate world-wide and that anything published is for the whole world to see.

We seriously advise all compatriots with political ambition to hold political office in 2015, to please acquaint themselves with rudimentary knowledge of existing political thought in history.

The world is no longer a place for ignorant people, who for want of something else to do, dabble into politics.

In Nigeria, the era of “shemijeje politics”, “ogboju politics”, “pick other people’s brain politics”, “guess-work politics” “ebami she politics” “covert methods politics,” “do or die politics, “tribal politics”” raw influence politics” “use of force” politics” are over.

The new political dispensation is for well-schooled and sophisticated people, politics that is knowledge-based, in which the players are not gifts to Nigeria, under manipulation and control by foreign masters.

The success of any successful political engagement for the advancement of any nation must be wedged upon advanced learning and practical knowledge, in the relevant field of statecraft.

A butcher is not a surgeon, a mechanic is not an engineer, a farmer is not an agronomist, a builder is not an architect, a primary school teacher is not a professor. A certified dunce cannot govern a nation.

You can aspire to be anybody, but you must go through universally accepted run of life, otherwise, your misery will be plain, when you impersonate leadership.

Being eternally jealous of those, who went all the way is crying over missed opportunities. It is like crying over split milk.
You can see what a little learning by our political “dealers” has done to Nigeria.

Alexander Pope once said that “ a little learning is a dangerous thing. Drink deep or taste not the Pierarian spring, its shallow draughts intoxicate the brain and drinking restores us again”
In our land, there are famous individuals with false certificates, fake doctorate degrees, and fake chieftaincy titles.

They strut about the state, behaving important, eternally and shamelessly looking for recognition.

They have been “fished out “by those, who wish to make 2015 a hell for impostors.

There will be wiping and gnashing of teeth, as the new order overturns the decadent society.

God will overturn, overturn and overturn until the righteous take control. It will happen like a miracle. When the mighty fall, you see it.

For God is not mocked. What nations and people sow they shall reap.
I read about the Obafemi Awolowo University student’s union vehement protest against Professor Wale Omole’s dismal appointment as LAUTECH Pro-Chancellor, citing the disgraceful circumstances under which he was removed as Vice Chancellor at the Obafemi Awolowo University in the company of the OAU Pro-Chancellor, the late Justice Anthony Aniagolu, who was dismissed by a broadcast over the radio.

The manuscript entitled, “Obafemi Awolowo University under Professor Wale Omole”has been submitted for publication, with warts and all.
You see the evil that men do no longer lives after them but in the Era of Disclosures, in the here and now.

Peoples’ noble or ignoble acts should be published for the whole world to see.

In Nigeria, this is one sure way to fight corruption, wickedness of heart and officious over-zealousness, intrigue and subterfuge by men with misplaced consciences, who get carried away by transient office.

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