Prof. Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor vs. Comrade Adams Oshiomohle

by Sylvester Fadal


I crafted and posted my analysis on Professor Osunbor titled “A New Dawn:Prof. Osunbor’s PDP Victory Brightens Edo State’s Future.”My email has been flooded beyond measures with support, comments, complaints, request for clarification and outright concerns/objections over my article on Prof. Osunbor.As much as I can’t respond to all the emails, I must emphasize that my overwhelming conviction could be deemed patronizing but I remain unwavering in my belief in a person I volitionally think will move Edo State forward.

Edo State Situation

Edo State citizens (including myself) have a right to be concerned about the person that gets the mantle of leadership.If our experiences over the past 8 years are anything to go by, we have a right to be reasonably upset.Yet, in the midst of our reservations, we must be willing to embrace change.We must be willing to support a shift in leadership that could transform the situation in Edo State.We must avoid using a bad brush of discontentment and negative doubt to paint every emerging candidate.

Realistically, what are our options?Who are the candidates that are qualified, trust worthy and non-conforming enough to lead the state for its betterment.We, as citizens of the state regardless of our international domain, can’t guarantee performance or non thereof.What we can do is pull our support behind someone that gives us the dovelike reputation that is commendable.That is what I see in Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor in comparison to others that were interested in the position.When a man with great skills and an unblemished reputation, companioned with a competency that exceed the norm is willing to stick out his repute, we must be willing to shift our negative propensity to one laced with joy, excitement and beta, for a future that suddenly looks bright.

Most Edo State citizens in Diaspora are reasonably comfortable.We have the satisfaction of access to almost all our needs.With consistent power supply, safety, basic amenities and the options of maintaining a decent livelihood, we could get easily sidetracked and comfortable in our needs and that could migrate into influencing our windows of analysis.It is not so for the millions of our fellow Edo State indigenes resident in the state, that can’t:

a) Drive the streets at night or during the day for safety reasons,

b) Guarantee a daily meal for lack of jobs and resources,

c) Get clean drinking water, talk less take showers or bath,

d) Handle the most basic activities due to lack of resources,

e) Get a regular supply of electricity,

f) Preserve any items for the problem related to item “e” and,

Control expenses due to bad roads that take depreciating tolls on those that are able to afford a car.

Osunbor vs. Oshiomohle

I received several notable emails from supporters of Comrade Adams Oshiomohle that believe, based on my synopsis of the thrust of their views, that he may be a candidate of considerable commendation because of his position as the head of the Nigeria Labor Congress.Good, I don’t dispute the fact that he heads a union group.I also do not dispute the fact that he is a strong, compassionate individual that believes, generically in the masses.I truly commend his efforts in his field of expertise.However, I will not devote time to analyze his track record and ways he gained his financial wherewithal over the years.What I must say however is that union management methodologies are distinctive from political leadership.Very few union leaders have ever migrated into political positions with positive outcomes.

The political environment is one of a democratic nature.It is one that requires a toolkit of abilities to strategize, perform and seek completion with due diligence.The union environment is more of adversarial umbrae that often only get resolved through a conforming compromise if any.The union environment is more of a “Whack the head management style,” and that is not going to move Edo State forward at this point.We do not want an environment that encourages a four way traffic sign with one of the signs playing the role of a buffalo herd.In other words, Edo State is not ready for a leader that will adopt a status quo of MOU strategy in leadership, because the political arena does not have a well-defined memorandum of Understanding or a Collective Bargaining Agreement that can be referred to when needed.

Most elite Edo State citizen do not believe Comrade Oshiomohle can govern a state like Edo at this time?Occasionally, it is important to separate our likeness for someone based on their personality from their ability to perform at a level of competitive demand.In my humble opinion, I do not believe (I remain open to reasonable conviction) that Comrade Adams Oshiomohle can function effectively at the helm of affairs in Edo State right now.On this subject, I will temporarily rest my case.

Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor

Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor has been commended for his empathy, strategic actions and unquestionable quest to seek legacy through performance.Out of a list of highly supported individuals, he emerge the PDP candidate solely based on his competencies and track records.If these points are not worth recognizing, then what is?We have cried against selective justice and practices over the past seven years, and today, Edo State is positioned to succeed politically by ensuring the conduction of a free and fair PDP primary election.We should recognize that.We cannot let our past experiences take away from Prof. Osunbor’s victory and regress on the seemingly bright future of Edo State.We should congratulate Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor and hope for a non-pre-designed, manipulated, biased statewide election, orchestrated under the covert umbrellas of incumbency influence.

