Re: The Pathetic Delusion of Yinka Odumakin


Dear Mr. Yinka Odumakin,

I refer you to a publication on page 34 of the November 12, 2018 edition of the Vanguard, in which one Awonuga Olajide Williams, in a highly combative piece titled The Pathetic Delusion of Yinka Odumakin, launched a scathing blitzkrieg on your person. In his randomly penned, extremely adversarial article, Awonuga vainly attempted to array you in the dark kimono of a Tinubu hater. But while I am not the least surprised by your noncommittal deportment to the vitriolic attack on your person by this human skunk, as a response from you would have giving this unprincipled commercial piper the undue credence he desperately seeks, I am all the same piqued by this barbed assault on your person, and  hereby crave your permission to pen an adequate response to the hollow rants of this attention seeking mercenary who is nothing but a pathetic busy body doing the perverted biding of an equally pathetic paymaster.

Before commencing work on this discourse, I took the liberty of carrying out a quick internet search on the name Awonuga Olajide Williams, and believe you me I came up with nothing of note, except online links to his trash article. The closest I came to anything related to his name was a profile on a Nigerian Footballer plying his trade in the obscure Myanmar National Football League. So, I asked myself, “Who is this ghost”? Anyway, let’s leave that for another day.

Going through Awonuga’s raucously verbose, shambolically structured and highly inflammatory pun, what one observes is a desperate attempt by an inadequate amateur yarn spinner at obfuscating the hard facts of history by brazenly turning truth on its head. This is evidenced by his uncouth attempts at convincing Nigerians that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the erstwhile Governor of Lagos State, now a Chieftain of the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC), is not the intransigent villain Odumakin supposedly portrays him as in some of his discourses.

Awonuga Olajide Williams is a case study in self-inflicted contradictions. He is a man imbued with a Jekyll and Hyde complex; a split personality in reverse mode. He claims not to be “Asiwaju’s man”, but grossly contradicts himself by dedicating 20 paragraphs of his junk piece in defense of the several damning sacrileges of the same Asiwaju, a shylock political entrepreneur and grandmaster of the arcane. That is why he sees nothing wrong with Tinubu’s transformation from a pro-democracy activist to a fierce gorgon that is more beastly in his dispositions than the military dragons he aided in shewing out of the mansions of power in 1999. That is why he sees nothing wrong in Tinubu’s complete metamorphosis from a champion of popular rule to an imperial Tsar spreading his hemlock from Lagos through the rest of the country.

Unafraid of being labelled a Tinubu hater by lowbred graspers like Awonuga, I wish to corroborate the verifiable facts contained in Odumakin’s well-articulated expositions on the preying “tiger” of Lagos, that Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is an unrepentant Machiavellian who exploited his shadow membership of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), and privileged association with Afenifere, riding on the broad shoulders of gentle giants like Chief Abraham Adesanyan, Chief Ayo Adebanjo among a host of other respected statesmen, to pave the path to the Olympus he now occupies and rules like Janus, the double-faced Roman deity and keeper of all doors. He is a recalcitrant turncoat who bit the caring fingers that nurtured him to prominence.  If one may ask, before June 12 who was Tinubu? Even during the struggle proper, what significant role did he play, apart from his fringe, largely insignificant association with NADECO abroad? Before his cowardly flight from the country in the heat of the crisis how many times was he arrested or attempts made on his life by Abacha’s hit squads?

When it becomes the preoccupation of cheap bootlickers and professional henpecks to suddenly start lampooning and haranguing individuals of superior intellect and social standing, as has suddenly become the fancy of this hapless Tinubu courtier, it is not difficult for objectives minds to figure out what is really amiss. Awonuga is obviously a Tinubu hireling paid to do a hack job. He is a professional rabble rouser and mudslinger available for the highest bidder. This explains his willingness to fire cruel salvos at someone he claims to have worked closely with sometime in the past. He is an ignoble ingot without principles; a poisonous chameleon that should be avoided; one who can stab his associates in the back wearing velvet gloves and with a smile on his.

Awonuga seems to be obsessed in his admiration of Odumakin and his several accomplishments. This obviously explains why his violent piece is randomly laced with his veiled admiration of Odumakin’s literary skills, organizational acumen, photographic memory, oratorical skills, personal charisma and strategic demeanour, which – I personally believe – stands him out as one of the most sought-after political mobilizers in the country. On Odumakin’s literary skills and photographic memory, hear Awonuga, “a veritable magician with encyclopedic memory, Odumakin cites word for word, quotes dates back to almost two decades ago”. He calls Odumakin “a riveting, even spell-binding story teller”. He also cites Odumakin’s impressive ‘talents” as an “agitator”, which he saw him exhibit when they “both campaigned for Mr. Jimi Agbaje in 2007”.  On his oratorical skills and organization acumen, he again cites Odumakins leadership position as the spokesman of Jimmy Agbaje’s quest for the Lagos State gubernatorial diadem under the banner of the DPN in 2007, spokesman of the Buhari (Nigeria’s incumbent President)/Pastor Tunde Bakare Presidential ticket in 2011, a member of the Goodluck Jonathan campaign team in 2015, and his ongoing support for the Atiku/Obi ticket for the 2019 polls. He even compares him to “the famous James Bond”.

