Reflecting on “President” Orji Uzor Kalu, “Minister” Fani Kayode & Music

by Sylvester Fadal

Orji Kalu

Orji Kalu continues to prep himself for the presidential house. His base for believing he is qualified is unclear. His performance record in his state remains questionable and to most Nigerians, he is a man with a loud mouth, poor record of accomplishment, a desperate power seeker and one with a narcissistic sense of self.Orji has failed his people and wants to migrate his state failures to a national level. We know he is not the best the South East can offer and most notable Ndigbos have eked him off the list of viable contenders because he brings a certain level of degradation to the presidential office and does not represent the South East well. Though he stands no chance now and in the future in his quest for the presidency, his effort to remain relevant is a wise approach that would lead to nothing but a twisted end.

According to Kalu

“If Nigerian leaders had been patriotic, the country would have advanced but their selfish and egocentric tendencies have made them to submerge patriotism with their ego and selfishness.”

This is an interesting statement from a governor whose state is noted as one of the worst in infrastructure development and provision, one of the dirtiest due to a clear and intentional neglect of the street and regions, a magnet for armed robberies that continue to stagnate activities to a saddening level, a destruction of a state that was once noted as a trendsetter but now earns the pious credit as one of the most regressive state.

Orji Kalu

Kalu has not affected people in his state positively. He has made fabricated and unjust accusations of others and when called upon or clearly caught in a lie, he shuffles the blame to lower level staffs as noted by his actions against his ex-deputy governor and the Tony Anenih saga that ultimately led to the impeachment and untimely death of the ex-deputy governor. He knows very little about loyalty. He is skilled at using scapegoats for bait to escape consequences.

Kalu has created frustration among his people companioned with a disdain for those that question his performance as it relates to the duties of his office. He has no idea of how to find viable solutions to the state’s existing problems.He has literarily closed doors and thrown his people into mental and emotional mire.He has no conscience and is noted behind close doors as having similar management and tyrannical methods like OBJ.

A lover of cults, he is well known for using cult members with very little sense of self to intimidate top and lower level citizens that criticize him.He is a man of very little technical or leadership ability. A highly transactional individual with a penchant for personal gain, he has turned out to be one of the richest men in Nigeria behind the likes of James Ibori, Lucky Igbinedion, Jerry Useni, Atiku, IBB, and Bukola Saraki (a new greed pace setter that I will discuss in more depth in a different article) and a zillion more.

A man with little respect for his elders, he is known to have locked horns with Alex Ekwueme and ex-Biafran war lord, Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu prior to recently reconciling with both when he began exploratory movement towards his goal of seeking the presidency.Nigerians must ignore this reject who needs a psychological mirror to help him get a true picture of himself rather than the drums of those that are willing to sell their souls for a piece of the state pie.

Fani “Mr Conflict” Kayode

Completely unknown in the circle of politics, this buffoon, questionable, disrespectful and borderline idiotic character quickly gained notoriety for confronting and insulting Nigerians at will, making relatively frequent disdain comments as a defensive routine for the inaction of his boss (OBJ) and exhibiting erratic behavior as a way of disagreeing or questioning others in public without logic to his thought of action. Suddenly this psychotic and annoyingly infectious man named Fani has decided to apologize to the nation for his intentional act over the past few years. A blind follower of OBJ and Oyo master thug Chief Adedibu, this slanderous person with little viable skills, now wants to accumulate more wealth as a minister within the next few months.

Fani’s apology was insincere and used solely to gain approval from the senate that is known to have a few wise men. A man without self-responsibility, dignity, skills, integrity and respect for others at the bottom, will have none at the top. He needs a re-examination of his person. A ministerial position is not a place for personal development. He should have been sent back to his locale where he can develop and learn the fundamentals of dealing with real humans.

Unwilling to accept responsibility for his poor behavior he decided to blame it on an unproven illness. According to Fani during his Senate hearing, he “went through a period of depression, which almost made him not to “want to live,” which he said became history when he went to Action Faith Bible College, Accra, Ghana, where he claimed to have “found God.” If the actions he has displayed over the years are those of one that has found God, let’s pray that he continues to find God everyday or else we will be in a big surprise and trouble. It is obvious that nothing substantial will emerge from his ministerial appointment besides building more wealth for himself and his multiple bosses.

A noted university ex-thug with bullish characteristics and questionable record, Fani is neither qualified for his previous or new job. The Senate should have done the nation a favor and bundle him back to the leader of agberos in Oyo State, the rude and violent Adedibu the bully. Whatever it is that Adedibu has over OBJ must be powerful and “divine” for whatever Adedibu wants from OBJ and his state, he gets.


As my young nephew would say when excited, “life is good again.” I recently acquired from various relatives during my recent Naija visit, several amazing old-school musical tapes/CDs (having stumbled on a website that provided some old school songs online for free, I needed the actual tapes/CD) that now keeps me smiling each and every time I play these great songs from the past. Okezie Ihekwaba, wherever you are, my specials thanks to you for providing such great songs on the web. You may not know it but you have made a lot of things great again.

Where are all the great songwriters gone? Songs with great melodies that one need not understand the words/language to love and enjoy the music.Great songs by musicians such as Pastor J. A. Adelakun with “Amona tete mabo”, Oliver De Coque, “Uwa Bu Ofu Mbia”, Nelly Uchendu with “Akabueze”, Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe “Makojo”, Celestine Ukwu “Ije Enu” and a host of others. These songs have raised my productivity level and created a new joy in my office and home. Perhaps a repository of these songs could be compiled for sale as a classic collection.I already have mine and I love it.Hopefully, one of these days, I will stick one in the mail to Sabella Abidde (of course for a fee) to help relax him and perhaps stop him from praising the modern day Nigeria military that no longer holds any respect, honor or loyalty but serves as a means to an end and perhaps, a collection of desperate, devious crooks that view the profession as an avenue to quick wealth and a channel for legal robberies.

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