Several great people of Edo State have devoted their personal time and money to researching and analyzing governorship candidates over the past few months.They must be commended.A notable person, whose commentary I have read continuously over the past few months is Engr. Austine Osaghae.Today, I give him credit for his work and thank him for his devotion.Rather than criticize on passion, feelings, anonymously or in darkness, you continue to conduct research and speak on the status of the state.

Edo State Governorship Diversity

Several individuals asked why I am so convinced that Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor will emerge the governor of Edo State in 2007 even if he is the most qualified recognizing the level of election rigging often prevalent in the country.

There is a wide diversity of candidates vying for the governorship position.Most are unknown in the scheme of things.Factually however, to win a key position such as the governor of a state, one must belong to a key political party.In the USA, that is the Democratic or Republican Party.In Nigeria, the PDP, ANPP, and AC stands out.I agree that there have been specks of rare surprises such as in Minnesota among others.This rarity is uncommon in developing countries.In Nigeria, among the packs of those seeking a chance to sustain the development and reengineering of the Edo State, only two names as indicated in this article stand a chance.As clearly noted above, the party affiliation is just as important as the candidate and Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor, under the auspices of PDP will likely emerge the new governor of Edo State all things being equal.


In a nation where most of the outgoing political leaders could qualify as candidates that should be incarcerated, condemned to mental homes, enslaved for their violations of human rights and commended for their undying, integrated efforts to leverage this nation that has grown so diverse and segmented on ethnic grounds due to the unfair and unbalanced leadership and/or dominance of one group over others, it is important to also embrace a new dawn in leadership in the varied states.So

me candidates have belts of abilities to bulldoze their ways through the populace solely based on stolen financial wealth.The metrics of measuring the opportunities of these candidates has changed.What has not changed however is the chance of the current president to conduct a true and fair election to ensure that corrupt, compromising candidates that continue to snake their heads to the sight of the general population do not rig their ways into positions.I look forward to Professor Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor’s leadership.

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kennedy March 21, 2008 - 11:38 am

proffessor osunbor is very dull or not vebrant

Kekere February 14, 2007 - 10:48 pm

Wow, interesting

Erhaon January 9, 2007 - 5:08 pm

Dr. Fadal wrote his piece and there is no reason to keep questioning short analysis. For additional information, we should conduct our own research. That is what I did. If he wanted to wrote a 20 page analysis, I am sure he could have done a good job based on his analysis that I have read over the years. Let's get wiser and stop expecting others to do our job.

Philip Ilenbarenemen January 5, 2007 - 3:11 pm

Edo State have had an unfortunate era in governance – 8 year of a do-nothing government. 8 years of rot in all departments of government. A lack lustre 8 years of squander, graft and armputation of the people from the polity – almost like an indolent mornachical arrangement.That Edo State survived is thanks to the grace of the almighty God and the unparallel industry of the EDO. To dispel this darkness during which brigands, cutthroats and jobbery took centre stage in Edo life, we need light. And that light have just began to shine in the person of Professor Oserheime Osunbor. Among the four Senators who represented Edo State in the NAtional Assembly since 1999 – Senators Victor Oyofo, Daisy Ehanire-Danjuma, Roland Owie and Oserheime Osunbor – Osunbor is head and shoulder above the rest. Their Senate record of performance in representing Edo State and their individual conduct can attest to this. Osunbor's promise to bring excellence back to Edo State is not a boast; it is our just desert. Excellence is second nature to our people and that is the minimum they demand of the State governor. Osunbor as an academic achieved excellence; as a law maker he has excelled and is the Chair of the Senate judicial Committee of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In a cash and carry Senate, he is one of the few incorruptables. In a political terrain where thuggery is the norm, he is an exception. Prof. Osunbor is a thorough bred gentleman; a do goodder and goal getter that brings to mind the legendary Dr Samuel Osaigbovo Ogbemudia and the saintly Prof. Ambrose Alli and I can wager my bottom dollar that he would surpass their achievements in office as State helms men.

Edo contribution to the excellence of Midwest and Bendel States is stuff of, which folk lores are made. Unfortunately, this has not been translated to Edo State due to lackadaisical planlessness and insincerity in governance. We have had two elected governors of Edo State – Chief John Odigie-Oyegun and Chief Lucky Nosakhare Igbinedion. While I sympartise with Odigie-Oyegun for coming to office at a very difficult time in the anals of Nigeria, a time when the chief of thieves Ibrahim Babangida was the ruler of Nigeria and did not last to be able to show some of his well known ecomonic and addministrative brilliance. But what for love's sake is the escuse for Chief Nosakhare Igbinedion's abismal failure as the Executive governor of Edo State? May Edo State never go that route again, in Jesus name I pray. Now is the time to cast our lot behind excellence once again.