Awonuga’s blistering attacks on Odumakin are pathetic exhibitions of compulsive envy spiced with a huge dose of unbridled jealousy bordering on obsessive hero worship – a compulsive longing for the attention of an idol. There is a thin line between love and hate, between admiration and resentment. When someone you admire and aspire to be like ignores your relentless efforts for attention, it is easy to form an enemy image of that person. That is what seems to have driven Olajide’s uncontrolled rage at Yinka Odumakin in his sponsored, but poorly articulated piece.

Awonuga is a cheap opportunist who has been waiting in the wings to cash in on the impending cash rain that is bound to accompany the forthcoming 2019 General Elections, with intent to cash out at the end of proceedings, regardless of who comes out on top of the contests; a cash and carry writer available for hire on the cheap. Otherwise, where has this traducer been since all these while? Why has this basket mouth chosen the eve of a general election year to become one of the squeamish squealers of the Tinubu political machine? How many articles has Awonuga written in the past to counter the several well researched, fact based articles written by some of the most respected columnists – not the compromised conformists he refers to as “disciplined professionals” or “notable associates of Asiwaju Tinubu” – in the country which exposed the dark acts and arts of his cunny paymaster? Why single out Odumakin from the crowd to spew his opiate on when there are several others singing the same hymn? There is something this conch is not telling us.

Awonuga is obviously a professional ego massager, ass licker and name dropper per excellence; a cheap hustler without principles; a pen for hire who is ready to dine with Old Nick himself for profit; an errant errand boy hustling for his next meal ticket. This vulture has a penchant for reeling out the names of individuals he admires secretly and from a distance; individuals he probably has no personal affinities or associations with. It is trumpet blowers like Awonuga who help sustain the subsisting system of false politics we currently wallow in where self-proclaimed gods like Tinubu dominate the political space to the detriment of the larger body politic.

There is no need to waste more ink on this Efulefu. After all, what do we expect from a vacillating political nonentity who woefully lost a local election for the Chairmanship of Somolu Local Government in the last LG polls in Lagos State to lightweights, and is desperately scavenging for a wild card back into a game he is most unsuited for by pitching his leaking tenth with granite hearted, stone faced demagogues like Tinubu and his itinerant gang of Robbin Hoods who constantly rob the hood. By taking on Goliaths like Odumakin, this imposturous Jackass hopes to warm his way into political relevance. It is a strategy that has become common place in Nigerian politics where individuals of mediocre talents can become political heavyweights overnight if they agree to be the toadies of power crazy Napoleons.

As to Odumakin’s political relevance, Awonuga should check his records properly before spewing out more slime. Odumakin is an irrepressible crusader of no mean repute. He has built up his bulging resume over the years fighting off fierce dragons of diverse hues. He is an uncompromising rights activist and astute political Hercules who has hardened his bones at every juncture of his very illustrious, inspiring life, and has continued raising the bar to the admiration of both genuine and pseudo fans, overt and covert enemies such as Awonuga.

Just like he calamitously failed in his stillborn quest for the Chairmanship of Somolu Local Government Area, Awonuga Olajide Williams has equally failed in his vain attempts at carpeting the verifiable truths contained in Odumakin’s lucidly written, fact based articles, especially the ones exposing the inglorious actions of the Tinubus of this world. His incendiary attacks on Odumakin have inadvertently exposed him for the empty headed yokel, the incarnation of stupidity, that he is, and his narcissistic paymaster for the greedy power monger that he is.

Yinka Odumakin’s shoes are too big for foulmouthed Ignoramuses like Awonuga Olajide Williams to lace. That is why it would be unthinkable to imagine a contest of any sort between them. A super heavyweight cannot be matched against a light weight. The outcome of such a contest would be disastrous. Olajide Williams should look for an opponent in his weight division to spar with.

On a final note, a word of caution for Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his imbecilic acolytes: Empires rise and empires fall. The almighty Roman Empire once dominated the affairs of the known world for centuries until it ultimately collapsed. So did other great empires that came before it. The Khaki boys ran roughshod across Nigeria’s political landscape for decades, but ultimately fell to the unrelenting force of people power. Tinubu, who was part – even if marginally – of the winnowing force of change that culminated in the rebirth of democratic governance in Nigeria in 1999, and the stillborn CHANGE (?) of 2015, should know better. Power comes easy and goes easy. A word is enough for the truly wise.

I thank you, sir, for given me the honour of responding to the empty wisecracks of this inconsequential naysayer. God bless you. I sign off!

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