by Imole Joseph

It’s been said that the majority of conversations by men above 40 are about the past. Sometimes it’s about the ‘good old days’ but most times it’s all about the decisions left to be taken later, the business deals to strike in a “few years time” It is not amazing to know that a great percentage of the human race is suffering from the negative effects of the terrible enemy – ‘procrastination’. Most people go to be bed after a hectic day frustrated and feeling cheated of their time

Procrastination has made failures out of many potential successful people as so many people have not tapped into their tremendous potential and the genius ability within them and as a result they’ve not been able to achieve anything in their life time all in the name of I’m analyzing, waiting for the right time. They are waiting until tomorrow when things will be better, when they will have more money, a better job and a greater opportunity before they will do what’s worth doing for them. They are waiting for the perfect conditions, expecting all the traffic light to turn green, before setting out to reach their goals.

Dear reader, it is an undisputable fact that we have all procrastinated at some time in our lives only to have regretted it later. We seems to have deviated from the slogan “Never put it off till tomorrow this which you can do today” and now live by ” Don’t do it today if you can put it off until tomorrow” and not realizing that procrastination is a thief of our greatest asset-our time. Why can’t we minimize our regret’s, reduce our loss and increase our chance of making it in a grand style by doing today what is worth doing at all and stop putting it off till tomorrow. Why can’t we conquer new frontiers by cultivating the habit of doing it now with or without a “perfect” condition to do it?

If you’ve made up your mind that you are going to be a great success, go for it with your burning desire and passion. Begin to do today what you’ve got to do to be successful tomorrow. Whatever you need to get started on your journey of success, go ahead and do it. Don’t put it off till tomorrow. Putting it off will make it more difficult to succeed in your endeavors. The habit of procrastination drains your energy more than the effort it takes to complete the task.

The time is running out and no man can stop it. But the only question in mind is how you use it and where you’re going to be as the weeks, months and rears that pass on.

What is that thing you’ve been putting off? Waiting for the “right” time and perfect condition to do? Is it starting a business? Is it attending a seminar? Taking an extra course? Is it going for a workshop? Or developing some skills? Wait no longer. Stop wasting time. Quit waiting and “kick off” Now is the right time, so get started.

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