If fairness be allowed in choosing the next and 3rd elected governor of Edo State, Edo South having produced the 1st and 2nd, ought to allow Edo Central or North the opportunity to produce this one. If that be the case, the race is a straight one between Oshiomole and Osunbor. Of the two gentlemen, Osunbor have a better public standing as an impeccable character than Oshiomole. Osunbor excelled in academia rising to the pinacle as a professor of law. As a law maker – a senator his skills and integrity took him to chair of the Judicial committee of the senate. The trade union circus is a platform for rabble rousing and Oshiomole is a veritable rabble rouser; an orator per excellence. But let this not detract us from what we are looking for here – the governor of Edo State not the Chairperson of the literary and Debating Society of Eghosa Grammar School. Oshiomole led called workers out to strike for fuel pump price increase and rode with Charlie Boy amidst a sea of Okada riders in Lagos and on a lower scale in Abuja but the prices never comes down. Minimum wage does not work in Nigeria. Unemployment is still the norm. Surfer still dey everywhere kpakparakpa. And these "comrades" in Oshiomole's NLC are all stupendously rich with big palaces in Lagos Abuja and their villages – not exactly stuff of which the poor workers champions are made.

People, let us all for the sake of the common good not our own selves support Professor Osunbor as the next Executive Governor of Edo State. He has integrity, he is a excellent achiever and consumate performer in any office he holds, he is a humble, God-fearing and respectful man who can transform Edo State to the excellent position that it rightly belongs. Osunbor will provide the much needed unity of all Edo Clans to galvarnise this all important State from the stupor that it is now into a State that will burst forth with the awesome energy within it. We can do this and reclaim our lost glory. May the star of Edo State never dim again. Let vote for excellence; lets vote for Professor Oserheime Agberadion Osunbor. Long live Edo State

Noel Aiworo January 3, 2007 - 7:43 am

I think that Prof.Osunbor has the best credentials to become the next Governor of Edo State…He will clean up the Rot in the state He will reform Edo state. In the Areas of Employment, will do a great job,and also in Education, it speaks for itselt Prof Osunbor has set a great example for us all. The Comrade has no experience what so ever (Labour leader) let us all join hands and support this Mentor of a Man to become the Next Executive Governor of Edo State this year 2007 PDP.

Noel Aiworo

The Osunbor Vanguard Team

Executive Member

London UK

Tel:44 7939315110

Aminu Mahmud December 31, 2006 - 10:06 am

One of the central premises of Mr Fadal's piece is his acclaim on Professor Osunbor's academic credential.

Hereagain, like others, before me, I ask: what are Osunbor's academic and public service records?

To find answers to my question, a quick Google reference will show that Osunbor's only public service experience, prior to his election as a Senator, was as a "member of Abacha's Constitutional Conference 1994/1995".

The jury is still out on his acclaimed academic career. In the 1990's Osunbor was a member of the Faculty of Law, LASU, alongside Professor Mike Ikhariale, a Harvard law scholar and a great Son of Edo. And in that same faculty, Ikhariale was the only renowned, Prima Donna scholar of some repute. And not Osunbor. And he never was. So where lies this claim of Osunbor's scholarship.

As a lawyer, I studied under some renowned Professors as Ben Nwanbueze, Ebere Osieke, Kingsley Igweike, Osita Eze, Nwanzuriuke, etcetera; all distinguished Professors of Constitutional and Comparative Law, and our own Professor Osunbor never featured as one of those distinguishable and eminent scholars whose works fashioned the training of lawyers?

It's not enough to raise a supposed academic acclaim as a totem of worship, and expect that we all bend our knees in prayer, Mr Fadal.

Aminu Mahmud December 31, 2006 - 9:18 am

I have just read Mr Fadal's piece and I find his views unscholarly.

In his piece, Mr fadal comes away as a Goebbel, paid to burnish the image of Professor Osunbor.

