Racism in Football: Sepp Blatter must quit. Blatter must go

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

If racism in sports, especially in football, is not halted, the World Cup in Brazil and the Olympic Games in Russia could face disruptions.

There is an emotional-laden campaign to sensitize those players, who are the objects of wicked taunts to deal decisively with incidents of racist conduct during football matches, by concrete forms of protests.
In circumstances of extreme provocation, they should stop the game. The culture of racist manifestations during football matches in Europe attest to a decline in morality.

One of the consequences of absorbing the hoi-poloi from Eastern European states after Russia permitted them to stay on their own was the instant pollution of Western culture of tolerance by the East European immigrants, many of whom were illiterate or poorly educated.

Their overall behavior fell short of the sophistication known to Western Europeans. The policy of integrating them into Western European society failed woefully in keeping with the adage that if you wash a pig and comb a pig, a pig is a pig.

I knew that the rush to open Western Europe to Poles, Ukrainians, Latvians, etc, could satisfy the propaganda that they were rescued from communism, but Western European governments did not understand that the European integration they aimed at would be mission impossible.

These miscreants went about spitting everywhere, stealing from super=markets and breaking into other people’s homes. At football matches, they embarrass decent citizens by shouting obscenities and performing other acts of hooliganism. They have influenced other citizens to toe their line of idiocy.

It is shocking that Sepp Blatter does not seem to possess the sensitivity against racism, which is expected of a person, holding an important position in world football. Acceptance of racism is the secret of contentment with the evil.He seems to easily accept the misfortune of others. No-one wants his pity. He needs to act or quit. He should not give inane advice and excuses. A robust fight against racism is what we want to see, not double-speak. It is little gaffes that reveal ones character.

He has been talking from both sides of the mouth, which creates the impression that he is confused on the issue of such a dangerous thing like mouthing racist insult to embarrass footballers from non-Caucasian states.

One would have expected Sepp Blatter, the head of an international organization to be well acquainted with the relevant provisions of the United Declarations, Conventions and Treaties that prohibit racist conduct.
The resurgence of racism in the 21st century compels those, who are victims of racism to unite to fight the denigration of social humans because of the colour of their skins.

Contemporary legal problems have revolved around human rights, the struggle against racism, violations of the UN Charter and rampant violations of international law by some states, which engaged in war-mongering as an instrument of national policy in violation of the Brian-Kellogg Pact of 1928.

The preamble of the United Nation’s Charter, reaffirms faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small.
It is a credit to human rights activists world-wide that both domestic and international legislations on issues concerning human rights resonate with people with humane conscience.

Article 55 of the United Nations Charter, urges nations to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for all, without distinction as to race, language and religion.

A techno-juristic examination of Sepp Blatters’ postulations shows a man, who is less disposed to tackling racism in sports, but would prefer that the game must go on no matter, whose ox is gored.

This attitude disqualifies him from being a fair-minded arbiter between those, who wickedly and deliberately hurt the sensitivities of football players by people with misplaced consciences. Things will continue if Blatter gives the impression of c’est me te egal or menr feor ravno.

The Convention for the Elimination of all Forms of Racial Discrimination encompasses all forms of bigotry, xenophobia and racial intolerance.

If racism in football continues, the centrifugal law would overpower the game and disrupt every game in Brazil, in Russia and elsewhere.

The UN Convention on The Elimination of ll Forms of Racial Discrimination, which has become a norm of jus cogens states as follows.

1Any doctrine on racial differentiation or superiority is seriously flawed, morally condemnable, social unjust and dangerous. There is no justification for racial discrimination, in theory and practice.
2 All forms of racial discrimination are condemnable.

3 Racial discrimination hurts both its victims and those, who practice it.
4. The building of a world society, free from all forms of racial discrimination and segregation, factors, which create hatred and division amongst men and women, is one of the fundamental objectives of the United Nations.

Very unfortunately, the United Nations in the last two decades, has failed woefully to promote the ideals enshrined its Charter as a result of non-application of international legal postulations. The world witnessed the total relegation of international law and the ascendancy of power politics.

The call on Sepp Blatter to quit is intended to rescue football from those, who do not have the intellectual habit of mind to condemn racist conduct with the vehemence it deserves.

Blatter’s resignation must come about; otherwise no future football match of significance will take place under his watch.

All flesh will smolder at the proper time. So, what is the joy of having an enamel white skin or a charcoal skin about?

If you are looking for a compound idiot, seek out a racist. They are usually mal-adjusted failures, who hate other people as a way to console themselves for their self-inflicted, miserable lives.
The Almighty GOD, who created all things, is not about to listen to racists, no matter where they are found or the magnitude of their hatred for co-sojourners on earth.

Those Godless people, who rely on the BIG BANG theory and the base rationalizations of psychology, are facing societal calamities. They seek to reduce procreation, promote wars that eliminate people, reduce the economic capacity of workers, and promote illiteracy, debauchery and slow death among the populace on earth.

It is remarkable the Euro-American journalists and commentators do not seem to be worried about racism in sport or racism for that matter. They have not given the subject of racism the attention it deserves. They are eager to report with aplomb, scandals, wars and other indubitable wrongs prevalent in contemporary societies. The power of propaganda is real as the North Korean reveals its Nostradamus prophetic component.
Lies, half-truth and propaganda, now dominate news reportage. The news coverage is subject to slanted reports, tailored to suit government designs. Banal events become news. Trite past-times become issues, The violation of human rights are ignored. Racism in sports is occasionally mentioned.

Propaganda journalists spew out terms like ARAB SPRING and gullible people all over the world repeat the blunder.

Revolutions in the Middle East are mob actions against archaic and dynastic regimes, propped up for years by powerful, domineering states that wish to rule the world. So, where is the spring? They talked about the collapse of communism and they go to borrow from Commuist China.There is a LIMIT TO PROPAGANDA!
A revolution must overthrow the existing system and replace it with a social system that will advance the cause of the people. It is not an interventionist ADVENTURE to plant a desired regime and social order. It has never worked.

The arrogant culture of telling other states how to co

nduct their affairs is one of aberrations in contemporary international relations.

The anti-christs in all nations have been enfeebled by the emergence of Pope Francis, who God will use to restore the reign of righteousness on earth.

Racists will face the wrath of God in ways that we cannot predict. Sepp Blatter must go.
Deo Grastias!

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