I do not hold forte for Oshiomole; but in the ever shrinking ethico-political space of the governance of Edo State, I would think that an individual, in this instance, Oshiomole, with an un-impeachable sense of morality and uprightness is what Edo State need, today. Couldn't have Mr Fadal seen Osunbor's campaign for the extension of Obasanjo's tenure as a blemish on that Professor's acclaimed


Mr Fadal clearly cuts a picture of an individual lacking understanding of the dislocation of our historical patrimony; a dislocation, engineered by a cabal of self-serving politicians, led by Anenih. Doubtless, Professor Osunbor represents the anciens regimes of social and economic exploiters, exploting and pillaging the resources of our BELOVED EDO STATE.

Finally, Mr Fadal is entitled to his opinion; but in expressing these opinions, he must show that he is sufficiently and scholarly engaged to interrogate the subject.

Ose December 30, 2006 - 3:09 pm

Excellent notation

BIGFEST December 28, 2006 - 9:54 am

You have always earned my respect all these while till you turned yourself into promoting a candidiate at the expense of the other in this your write-up.You should allow the people of Edo state that has been in bondage to make a choice for themselves.No born as a governor from the womb.We pray that the best candidiate that has the will of the people at heart to win.Please stop marketing any aspirant for now.

sam umah December 24, 2006 - 7:39 am

Your thoughts and insinuations about the capabilities of Comrade Adams Oshiomohle really dont count because you have approached this issue with a mind biased and short sighted. Such prejudgment may not be very acceptable and I hope that others will not think that Nigerians are like that.

On Prof. Oserheimen Aigberadion Osunbor there is a dozen and one thing you may not fully know about him. I am not saying that he will not perform; I will only ask that you allow him to get there first before you paint him as a saint and a savior. I wish both of them luck anyway

shunfay December 18, 2006 - 12:02 pm

It is obvious that Dr. Fadal doesn't know the full story of how Prof. Osunbor emerged as the PDP candidate. I would advice him to research it more! Things are not always what they seem.

Prince kennedy Iyoha December 18, 2006 - 9:53 am

Mr. Sylvester Fadal.

There is no doubt you are trying to sale your favored candidate. I am not in a position to ague his credibility, however, I will only advice our people at home to vote for the person they believe will bring relief to the suffering and lack the state has witnessed this past eight years, rather than accepting fifty Naira note, and a bag of rice which has been the strategy used manly by dubious candidates to buy the vote of poor and hungry citizens.

The filling of optimism you are having, was the same I had when Lucky who was an excellent administrator when he was heading the administration of the Oredo local council. Like the fist commentator, nobody really had experience in the running of a state, and nobody can govern in isolation. Who ever most govern well, most have the support of members of the house, and the cooperation of the people.

I sincerely look-forward to seeing our next leader demonstrate good leadership, and the know how, to stop whatever insinuation of parasites wanting to use him to loot the resources of the state for their persona gains. I am convinced that the professor can be a good leader, as well as Comrade Adams Oshiomohle, and every other candidate offering their services for the state, if they can have enough autonomy to handle the affairs of the state without the interference of the so-called Devil-fathers.

I wish Edo state the best of luck.

Ogbebor December 16, 2006 - 2:21 am

Well, in my opinion, regardless of who wins, Edo state will have someone better than Lucky Igbinedion. We should be happy with that. Dr. Fadal has at least expressed a his point of view. If our opinion is different, we can state it rather than complain. We need to move away from simply being critical and recognize the effort and time it takes to deal with naija issues. Mr. no name above, please do the research for us.

Edo man December 15, 2006 - 6:36 pm

Let the competitive battle for the State house begin. Drum roll please…..

Anonymous December 15, 2006 - 6:04 pm

Now you are beginnig to sound hollow. Where and how has Osunbor distinguished himself beyond academics. You make light of Oshiomole experience as a labour leader. If you are going to continue in that line of argument then tell us somethings we do not know about your professor other than he is PhD in law. Has he got any public service experience. You have to compare the candidates based on the same criteria. For example you do not rubish the experience of one canditate and remain silent about the other candidate experience otherwise your analysis is not credible. Tell us what makes one the better candidate of the two. I agree that being a labour leader is a different ball game from being a state governor but no one has the experience to be a governor before they become a governor. Certain life experiences are a good preparation for higher responsibilities in this regard I will say that the people management experience of a labour leader however limited beats the experience of an academic in politics. Either men will have to convince the people about their abilities. Being a professor or a labour leader is not enough qualification. Each man should be asked about their concrete plans to deal with the problem of Edo. Let us see if the plan adds up. Dr. Fadal will do good if he can get both candidate to respond to issues of revenue, health, water supply, education etc and then make a judgment on the candidate rather than recommend a candidate on the basis of some cloudy maybe even dodgy research he claimed to have done.


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